8 Tips To Help Your Marketing Plan

8 Tips To Help Your Marketing Plan


The truth is your product cannot become a superstar all by itself.

With so much competition in today’s business world, it is susceptible to get lost in the array of new products getting launched every day.

So what can give your big idea the acclamation it commands?

Enter marketing.

No matter which industry vertical you operate in, having a robust marketing plan is essential to make your business a successful venture.

But again, there is a hiccup. The marketing world changes super fast. Last year’s big ideas may not work optimally for your business this year.

We have curated a series of top 8 marketing strategies that can give your marketing ventures maximum traction this year to solve the problem. Not only are these strategies self-sustaining but measurable.

8 Strategies To Make Your Marketing Plan Solid In 2024

1. Email Marketing

Email Marketing


Emails are still the most sustainable form of marketing in 2024. But amidst all, there are two specific tactics that give maximum traction to ROI.

a) Cold emails

Although challenging, cold emailing is still one of the best ways to generate high-quality leads for your business. But for this tactic to work, you have to stay on top of your client research. To make this easier, you can use data scraping tools like data miner to speed up this process.

b) Lead nurturing

The other form of email marketing is lead nurturing, where you use relevant content to warm a lead to finally turn them into paying customers. This method can take a little time as these are usually top-of-the-funnel leads.

2. Brand Evangelism

Brand Evangelism


There can be no better form of marketing where your existing customers promote your product.  But the problem here is, it is challenging. When your product touches a chord with your customers on an emotional level, brand evangelism happens.

Here are a few ways in which you can motivate your customers to do so.

  • Customer Feedback Ask your customers about their frustrations and delights about your product and brand. It can open doors for new doors of business opportunities. You can use their testimonials as social proof to gain traction.You can utilize these testimonials to showcase in all of your social media campaigns.
  • Customer Loyalty Incentivize your customers by providing a little extra. Create a loyalty program that rewards them for promoting your brand.
  • After-Sale Service There is nothing better than getting associated with a brand that cares about its customers. Having an after-sale service ensures that you are going that extra mile for your customers.
  • Branding Building a client-centric brand is your long-term strategy to gain maximum traction for your venture. You can use a brand tracker to measure the ROI implications.

Thus, the journey shouldn’t start from how you want to get perceived by your audience. Instead, focus on your ideal audience persona and how you as a brand fit in

their daily lives.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing


If you miss out on the boost that influencers can give to your brand, you are losing a lot of money on the table. But if you thought getting hold of a micro-influencer does the job, you are wrong. You need a strategy to govern this significant channel. Here are a few best-performing methods you can try today.

a) Sponsored content

Collaboration is one of the best ways to move up the ladder in any industry. Sponsored content is perhaps one of the best ways to approach it. A sponsored content technique you partner with an influencer who promotes your product on their channel in front of their audience, bearing their unique style yet keeping your brand identity intact. Two primary forms of sponsored content are social media micro-content like short videos and images and blog posts. Partnering with an influencer who can promote your brand to their audience not only improves your authority but also grabs more eyeballs in a short time.

b) Guest blogging

Guest blogging is another effective way of collaboration. Whether you choose to do, blog in other influencers’ blogging channels, or accept theirs, you gain more traction in a shorter period.

c) Giveaway hosting

There’s a particular reason as to why giveaways are so popular on social media. The mutual benefits this strategy yields for both the brands and their audience is unparalleled. No matter if you are a brand new business, or an established one, it can gain you a lot of brand awareness, unique traffic, and engagement.

d) Social media takeover

In a social media takeover, you collaborate with a social media influencer whose personal brand aligns with your brand. Here, you allow them to curate content for your social media channels for a specific period.

Pro Tip: You can use a live engagement tracker to find out how your audience feels about your products in real-time.

But what is live engagement marketing? It is a marketing campaign efficacy measuring technique that enables you to measure the quantity and quality of your customers’ interactions with your brand.

4. Personalization is your Superpower

With the internet busier than ever, just putting out content in front of your audience will not win you, customers. So what can give you the edge?

Personalization is your Superpower


Enter contextual marketing. Your customers don’t want only information. They want experience. Tailoring your marketing assets to suit your customer’s end-to-end needs can create more valuable and long-lasting relationships between your brand and customers. So now you know how to increase your per customer LTV (lifetime value).

Some of the best performing kinds of contextual marketing are:

a) Customer journey mapping and organization

Understanding how your customers interact with your brand over time right from the first interaction till the last can add immense value to your marketing campaigns. It can disrupt the way you engage with your audience, affect your sales decisions and strategies and sales over time, and much more.

b) Real-time personalization

Real-time personalization improves your website visitor’s overall user experience in real-time. It works on real-time data such as geography, device, time, purchase data like last purchase time, and other details.

c) Prescriptive personalization

This contextual marketing method takes a rule-based approach to personalize offerings to the target audience. Operating on a logical workflow, these engines map your customers’ interests while aligning them with your business’s goals. If logically aligned, it can potentially create a win-win scenario for both your business and audience.

d) Recommender engines

Unlike prescriptive personalization, recommender engines are automated systems. They determine end-to-end programmatic curation of product recommendations for customers.

e) Collaborative filtering

Collaborative filtering harnesses the power of predictive analytics and big data, where a system is fed with critical data points to forecast a likable incident. If you have ever visited an e-commerce site, coming across product suggestions lines saying “customers who bought this also bought that” and “customers who viewed this also viewed that” will be familiar. All these are colossal use of collaborative filtering.

f) Content filtering

A content filtering system mechanism is slightly different than collaborative filtering. This system compares items to an end user’s past preferences to create relevant suggestions. For instance, if you shop for more lipsticks than lip balms, then the engine will filter out lip balms and show you lipsticks based on your purchase history.

g) Hybrid systems

Hybrid recommender engines harness the power of both collaborative and content filtering engines. These engine recommendations are both hyper-localized and hyper-targeted.

5. Embedded Marketing

Placing your products into other works dominantly the entertainment industry is one of the most disruptive  ways to get your product in front of your audience. It not only gives your brand awareness a huge boost but also gains authority.

6. Inbound Marketing

The highest level of quality leads are those who are actively looking for your services. If you are to stay for the long haul you cannot miss out on building your content steering towards attracting organic high quality leads.

Free webinars and live videos are few of the best ways in this form of marketing.

7. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

In an era when the world lives and breathes in social media, your business too needs to reside there too. But to get maximum traction, take decisions on the basis of your customer avatar.

Right from channels to content format, manufacture everything on the basis of your target market’s pain points.

8. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Today the world is full of ideas. Part of it has been made possible due to the power search engines provide. So in a world where the answer is always one click away, you need to be the best answer to your customer’s query. Imbibing SEM tactics in your marketing will only make your product promotions stronger.


The above marketing tips are sure to streamline your venture today.

But a word of caution here!

Marketing is a dynamic world. Things change very fast. Be it the best tools or strategy, your idea would need a thorough review. It is essential to reiterate your tactics periodically to stay on top of your game. Ideally, you can make delta changes in your key strategies every quarter a year.

Rest assured, your marketing ventures will stay on point.

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