9 Killer headline ideas to boost your content marketing

boost your content marketing

A catchy title can hook your reader to the content and so there is always a lot of brainstorming to create the perfect title for any write-up. The title can either get the content trashed or make it a perfect read; and so, no explanations that why so much effort is given to create a perfect title.

How killer title is the secret sauce to boost your content marketing

It introduces the reader with the blog and it is not just a humble headline. So, it is very much necessary for the title to be catchy and smart which allows the reader to seep in further. In fact, in the busy world, a title is the one-line summary of content which should catch the attention of the reader to get the attention it deserves.

It is a brutal truth that the best of the write-ups ends up getting dismissed if they fail to come up with a good and intelligent title. So, if a writer really wants to reach the target audience then a catchy title is the right way to seek attention.

Let’s elaborate and discuss the strategy of creating the bets title and mind it, these tips are really helpful for any type of content.

  1. Understand your audience and write for them- your article is for everyone; however, you need to write for a specific target audience. You have written a blog related to a technical issue which is assessable to everyone, but you must have a target audience which was in your mind when you were writing. Your audience for this particular niche will be professionals, techies, and even students. So, you cannot simply write a title which is particularly framed or coined for this blog.
  2. Know the zone of your performance- in short, know about the level of your competition. Your competitors can overshadow you and push you out of the competition if you surface with poor and boring titles. Stay ahead in the competition with a catchy and smart title.
  3. Formatting should never be ignored- no one can challenge the impact of visual appeal and the impact of it. Reading something like “5 tips to learn swimming fast” definitely appears better if formatted like “5 Tips to Learn Swimming Fast”. A bit of formatting does make the difference and makes the title read worthy hook to the blog.
  4. Be creative- there are plenty of writers and bloggers but the ones with the creative mind catch the lime light. You will be surprised to know that a single idea can be re- written and rephrased a hundred times. However, they are still able to grab the attention with the creative ideas and writing styles and the creativity is winning streak. Their unique spin gives them the right podium to showcase their talent and of course, the catchy title with creativity is the one which is able to catch the attention.
  5. Length is a deciding factor- the length of the titles is really something that the writer must know details about it. Length really matters and do not get surprised to know that the character count is the measure for the title length.

There are two kinds of title lengths and are known as long headlines and short headlines.

Long headlines and – mostly for customer benefits and use of products like health, wellness items, and also for supplements which are directed for customer benefits. These are required and mandatorily long to explain the reader about the content as they do not know what is in store for them.

Short headlines- they are optimized to catch the attention of busy readers who are always are on the go. It is also a fact that the average attention span of a person is decreasing and so they dismiss anything which is long and elaborate. These are mainly for those who really short of time and attention.

  1. Urgency or call to action will do the magic- adding verbs and call for action words add the urgency to the title. Stuffing them in the title makes the reader become inquisitive about what is there in the write-up.
  2. Consider stats and figures- numbers are something which can trigger shares, uploads, and social shares. They still have a strong impact and are better known than words as the readers quickly identify with them.

For example, saying ‘half’ does not have that weight than saying ‘around 50%’. Numbers authenticate the fact and so they are the clear catalyst for getting the attention. It also gives the reader an idea that you have well researched and done a deep study before writing. This adds to the credibility of the write-up.

  1. Push your keywords- Google algorithm checks the keywords and decides the ranking based on it. Place the keyword intelligently so that it does not appear stuffed or forcibly plugged in the title. The magic of keywords starts with the title and gets noticed by the web crawlers immediately.
  2. Always check for the effectiveness of your titles- this might sound crazy, but this is a fact. You need to check the potential of your title and we tell you how. Social media share, click through rates, A/B tests and other ways are the ideal way to judge the credibility of your title. If the title is dull or boring it will be quickly dismissed in the social media and will not catch attention. So, you might feel that they are not that right practice but these are real ways to find the credibility of your title.

No one can disagree that an ill-conceived title which appears boring and weak will get the blog to derail the success. So, make sure the title is crafted well with these tips and tricks to get the right attention. Initially, it can be tricky and tough, but they do become streamline if these tips are followed diligently. Never let your effort go in vain and put some effort into creating fabulous titles for your work.

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