7 Valuable Tips on Social Media marketing For Beginners

7 Valuable Tips on Social Media marketing For Beginners

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With technology growing at an immensely rapid rate and the internet becoming accessible to all, it has become vital for all individuals to grab the knowledge of social media. It has become one of the most important ways to tell the world about a new product, a service that has to be launched in the market or important news that the world should know about. There are various social media platforms which can be utilized in an appropriate way for marketing and promotion of any product or service. It only takes a few minutes to spread the word on social media platforms, be it a status on Facebook, a photo on Instagram or a tweet on Twitter. According to Facebook statistics, there are more than 2 billion monthly users on Facebook and more than a billion on Instagram, this way you can easily imagine the number of people who visit social media websites on a daily basis.

There used to be a time when one of the most essential ways of marketing and spreading a word was by making billboards on the road so that people driving their vehicles and easily get to know about the product or service. Various studies have found that social media is the new generation marketing tool which has huge chances of promoting a product easily. Looking at the importance of social media marketing there is a big population of youths who want to get into the depth of social media. Either they want to become famous through social media sites, or they want to learn the correct social media marketing for growing their start-up. To make this situation easy here we have the 7 valuable tips on social media marketing for beginners:

1. Decide the best platform that suits you for social media marketing:

Every social media site has its own value. Yes, there can be times when you can promote your product or service on various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter, but to understand the value of the main social media site where you can get your maximum target audience is vital. Do you know that 72% of monthly users on Instagram are youth and especially teenagers? This makes a company promote its product on Instagram vigorously if the product is youth-oriented. The first thing you need to decide if your target audience so that it will be easy for you to decide which social media website will be the most viable for you.

2. You need to connect your official website or blog to your social media site:

Social media can be more interesting if you are able to send your audience to your official page from where they can opt for your service or product. You should always remember that social media is best for marketing and not directly selling your products. Make a website or a blog where you can contact with your audience officially. Even the website will help you represent a trustworthy image in front of your target audience. You can share your link on social media sites or can even add the link to your bio. This way an individual can directly visit the site where he/she can buy the product. They don’t need to search for the product on the web as a simple click can directly send them to the site where they can avail the service.

3. Create content in varieties and take care of the trends:

No person likes to go through the same kind of content. We do understand that you are goal oriented and want to spread the news to everyone to opt for your service. But that doesn’t mean that you are only going to post content related to your business. Connecting with your audience requires you to involve in their interest. For this you need to keep yourself updated with the trending things on social media, be it a meme or a hashtag that is revolving around the web, you need to create content that can make your audience feel connected.

Create content in varieties and take care of the trends

Image Source: Pexels.com

4. Visual content can generate a good engagement:

Social media is not only about spreading the word by posting creative content. For seeking attention from your target audience you need to post photos and videos that can help them understand the product and services more. You can make a video by telling your audience about the service you are offering. You can even post attractive photos which can tell your audience how your product looks like. These elements can help your business grow more on social media.

5. Frequent posting on social media can lead to prove your presence:

You cannot think that posting once in while is going to help you promote your products. You need to make your audience feel your presence. Therefore, posting frequently can help you create goodwill and make your audience believe that you have an authentic service. Don’t try to overdo this as an excess of anything is not going to give you huge profits.

6. Connect with your audience on social media and create a bond:

It is essential to make your audience believe that you care about their opinions towards the service you are providing. You can ask for regular feedback about a new product or you can even reply to their comments in your feeds. This way you are not only helping your audience trust you as a genuine service provider but also creating a bond with them which can help you make the audience loyal to your service.

7. Connect with the influencers and make a deal:

Social media is all about socializing and connecting with people. It is one of the simplest ways to connect with an influencer or blogger on social media and ask them to promote your product. This is one of the best ways to get genuine followers and gain profits. It is not always necessary that you are paying the bloggers for posting your products and writing for them. You can make a deal by offering some free products or service as well. For example, you have started a fashion brand and want people to know about you on Instagram. You can easily connect with a fashion blogger and tell her to promote your brand by wearing some garments designed by you. This way you can gift those garments to her and will be a good deal for both of you.

You cannot expect your social media to grow in a single day and gain profit from it. Patience is the key and you need to just work on a daily basis to promote your product and get the best out of social media platforms. Social media marketing is the best way for increasing the awareness of your brand and it is essential to keep these tips in mind before opting for social media marketing.

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