8 Must-Do Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the online realm of influencers and the land of constant scrolling. It’s the place for branding and selling. In short, it’s definitely the place you want to be.

If you’re still not sure if your marketing campaign is InstaReady, make sure to go through these 8 must-do tips and tricks for your business.

1. Engage With Your Audience

Before launching your marketing campaign, it’s extremely important to know exactly what type of audience you’re targeting. After all, the best efforts to sell apples to mango lovers will go to waste.

Once your plan is set, make sure to include not only promotional content, but also posts that help you engage with your readers. Ask questions or launch contests. Let your imagination guide you.

2. Don’t Forget About Hashtags

Given the multitude of existing posts, hashtags have become absolutely necessary. Just like SEO uses keywords to let searchers find a website, hashtags guide readers to your specific content. Avoid spamming though, and use specific or branded keywords as they work best.

3. Let Readers Have The Spotlight

There’s no better way to reach out to your audience than to listen to their voices directly. Let your audience know you plan on posting user-generated content. Don’t forget to mention that you’ll also tag them back. This way it’ll be a win-win situation.

4. Embrace The Stories Feature

Storytelling is a must-have skill in marketing. Having an in-built option that allows you to do just that is awesome, so make sure to use it for sneak-peaks.

Also, add links to your stories whenever it’s possible. It will make it easier for followers to trace back to your page.

5. Reach Out To Influencers

If you find that your own voice isn’t loud enough, maybe it’s time to borrow someone else’s. Getting influencers to help you is a proven method to boost one’s InstaPresence. Just make sure their audience matches your own.

6. Use Sponsored Ads

A while ago, only your followers would receive updates about your promotions and campaigns. Today, however; it’s a totally different story. Through paid ads, companies can promote their brand to anyone in their targeted audience. Isn’t that just great?

7. Consider Using An Instagram Engagement Tool

If your page is still fresh and you feel like a headstart would do you good, you might want to consider some Instagram engagement tools. I used Buzzoid to get likes. It’s fast and it will help you grow and get noticed by more and more users.

8. Be Mindful Of The Time

While content matters, timing also does. As it turns out, there are certain days and time frames that work best for Instagram. It seems that you should be on posting duty on Monday and Thursdays between 8:00 am – 9:00 am and around 2:00 am.

These are just guidelines, however. Remember that your perfect timing depends on your specific audience.

Did you finish taking in the awesome methods presented above? Because I’ve definitely got my phone ready to check out your amazing Instagram campaign.





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