Best Way to Track User Behaviour in Your Mobile App

From increasing brand recognition to sales of products and services and revenue, a mobile application caters to businesses from different industries in multiple ways. In other words, mobile applications help businesses in discovering various opportunities to prosper by expanding their horizon.

Best Way to Track User Behaviour in Your Mobile App

It makes mobile applications necessary for every business irrespective of its size, nature, etc. The by leaps and bounds of growing smartphone users is another reason that necessitates mobile apps for businesses.

Meanwhile, only having a mobile application will not solve your problem, no matter how business-centric it is. It’s crucial to check the performance of your mobile application at a regular interval.

The best way of doing the same is you can keep eyes on the user behavior of your mobile application. You need to find out how users interact with your mobile application, the content they engage the most/less, etc.

It helps you find out which products or services users prefer to buy. And thus, helps you sketch out your business strategy accordingly to increase the sales and revenue of your business.

Is it Really Complicated to Track User Behavior?

Well, the answer is yes to some extent. The reason is that mobile app users are unpredictable as they take quick decisions. If they are not happy with any application even due to small issues, they will never think twice to abandon it.

Their moods change frequently and they take decisions accordingly. This is the actual reason why it is complicated to gather details of how users behave while interacting with your application.

How to Track User Behavior in Mobile Application

Though it’s complicated to track user behavior of your mobile application, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do. Of course, you can track user behavior with the use of proven techniques and also cutting-edge tools.

We are going to discuss here the same that helps you understand your users in a better way, what to offer, and therefore, grab opportunities to propel your conversion rate.

Session Recording

Session recording comes first if we talk about the easiest method of tracking user’s behavior in any mobile application. It gives you exact details on how users interact with your application. It also gives you a clear insight into even those users who interacted with the application for a few seconds.

With the help of session recording, you will be able to see your mobile application from the users’ point of view. You can get details of every activity, be it taping, gesture, or other activities that users engage with while interacting with your application.

Apart from this, session recording also brings the possibility of a full timeline breakdown that your users perform while interacting with your application. It lets you enjoy having a deep analysis of what are the most or less frustrating points for your users when they interact with your mobile application.

Always remember frustrated users will no longer stay with your app and they will quickly abandon it. The session recording will help you go through the core issues that make users frustrated and also makes an adverse impact on conversion rate and user retention. Therefore, you can take various measures to improve the experience of your users.

Here are the ways to use session recordings to garner the in-depth details of user behavior in the mobile application.

  • To get details about the most interactive thing, you can go through the session of your loyal customers or those who often spend a long time on your app. It also gives you details about some of the features that need to be excelled-in.
  • You can watch the first session to grasp details on how users behave during onboarding and also what prompts them to abandon your app.
  • You can focus on and watch those sessions that are under 20 seconds long to explore various factors that increase the abandonment rate of your application. It helps you in increasing the retention rate of your application.

Touch Heatmaps

It’s another technique that you can leverage to get details of customer behavior in your mobile application. With the help of it, you can get the exact details of how users navigate the experience of gestures, etc. The tool makes it possible to get details of users’ current activities and get a complete insight into it.

Touch Heatmap gives you detail of the way users interact with your screen and thus, it makes your job easy to track how users prefer to interact with your mobile application.

So, you can make a deep analysis of your users’ behavior without any hustle.

Be it the first gesture or last gesture of users that they make on the screen, you can consider numerous parameters when it comes to filtering the Touch Heatmaps. It gives you a clear insight into the particular portion of the screen and also user engagement with that.

Apart from this, Touch Heatmap makes it possible for you to identify various usability issues that are the main reasons for unresponsive gestures. It happens mainly due to resolution miscalculation, misleading design, absence of necessary elements, or related things.

Be it screen tapping, or the app is not behaving in the desired way, it lets you quickly identify all major usability issues and let you find the proper solution in this regard. These issues tend to frustrate your users and also discourage them to access your mobile application.

Let’s discuss here the ways to use Touch Heatmaps to analyze user behavior.

