Best Black Friday Standing Desk Deals — the Desks Worth Buying Right Now

Everyone knows that Black Friday brings many attractive deals for customers in different parts of the world. Probably, it is the appropriate time to upgrade your workstation and make it more functional and even ergonomic. New health-oriented trends continue to penetrate different areas of our daily life. An adjustable standing desk has become very popular these years giving office and home remote workers an entirely new vision of what is considered technically facilitated and updated.

Typically, you can find not only low-priced standing desks but also different useful accessories and converters for your smart desk. Enjoy the black Friday desk deals and do not miss your chance to make a successful purchase. Progressive Desk has many nice offers almost for every customer with diverse tastes, preferences, and budget capabilities.

Why Do People Decide to Buy Standing Desks?

What is an adjustable table, how does it allow you to work sitting or standing, and who is suitable for work? College homework assignments often require students to spend long hours sitting at a desk, which can be uncomfortable and detrimental to their health in the long run. This is quite accurate for all office workers, number of which is pretty impessive. Therefore, it’s important to invest in equipment that promotes proper posture and allows for both sitting and standing positions.

First of all, when choosing the most convenient equipment for ourselves, whether for home or office, we pay attention to its functionality, practicality, and price. The last factor often influences the final choice but to eliminate it, you should take advantage of the great Black Friday offer this year.

  • A convenient table for working with documents is a wide tabletop.
  • A practical option for computer work is the zoning of free space and the necessary compartments for a monitor, keyboard, and Internet cables.
  • A practical table for lessons for a child is an opportunity to sit straight and not twist your back.

However, all of these options have one thing in common – convenience and maximum practicality. After all, in fact, it doesn’t matter who you are – a leader, a schoolboy, or a mom on maternity leave, the back hurts the same way for everyone during a long seat, and therefore the approach is common.

What is the difference between an adjustable table, and who needs it? At first glance, this is an absolutely unnecessary thing, because everyone is used to doing work while standing. This is the main mistake – a habit. Doctors, on the other hand, say that during sedentary work, the load on the spine is 40% higher than during identical work while standing. What does this mean? The fact is that work is best done periodically while sitting and standing. How can this be organized? Only by purchasing a special device for your workplace – a height-adjustable table.

The recommendation of orthopedic doctors says that sedentary work in front of a computer should be with frequent breaks, namely: 45 minutes of sitting work – 15 minutes of standing work, and 10 minutes of a break.

5 Reasons to Choose an Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk

The main value of a person is his health. Therefore, when designing a working area, it is important to take into account both the recommendations of orthopedists and your own preferences. The truth always lies somewhere in the middle, and therefore the best option for arranging a workplace is to put an adjustable table for standing-sitting work. Let’s give an example of the 5 most important reasons why such a piece of furniture is indispensable specifically for you.

1) Sedentary work and the spine

As mentioned earlier, sedentary work is the scourge of a modern person, which is often impossible to ignore, but after a while, this feature negatively affects well-being and health. If you have a computer at home, paperwork, online reporting, or any activity that requires a permanent seat, pay attention to new market offers – convertible tables or height-adjustable modifications.

2) Back pain

Does your back hurt often? Are your shoulders aching, or does it feel like there is a stake on your back that does not allow you to straighten up? Can’t lie down after work because it hurts to relax? These are the main factors of the first health problems. Do not think that problems with the spine, the formation of hernias, or prolapsed discs are a lot of overweight, obese people or a person who lifts weights. Unfortunately, 40% of surgeons’ patient’s terms of the curvature of the spine, osteochondrosis, and other diseases, sometimes requiring immediate surgical intervention, are in terms of sedentary work in the office.

3) Chronic fatigue

The problem when even a few cups of coffee in the morning does not help to wake up is familiar to many office workers. Oddly enough, often the reason for this is the wrong lifestyle and sedentary work without performing preventive exercises. To reduce the risk of stress for the body, it is recommended to equip your workplace with adjustable tables.

4) Overweight

Do you think this problem does not concern you with the reason that you bought a subscription to a fitness room? We hasten to disappoint: how many hours a week do you spend in the gym or on Pilates – 2 or 3? What about the rest of the time? How does your constant sedentary work affect the body? How does the spine react to the increased load in the intervals between short and infrequent workouts?

To compensate for the lack of physical activity, and reduce discomfort in the spine, it is necessary to radically change not only the way of life but also the arrangement of the workplace. Otherwise, an unpleasant surprise in the form of extra kilos on the waist, cellulite on the hips, and plus one crease on the stomach is like an unpleasant “bonus” of office work.

5) A lazy heart

Have you noticed that lately, it has become difficult for you to perform your usual physical activities? Is it difficult to climb the stairs to the apartment, and not in the elevator? Even a slight run to the departing minibus makes you short of breath for at least 5 minutes. These are all negative consequences of minimal physical activity.

50% of people who spent most of their lives in the office face problems with the work of the heart, tachycardia, arrhythmia, and respiratory failure at retirement age.

You can start actively exercising, running, and even reducing the calorie content of the food you consume, but the coming stresses, disappointments, and frustrations will help you forget about your “good intentions” as soon as possible. In addition, there are a number of contraindications that do not allow you to perform enhanced physical activity after a long break.

Here is one of the smallest and most relevant lists on which you need to urgently make a decision – to change the situation radically. You can’t strive for partial perfection, you can’t compensate for two hours of fitness training for 100 hours of work in front of a computer. If you decide to change everything for the better, start with the right arrangement of the workspace.

Black Friday and the Way It Takes Place: Catch Your Best Standing Desk

Typically, Black Friday goes like this:

  • The main condition: pay for the purchase before the end of the sale, otherwise the price tag will increase or the desired product will be bought.
  • The sale lasts from 1 to 7 days (more often it is three days – from Friday to Monday).
  • Prices are reduced on the first day of the sale – Friday, and some stores open their doors even earlier.
  • The assortment is expanding, new products appear that were not on the shelves before (sometimes they use warehouse stocks or old collections).
  • Of course, Black Friday discounts double or even triple the number of visitors to stationery stores.

On Black Friday, discounts reach 90%. If you want to have time to buy goods for a promotion, you will have to show dexterity and speed. The cheapest goods are dismantled in a matter of minutes. Therefore, in America, often in the evening there is a huge line under the shops, and they start working earlier than usual.

Black Friday online is much easier and more convenient than in land-based stores. Everything is simple here:

  • no annoying consultants;
  • no crowd;
  • no need to stand in line to pay for the purchase;
  • no need to use cash, which can contain viruses.
  • Just go to the website and order a promotional product.

Black Friday 2024: How to Prepare and What to Choose?

Black Friday has long conquered many shopaholics and just those who want to save money, and during this time the sale has gained a lot of fans who are tirelessly waiting for the start of the action.

Some start preparing early. They make shopping lists, determine how much they are willing to spend, and plan which table module they should choose or which table accessories they still need for complete convenience. Therefore, follow these steps:

  • decide what you need (adjustable desk, converters, or helpful accessories);
  • make a shopping list;
  • decide on a budget;
  • look forward to Black Friday.

In order to take advantage of incredible discounts, you do not need to do anything complicated:

Go to the promotional page in the online store or on the manufacturer’s website – Progressive Desk CA:

  • Check out the range of products.
  • Find the product you need (use the filters for a quick search).
  • Add the item you like to your shopping cart.
  • Place an order and choose a convenient delivery method.

This format is no different from regular online shopping.

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