Tailor Brands Review

Today, the world is being shaped by innovative and ambitious startups that are changing our lives in many ways as we see healthcare becoming more affordable, education more comprehensive, and entertainment more engaging, etc. However, as the competition is rising with more and more entrepreneurs venturing in the markets, the need for powerful branding has … Read more

How Reviews Have an Impact on Your SEO

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Statistically speaking, online reviews have become the gold standard as far as helping guide customers to the businesses they choose and the products they buy. 90% of consumers have reported reading online reviews before making a decision, which is reason enough to try and encourage people to try and leave reviews after they have a positive experience. … Read more

Best SEO Companies and their Reviews


Image source: amf-lebanon.com Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of influencing the presence of a web page or a website in any search engine’s “organic”, “natural”, or unpaid results.A great SEO specialist can be really hard to find with respect to your specific goals and budget, but finding the right one is worth it … Read more

Here Is How You Should React & Respond to Negative Customer Reviews Online


Online reviews are fuel for online businesses, especially the ones that sell locally. Google gives them quite a lot of importance when recommending businesses, making them essential in local search marketing strategies. It’s all fine and dandy while your business keeps getting positive reviews. But what happens when a few negative reviews roll in and … Read more