8 Web Design Tips for a Business Website

8 Web Design Tips for a Business Website

The early years of the internet provided its user with only two options i.e. either to develop your website yourself or hire a skilled, professional web designer. The former case used to be the least chosen option as it required dedicated learning of programming languages, however, the other option was considered to be really expensive and only large sized businesses used to opt for it.

But presently, the situation is completely different as modern-day web development has become heavily reliant on ready-made, free templates that are available on the internet. This not only facilitates the user to develop a fully-functional website of their own choice by using a simple and easy interface but also helps them change the websites features according to their requirement without learning any new language. Some of the most renowned web development builders include Wix, Jimdo, Webnode, Mozello and Weebly, etc.

When it comes to developing a business website, these types of platforms are frequently used by the small budding businesses that usually have limited finance. On the other hand, medium and large scale businesses often choose a professional web development services who not only understand their business needs and consumer behavioral patterns but also translate them into an easy to navigate, fast and commercially supportive website. Considering the fact, every business needs a professional website these days; however designing one could be rather intimidating, especially if you have never designed or managed a web development process before.

So, even if you are professional web-designer, a newbie in webdevelopment or an entrepreneur who is looking for designing or upgrading a website, then our 8 simple website design tips will surely help you bring about a sound impact to your business in terms of effective marketing and increased sales.

1. Keep it sorted

A business website should be simple and well-organized as it reflects the brand’s values. Burdening your website with complicated designs and unnecessary information can make it look claustrophobic, and it usually ends up with an overwhelming user experience. However, a tidy and sorted web design not only portrays corporate professionalism but also assist in providing a pleasant and breathy sight to the visitors.

2. Keep It Unique but Simple

Keep It Unique but Simple

Simplicity and uniqueness are the two most important aspects that tend to create the first impression of your website, and also result in viewer attraction or repulsion. While designing a business website your ultimate goals should be suitable brand display and its effectiveness. Your chosen design should be simple and unique, and it must also reflect your core brand features. Along with simplicity, uniqueness is something that is crucial to creating a differential impact on a user’s mind.

3. Don’t Ignore SEO

A business website must be developed with clear design, fresh content, sharp sitemap, accurate URLs, and most importantly with appropriate keywords so that it becomes easier for the search engines to locate and index it without any difficulty. Presently, search engine optimization is one of the most critical aspects for web-development; therefore it is important to choose a CMS (Content Management System) that is efficient and SEO friendly.

4. Never Underestimate Mobile Web

Never Underestimate Mobile Web

At present, it is almost suicidal, if your business website is not responsive to smart devices such as mobile and tablets etc. While designing a business website, its responsiveness and rearrangement capacity must not be discounted. In simple words, your business website must be proficient to rearrange itself when viewed on other smart devices. However, this is not enough to make your website completely mobile friendly, and you still need to ensure that it offers an in-depth and friendly user experience across all the smart gadgets that are in trend these days.

5. Well Showcase Your Offerings

We all visit plenty of websites every day that fail to appeal to us because they actually miss showcasing their products/services efficiently. One of the most common problems observed in business websites these days is that they either clutter too many offerings on one page or don’t provide the necessary product information that could lead to potential sales. This is a very common mistake made by a majority of the business website and it often cost large percentages of lost sales both online and in physical stores. Therefore, if your business website offers the online purchase options, you must not waste the luxury to appeal customers through wise and crisp use of product/service image, description, features, promotional offers, payment options, return policy and contact information etc.

6. Quick Load Time is A Must

Quick Load Time is A Must

Slow page loads can be very frustrating and they often cause user repulsion. Therefore, it is vital that the business website is well-supported with the right bandwidth speed and server infrastructure because the time of your users is priceless. Also, remember that choosing a graphically intense web design can also increase loading time while putting off visitors. Another significant side that can improve your loading time is an efficient web hosting service provider.

7. Keep up Professional & Clear Branding

According to a reputable Web Development Services, the majority of the business websites these days are lacking corporate soul. The reason provided for this is the intense use of business jargons, nonspecific web-design, imagery stock and static content, which on the whole weakens the user experience’s inclusiveness. Therefore, any type of brand superficiality should be avoided rather than the development of a professional looking website should be focused which explicitly represent the brand image. For instance, choosing the theme colors that are prominent in your brand logo, or using images that complement and sync with the overall brand perception.

8. Use High-Quality Content

Use High-Quality Content

Last but not the least is the use of high quality and relevant web content. Good web content tends to play a vital role in search engine indexing. The more quantitative and qualitative your content, the more likely it is to get searched and indexed by the search engines. Remember, low quality and irrelevant web content can also put off your prospective users. You should also put extra emphasis on slogans and headers, as this can plump the difference between a user staying or leaving your website.


In sum, a business website lacking updated and dedicated development features can impact both your business sales and reputation. Without an efficiently developed website, you not only lose the opportunity to engage and connect with the potential customers but also lag behind in your competition. We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you in choosing the right design for your business website.

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