7 Productivity Killers – How to Win Over Them

Being productive all the time is a struggle. Agree? And we all do know that procrastination is the number one enemy of productivity. But there are those times that we are tempted to procrastinate – talking about opening Facebook in the middle of our work, or checking our emails hoping to read something interesting. It’s our habit that we are struggling to avoid unless you work as a social marketer. When procrastination hits us, the level of productivity would become lesser.

Productivity Killers

There will always be a danger when a person procrastinates. Aside from it kills productivity; it limits and diminishes the chance to unlock our potential. As a result, we feel inferior to those people who are more productive and know better than us. Of course, it hits right through our ego. And as a marketer, being intimidated by the things around you is also one of the reasons why you can’t be productive.

We know the negative effects when productivity is missing. But the real question is, how can we win against it when some things become our habit? Well, let’s change our habits. It’s simple yet it is a constant struggle. That is why you also have to know what things that can keep you from being productive and how to overcome it.

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1. Cell phones/texting

Who can’t live without their cell phones? I bet most of us, right? We all know that cell phones are important. It is a tool we use to communicate with other people. However, this is also one of the many things that keep us from focusing on what we are supposed to do. We tend to open our phones from time to time checking if there are new messages in our inbox. And of course, you will also be tempted to text them back.

If you can’t control the urge to look at your phone, this might be the reason why you are not productive at work. When you’re at the office, you should pick your phone for emergency purposes only. Set it to silent or a vibrate mode to avoid distractions while you are working.

2. Social media

Social media is important in our daily living. Aside from our cell phone, this is also where we use to communicate and know the everyday happenings in our surroundings. However, it can also be a distraction when we don’t know how to handle it properly. For instance, the opening of Facebook even for a minute can already eat up your time for work. Your one minute for social media will eventually turn to 10 minutes and then an hour. You will lose track of the time you spent opening your account. That means you’re procrastinating at work – and it’s a no-no.

Before you decide to pause and open your social media accounts, as yourself first whether or not it’s necessary to open such. If you think that it is not worth your time, then you better get back to work and forget about opening it. Yes, this might be a struggle, but it will give you the productivity you deserved.

3. Co-worker chitchat

We enjoy chatting with our co-workers. Especially when the topic is interesting and intriguing, who would be tempted not to listen or talk about with them as well? Sometimes, you just didn’t know that you are already tempted to have an unexpected break. And since you’ve been enjoying talking for minutes or hours, you didn’t realize that you are already forgetting your work. And as a result, you miss passing your project on time.

Chit Chatting with your co-workers is not a bad thing at all. It is also one way to socialize with them. But you also have to make sure that it is not a distraction to your work. Of course, not just on your end, but you also have to think about what your other co-workers would react if you are blabbing too much, which can also be the reason why they are distracted. So, be considerate.

4. Noisy co-workers

We can’t avoid working with noisy people. Perhaps, they just love to talk a lot or sing out loud. This is also one of the problems that we face. Of course, noises are a distraction especially when the topics are nonsense for you to hear. It doesn’t just annoy us, but it also irritates us the most. Well, there’s no harm in trying to tell them to lessen their voices. Or if you’re shy, then noise-cancelling headphones would come in handy.

Listening to music is one way to lessen the noise around you. But you also have to be keen in choosing the song to listen to, music can also be a distraction when listening to loud songs such as the hard rock genre. Choose a good song, and eventually, you’ll realize that it can also help boost your productivity at work.

5. Meetings

Whether you realize it or not, not all meetings can boost our productivity. Some meetings don’t have a particular agenda, which can only waste our time. For instance, calling a meeting with your co-workers for the holiday vacation, then it ends up chit-chatting with some other stuff. It doesn’t give enough sense why they call a meeting for personal purposes in the middle of your work. And it frustrates us the most especially when we lose track of what we are supposed to do since we are distracted on that so-called “meeting”.

Telling your co-workers that you’d gracefully pass that “meeting” is not bad at all. That only means you know what your priorities are and it is not one of those. Well, make sure that the meetings are worth your time such as the official meeting with your boss.

6. Messy workspace

We understand that you’re catching up with deadlines here and there. But it doesn’t mean you can’t be organized. Whether you realize it or not, having a messy desk can also kill productivity. It disables us to focus on what we are supposed to do since there are so many distractions around our table. You can’t even remember where you put your pen since you have a messy table. And mind you, our desk is also a reflection of who we are. So if you have a messy desk, then perhaps you also have a messy mind.

But if you have an organized desk, it is easier for you to focus on your work. Moreover, prioritizing your task would also be much easier since you have a clearer view of the things that you need to do first, and which task that is least important.

7. Sitting in a cubicle

Working in a cubicle is not a bad thing at all. It is one way to lessen the distraction around the office, especially when we have strict deadlines to follow. However, there are times that cubicles can constrain us from learning new things around us. It limits our opportunity to communicate and socialize with our workmates. Moreover, cubicles leave employees very little space just enough for a chair and desk, which makes it harder to work conveniently.

Yes, most companies, if not all, use cubicles. But it doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. When you feel like you aren’t being productive anymore, go around the block and get some sunshine or a cup of coffee. Doing such can help you get back on track.

There are still actually a lot of things that kill our productivity at work. Although some things are too small, that we are unaware that we are already hit by procrastination – which is a no-no. That is why you have to be mindful of the things around you for you not to lose track of your tasks.

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