Don’t Eat on Your Office Table! 7 Reasons Why

Many of us get so busy at work that we don’t have time to leave for lunch. This is why it is tempting just to eat at your office table. However, you really shouldn’t do so. Here are seven reasons why you should opt to eat somewhere else besides your office table.

It Is Unprofessional

Many companies do allow their employees to eat at their office table. Even if your office does allow this, you really shouldn’t do it as it just doesn’t look good. Your boss and colleagues may think you are being unprofessional. Your office furniture Sydney is meant to be used to for work purposes. Eating isn’t one of them. It is a good idea to eat somewhere else, or you could give off the impression that you are unprofessional. If you eat at your office table often, then you might find that the people you work with start acting as if they don’t respect your choices very much. This is why you shouldn’t eat at your office table, even if it is allowed.

You Will Miss the Chance To Socialize With Your Colleagues

You may feel isolated at work from time to time. By going out to lunch, you can solve this as you will be able to socialize with your fellow colleagues. This will allow you to connect with them on a more personal level. Creating a relationship with other employees will allow you to not feel so alone at work. You will begin to develop friendships with some of your colleagues. Establishing relationships with them is a good thing. You can each get to know each other, and you will feel as if you have a confidant at work. Fortunately, you don’t have to actually go out to a restaurant to eat lunch and socialize. You each can pack your lunches, and then you can sit outside to eat them together. You could also go one step further, and you can have a potluck one day a week. You and your colleagues can each bring a dish to share with one another.

It May Be Filled With Germs

One of the dirtiest places in your office may be your table. You touch it constantly, and numerous people probably touch it as well. Even if you clean it often, it may not be enough to remove all of the germs. Being exposed to all of these germs daily can make you susceptible to getting sick. You don’t want to call out to work for a cold or virus because of inadvertently exposing yourself to these germs. Eating on your office table can also cause you to get food and germs on your office items. The next time you are tempted to eat on your office table, remember that you could be exposing yourself to an illness.

There Are Health Risks

There is some health risks associated with sitting at your office table during lunch. Sitting for long periods of time can increase your risks for things like high cholesterol and heart disease. It can also be bad for your joints and muscles. Unfortunately, it is difficult for many of us to remember to get up and move throughout the work day. One thing you can do is to make it a habit to sit somewhere else during lunch. You can head out to eat, or you can go outside to enjoy lunch and some fresh air as well. Even just 15 minutes away from your office table can have some health benefits.

It Is Important To De-stress

Working can be stressful for anyone. This is why it’s important to find ways to distress. By not eating at your office table, you can lessen your stress levels. You can step away from work for just a bit. You can leave what is stressing you behind at the office. It’s a good opportunity to take a short break. Many individuals don’t leave their office table during lunch because they feel guilty about needing time to de-stress. Unfortunately, eating on your office table can lead to burnout.

You Need To Clear Your Brain

You probably have a lot to do at work. This is why you might be tempted to just eat lunch at your office table. However, this can lead to a mind that isn’t able to think clearly. Getting up and moving around can be a lot more beneficial to your brain health. It will increase your oxygen and get your blood pumping. If you’ve been stuck on a task all morning, you just might find that you are able to tackle it after you come back from lunch. Having the opportunity to leave your office table and clear your brain will allow you to refocus and perform better. You might be surprised to find that even a short lunch break will be very beneficial.

Multitasking Isn’t Productive

Many employees don’t leave their office table for lunch because they want to multitask. They don’t want to take a break from work, and they think that they will be better off just trying to eat and work at the same time. However, that usually backfires. What ends up happening is that, they can’t focus on one thing fully. This can lead to them not being able to do either thing efficiently. Multitasking tends to not be productive. It’s better to set work aside for a few minutes, and then resume their activities when they can focus on them fully.

Even though it is tempting to eat from your office table, you shouldn’t do it. The seven reasons mentioned above should be more than enough incentive to find somewhere else to eat. While it may take a few days to get used to a different routine, eventually you will be glad that you no longer eat at your office table for lunch.

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