9 Tools that will help you manage your Online Marketing effectively

9 Tools that will help you manage your Online Marketing effectively

Long ago, billboards and flyers dominated the marketing sphere, sipping away at huge sums of your money. The marketing landscape has, however, shifted to and adopted a digital tone as more and more people search for products online.

You’d be surprised to know that 96% of all the search traffic from smartphones comes from Google. We haven’t even counted the search traffic from desktops yet. Put together, a mighty number of searches are conducted per day. Specifically speaking, 5.6 million searchesare conducted onthe browser daily.

Of these, a lot of searches are local in nature. Others look for businesses they can work with or products they can order online. Of these, 8% of all the local searches culminate in a sale within a day. That’s fast. And, it sets the need for paying closer attention to online marketing for your business.

To make matters easy in this case, here is a list of some stellar tools that can help you manage your business’s digital marketing:

  1. Buffer for social media management

MarketingSherpareveals that 95% of the online adults aged between 18-34 follow a brand via social media. Moreover, 90% of social users use social media as a bridge to communicate with a business or brand. These findings are only the tip of the iceberg! There are pretty convincing though.

Luckily, Buffer helps businesses stay on top of their social media game by scheduling their social posts, tweets, and more beforehand. In real time, it takes a lot of time to craft a creative, attention-grabbing social post.

But, if you pencil out time for creating social media content in advance and schedule it with Buffer, you’ll be saving about six hours a weekin addition to being consistent on social networks.

  1. Rize Reviews for reputation management

Online marketing works much the same way as offline marketing. You’ve got to save your name and maintain a polished business name for yourself. So, how would you know what people are saying about you in the vast Internet universe?

Unfortunately, our ears don’t have the inbuilt mechanism to catch online feedback but Rize Reviews, a Reputation Management Tool can do that for you. It gathers all the reviews and feedback that your business gets and puts them together so that you can respond adequately.

Simply bear in mind that 84% of the people trust online reviews like they trust recommendations from their friends. So, you can’t ignore feedback or plan to not respond to negative reviews.

  1. Buzzsumo for finding stellar topics to cover

Content Marketing Institute’s 2024 B2B content marketing statistics outline that 91% of the B2B marketers employ content marketing to reach customers. In addition to generating awareness, you can use content to engage with your audience. The real question is what topics should you cover?

To answer that, the online tool, Buzzsumo, comes to the rescue here as it gleans most shared content on websites. You also have the flexibility to filter results so that you can separate widely shared blogs from infographics on a topic and so on. Besides finding trending subjects, you can analyze effective headlines with this tool.

  1. Canva for great visual design

Did you know that 81% of the folks skimp online content? So, you will need a way to capture their attention better, which brings us to visual content that 80% of the marketers use as part of their marketing plan. This is where Canva comes into the picture.

Canva helps to create graphic designs for your business that work as hooks to catch and hold your customer’s attention. In fact, eye-popping designs also prompt users to interact with your content. Since Canva is easy to use, you don’t have to worry about hiring professional designers if your budget is limited.

  1. Crazy Egg for improving website performance

Online marketing is centered around a well-performing website that is devoid of IT issues and other such errors. Plus, the question of what is working and what’s not on your website can be bothersome. Fortunately, a tool such as Crazy Egg can help with this confusion.

Use the tool to make and keep website changes that assist in reaping better results. Plus, get the much-needed IT support without having to deal with IT issues. Crazy Egg also offers features such as analysis and reporting, research and user feedback, targeting and personalization and heatmaps to name a few.

  1. CoSchedulefor planning and scheduling your marketing

Ideas are great, but their execution is what makes them truly valuable. In such a case though, planning is the real deal as it bridges the gap between brainstorming ideas and applying them. Therefore, a tool named CoSchedule can help in this regard.

It assists you in planning your marketing, working out your content, and organizing campaigns. In simple words, the tool helps you get ahead of your schedule and competitors. With this tool, you can streamline your online marketing process. The good news is that it integrates with WordPress, Chrome, Evernote, and Google Docs.

The best part about investing in this tool is that it not only helps you save time, but it also prevents you from having a pile of unfinished campaigns on your digital desk. In simple words, you can keep messy marketing at bay.

  1. Pingdom for testing website speed

Data from Akamai points out that if your business website takes longer than three seconds to load, then you can lose nearly half of all your site visitors. The faster your page loads, the happier your customers are. Hence, by optimizing your page load time, you can boost customer experience and conversion rates.

This information makes Pingdom’s website speed test a valuable tool to add to your arsenal. It tells you how fast your page loads so that you can take the required steps from there on. Learning your website speed is free. However, the premium package can help you check your website’s alerts, speed, and status as well.

  1. SEMRushfor improving your search engine ranking

There is no way you can miss search engine optimization (SEO) when it comes to digital marketing. More than 67,000 searches are conducted on Google per second. What’s more, 80% of the people turn a blind eye to paid ads in search results. This signals that you need to rank high in the SERPs, which is where SEMRush plays an all-important role.

The tool allows you to access rankings and change them a well. You can also get a domain analysis with the tool, which lets you compare your site to the ones in your industry. There is also an on-page SEO checker with the tool that allows you to monitor rankings easily and gives you recommendations on what you can do to enhance website performance.

  1. Meltwater for polishing your marketing campaigns

With so many activities and campaigns going on to handle your online marketing, keeping an eye on everything can get tiresome. In such a case, a tool such as Meltwater plays a helpful role.

It employs artificial intelligence to get real-time analytics. These help you polish your marketing efforts. Plus, you can also use the tool to benchmark your marketing performance against your competitors by keeping tabs on trends and best-performing keywords. The best part is that all this is in real time.

Wrap up thoughts

Summing up, the efforts that you pour into your online marketing are only half-baked without such helpful tools. Use them to maximize your online presence and ROI.

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