7 Stellar Social Media Trends Worth Embracing

There’s not much difference between the words “trending” and “changing” you see. Every time a change occurs, it gives birth to a new trend. Now if we are to talk about social media trends, well it is to be noted that this perhaps is the best platform for all content marketers to explore and utilize for the sake of brand promotions and advertisements on a global scale.

However, with every passing day, just like any other segment, even social media technologies are getting more advanced, effective and progressive in every aspect.

7 Stellar Social Media Trends Worth Embracing

Thus, to keep up with the trends and leverage the full potential of various social media platforms, as a digital marketer, you cannot afford to miss out what’s trending. Here is a list of the 7 best social media trends you should better consider embracing, than missing out foolishly.

1. Chatbots are about to dominate the social media scenario – get the hang of it

With a significant rise in brand-conscious clients; it is quite obvious that organizations might find things difficult to manage single-handedly. Hence, the emergence of chatbots for auto-generated messages and online interaction makes things easier and more productive in the long run.

If your company hasn’t yet implemented chatbots to ensure better production and organizational functionalities, then chances are that you are lagging behind the race. This calls for a quick action.

2. Social media monitoring tools are bringing forth a new wave of change

Monitoring all marketing activities might prove to be a difficult task job for the marketer. Thus, for seamless monitoring of your social media marketing campaigns, you require a device. This is exactly where the world is likely to invest on. So, make sure that you too are counting on such technological advancements and trends by using social media monitoring tools like Buzzsumo, HowSociable, Boardreader, Twazzap and TweetReach to track all progress concerning social media marketing campaigns.

3. Have you considered social media’s story sharing concept for your brand promotion?

Talking about social media and technological advancements, it is to be noted that there are several social media messaging apps like Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat that offer story sharing features in form of live status updates. The audience does like it on wide scale. Most of the young users are likely to spend their time creating stories and sharing them with their friends and acquaintances.

So, why not grab this opportunity and utilize story sharing applications and features to launch or promote your service and product? Since a significant chunk of consumers tends to use Instagram stories, WhatsApp story-status sharing features and Snapchat stories to socialize, you can market your brand name on story sharing apps and stay at the forefront of marketing success.

4. Custom-made face filter is the next big thing on social media – use them for brand promotion

Talking of social media technology trends, these days face filter technology is one phenomenon selling like hot cakes. From Snapchat to Facebook Messenger; you can utilize the benefits of this trending feature available on some of the top-ranked social media applications and merge it nicely with your brand promotion goals. Wondering how? You can come up with customized face filters highlighting the brand or any of its elements.

Snapchat, at present, allows online advertisers to customize face filters for promotion, targeting a larger base of the audience to use face swaps and filters. On one hand, you are pushing the brand creatively, and on the other, you are allowing your target audience to get introduced to the brand in an interesting way. Thus, it could be a win-win situation for you, thus helping you to keep up with the social media trends significantly.

5. The concept of micro-influencers has already started dominating social media marketing

Unaware of the fact? You can choose influencers from social media applications to promote your brand by sharing reviews and feedbacks based on their experience of using your products and services.  The best part of this scenario is that the digital marketers can even monitor and gauge their net return on such investments by using various advanced calculators, metrics and software.

If you haven’t yet introduced yourself and your brand promotional strategies to the concept of roping in micro influencers for promotion and exposure, then it’s time for you to adopt this trend and never miss out a chance to utilize one of the major benefits of the present day social media marketing scenario.

6. Mobile phones are the prime target for most of the social media marketers

There’s no denying that the world would go partially blind if there are no mobile phones. Undoubtedly, the world is gradually being engulfed by the innovations and latest discoveries of smartphones on almost every alternate day. While there’s no debate that mobile phones are the most used devices in today’s world, taking social media marketing extensively to the cellular world is one of the latest and most significant marketing trends.

Now that mobile phones are getting more and more popular, you can always keep your best foot forward to develop user-friendly mobile apps and optimize mobile websites for your target audience to utilize its features seamlessly. This, at the end of the day, would drive the desired traffic for your firm; encouraging better client engagement, promotions on-the-go and the likes.

7. Live streaming of videos has expanded than ever before – prepare for it

Have you noticed live video streaming has increased than ever before? Almost all of us or at least a significant group of young audience keeps themselves engaged in either watching or participating in live videos.

Even you can prepare your brand for this latest trend. For example, if you are planning to launch a product or promote any particular service, simply go live. You will get to rope in some instant viewers. This, as a result, will help your company get the desired exposure from prospective consumers across the globe.

To end with, it is to be stated that the idea is simple; you just need to keep sailing and be adaptable enough to embrace all changes and trends occurring in social media. That’s how a modern day marketing strategy works.

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