8 Actionable User Experience Tips For Maximum Conversion

Tips For Maximum Conversion

As any business person or marketer knows, conducting successful SEO campaigns & getting people onto your website is only half the battle. Once they’re there, you need to get them to take the next steps to secure a lead or sale. Offering a good user experience on your site will help to boost conversions so that you can get the business that you’re looking for. If you’re looking for maximum conversions, these actionable steps to improve your web design will help you to achieve your goals. 

1. Boost Loading Speed

A slow website can immediately make people turn away from it. People expect a site to load as quickly as possible, and they won’t wait around for the pages to load. Your site needs to load within two or three seconds if you want visitors to stick around. To make sure that everyone loads quickly, start with some tests to make sure everything is running smoothly. A speed test can give you tips on how to speed things up too. 

2. Leave White Space 

When a website is too crowded with lots of content, it’s difficult to take in. Users find it hard to look for the information they need, and their senses can be assaulted by everything that’s going on. Leaving blank spaces helps to improve user attention by making it easier to scan your content and to discover the most important information. Give your site a sleeker look and keep it modern and fresh, while driving conversions.

3. Use Responsive Design 

The use of mobile devices has risen in recent years, but plenty of people still use desktop and laptop computers for many things too. To offer the best user experience, you need to make sure that you use responsive design for your site. Your site should adapt to different devices and browsers so that all users get the best experience, and not just some of them. No matter their screen size or whether they’re using a mouse or touch screen, they should have a great experience. 

4. Add Clear CTAs

Don’t leave your users wondering what they should do next. A clear call to action tells them the next step that they should take, whether you want to tell them to get in touch with you or visit your sale page. You can place CTAs in prominent places and use them in various ways. Try to place a call to action above the fold so that it’s easy to spot. Choosing the right design for your CTA boosts engagement. 

5. Provide Engaging Content

Your site should have valuable content that helps or entertains your users. Written content can be very useful, but it’s not always the most engaging. Offering videos and images is also smart if you want to engage your visitors. They’re often the most engaging forms of content, and you can include CTAs to get people to take the next step. Just make sure to balance images and videos with blank space for a clean design. 

6. Make Filtering and Searching Easy

When people need to find something on your website, it’s much better for them if you make it easy. Being able to filter your products or quickly search for something using a search bar means they can quickly access what they need. If you offer either of these things, they need to be designed in a user-friendly way. Consider the different ways your users will want to filter products and make sure that search results are presented in an accessible manner. 

7. Make It Easy to Get in Touch

If you want to boost conversions for your site, make it easier for people to get in touch with you. If they have any questions or want to ask about your products or services, they should be able to find your contact information as quickly as possible. As well as including a contact page and contact forms, consider other features for quick contact. For example, a link for your phone number can make it possible to click or tap on it to call you from the user’s device. An online chat can provide live customer service.

8. Improve Readability

Finally, improving the readability of the text on your site should also improve user experience and boost conversions. Try to make your content easy to scan, using short sentences, bulleted lists and other techniques to break up the text. Short paragraphs and text that’s large enough to read, combined with keeping text to black on a white background, should improve readability.

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