  • You can set your eyes on the last gestures made on the screen to know if it makes any sense.
  • Touch Heatmap makes it possible to identify those of some unresponsive gestures to get details of the user expectation. So, you can fulfill the user’s expectation to improve their experience.
  • You can focus on those features that draw users’ attention on every screen and then work on your app design to optimize it based on the same.

Navigation Path

The navigation path is the other option that you can go with when it comes to getting a detailed analysis of user behavior during the interaction of your mobile application. It lets you explore a complete detail of users’ journeys while they access your business application.

It lets you get detailed insight into it to prevent you from getting worried.

Here, you can get the help of sunburst visualization that gives you proper details that users navigate. After this, it also covers other details of the screens users navigate to for the first screen, second screen, and others.

Therefore, it clearly reflects complications users witness while interacting with your application. For instance, if users are going to and fro between only one screen, it clearly reflects that they are confused or face certain usability issues.

Here are several ways of using the navigation path to define the user behavior of your mobile application.

  • You can concentrate on users’ journey that clearly reflects full of confusion. For instance, users’ to and fro action on the one or two screens.
  • One can focus on the paths from the cart screen to understand why users are not making a payment or completing the entire action of buying your products and services.
  • You should also focus on both new and old users and compare them to get details about the user retention rate and increase it. It also lets you explore why users avoid using your application.

Conversion Funnels

When it comes to conversion funnels, these are also helpful in making it possible to get details about the behavior of users by reflecting a complete breakdown of where users get dropped out of every stage of the conversion funnel.

This is the reason why it makes conversion funnel as the robust tool of getting information regarding user behavior in different areas of your application, which have a great impact on an in-app purchase, payment, etc.

The majority of entrepreneurs nowadays leverage the power of both conversion funnels and session recording to improve their conversion rate. They blend both of these tools to bring the possibility of improving their conversion rate.

With the help of a conversion funnel, one can gather useful data related to the total time users take to complete their every step while interacting with your app. It also helps you in getting details of users’ behavior on the conversion funnel.

Let’s discuss here how the conversion funnel helps you in getting complete details about user behavior in your mobile application.

  • The conversion funnel lets you explore accurate information regarding in-app purchases. Watching detailed recordings helps you know why users fail to increase their conversion rate or also why they get dropped out of the funnel.
  • They can easily get ideas about the timing between every step of your funnel conversion.
  • Get a detailed analysis of conversion funnel, login process, onboarding session recording, registration, etc. to improve onboarding and conversion rate.

Action Cohorts

Always remember every action of the user is directly related to their next steps. And it is indeed crucial for you to track every step of your users while they access your mobile application.

In other words, you need to access details of actions on a regular interval to track several issues that users face while interacting with your mobile application. Action Cohorts come to rescue in this.

Action Cohorts makes it possible for you to make a deep analysis of your users’ actions that are related to others. Besides this, it also enables you to get details of user engagement over a particular time period, the latest trends in user behavior, etc.

Once you get details about your users’ every step, it helps you to determine your expectation in terms of how your users behave while engaging with your application and also the way you can motivate them to do so.

Apart from this, Action Cohorts enable you to make an in-depth analysis of the total time users spend in making the first action and also the second action. In other words, the tool is highly useful when it comes to getting complete information regarding users’ behavior between two particular actions over a time period.

Let’s discuss here how you can harness the benefits of Action Cohorts to get complete details about user behavior in your mobile application.

  • Get details about how users’ first and second in-app purchase is related.
  • It brings the possibility of increasing user retention rates as well. All you need to do is to look into the cohorts of those users who register with your app, create an account, and then uninstall it from their devices.
  • To track the behavior of those users who access your application for the first time, you can keep eyes on the various things that take place once users create an account with your application and start onboarding.

Final Words

After going through the above discussion, you may have a clear understanding in terms of how it’s crucial to track user behavior in the mobile application. The main reason to do this is to know whether or not your app is serving its core purpose of existence. Besides, it also makes your mobile app marketing efforts successful.

Since you have developed your app for your end users, it should be able to accommodate them by improving their overall experience. You should try out the above techniques to garner accurate information regarding the behavior of your app’s users and take the right measures to resolve any issue if it persists to improve the performance and conversion rate of your application.

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