What Are The New Features And Benefits Of Windows 10?

Are you wondering whether or not you should migrate to Windows 10? Here are some cool features of this operating system that are being approved by most users. Since the official launch of Windows 10 on July 29, 2015, thousands of users have begun the process of migrating or installing Windows 10 on their systems. And unlike what happened with Windows 8, it seems that Microsoft has managed to please almost everyone with its new OS.

There are a few people that do not like Windows 10 while others rated it as a quick and very easy to use system.  If you are still using Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 and would like some reasons to go to the new system, let’s give some reasons that you may like.

Improvements of Windows 10

Free For Most Users

For many people, upgrading to Windows 10 will not cost anything. If you are running Windows 7 or higher, you should have received a notification near the clock in the taskbar that allows you to make your reservation and update your system for free.

This notification will be available for one year. Only those who have a pirated or pre-Windows 7 version will have to buy the license that costs a certain amount of money.

Upgraded Windows 10

This will be the last version of Windows. According to information, Windows 10 will apparently will the last version of Windows. This is because Microsoft is changing the form of versions on their systems thereby providing continuous upgrades over time, while retaining the same product name.

Think of an online service like Facebook or Gmail, which changes appearance and adds new features regularly, but always with the same name. Unlike previous systems, updates will now be required so that the company can easily ensure application compatibility and be equally secure for everyone. Theoretically this means that Windows 10 could be constantly evolved and adapted to add new features. Activating Microsoft Office with MS Office 2013 product key will now be a breeze.


Cortana is an existing feature on Windows phones and is now coming to Windows 10. The company wants Cortana to be a smart personal assistant, providing information for you while you interact and learn. With it, you can view traffic information, recommend the best places to eat nearby, report on the latest news and more.

You can interact with the wizard by typing or speaking, like adding a reminder, reading emails, seeing the weather forecast, etc. If you’ve already used Siri or Google Now, you know how it works.

Snap Assist

The possibility of positioning the windows next to the other has appeared in Windows 7, but in Windows 10 it has received some improvements. You can dock the windows vertically or horizontally and when you do so you will be prompted to select the other window that you want to place in the empty space.

It may seem like an insignificant feature, but it helps and expedites this task a lot rather than having to “pick up” the other window that may be behind so many others.

In addition, it is possible to align 4 windows in 2×2 on the same screen using the mouse and keyboard, thus speeding up productivity even more.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft has had its problems with its browser and Internet Explorer was forgotten after the improvements made by Firefox and Chrome, offering better experience on the internet.

Microsoft’s solution to try to rescue its browser was to launch Microsoft Edge (formerly known as the Sparta Project). Since this is a totally new browser that is still being developed, it currently lacks certain characteristics that may appeal to the masses.

However it comes with some neat tools, which gives you the ability to search results directly on the web page. It is also very light, opening quickly and rendering the pages “like a rocket”. We hope this continues.

Multi-Platform Applications

It was the time when programs and games were designed just to be used on the desktop. Now you can find the same program on tablets and cell phones with Windows 10 and even on the Xbox. This is all to bring mobility and to continue your work or game wherever you are.

For developers, it was easy to create, since it is now possible to develop something for the desktop and be able to have access to mobile devices and even in the video game, thus not causing a disconnect between your favorite programs and games.


One of the main criticisms levied on Windows 8 was the appearance of the Metro, a work area with huge blocks and intended for devices like tablets.

The start menu was discarded and this generated many inconveniences for those who were already used to it. Microsoft has clearly learned from its mistakes and now offers a feature called Continuum.

This feature allows Windows to easily adapt to the desktop and tablet. Disconnect the keyboard from the tablet and it will ask if you want to optimize the system for touch use thus using the Metro workspace. Connect the keyboard and you are back to the default desktop.

Updated Information On The Start Menu

While the dynamic blocks were not highly praised in Windows 8, this does not mean that the start menu has no room for improvement. So Microsoft has put together the traditional program listing with dynamic blocks to offer you the information in real time.

And the best is that you can customize it by making the menu open on the entire screen, remove or sort the blocks, etc.

Compatibility with Xbox

Microsoft has repeatedly said that games are important to them on the PC. As “Games for Windows Live” was not very successful, Microsoft is trying a new approach by bringing the benefits of Xbox to the computer.

The Xbox application will come already installed with Windows 10, giving you an activity flow that shows what your friends are playing and what match. You can also send messages between systems. One of the most interesting is the transmission of Xbox games to your computer. That is, you can play the console exclusively within Windows 10. Some games like Fable Legends can even add multi-platform multiplayers and thanks to that other developers should support this idea in the future.

DirectX 12

DirectX 12 will be exclusive to Windows 10, a fact that will bring hardcore gamers to the new system. The main benefits of DirectX 12 over DirectX 11 are the lower power consumption and better frame rate in games.

More powerful and modern graphics cards will support DirectX 12 with just the video drive upgrade.

Future Features

Microsoft will be making available more features over the course of more months for Windows 10, which will be automatically installed on your system. This update measure aims to offer the news without having to change version thereby keeping your operating system more up to date for the new technology that comes quickly.

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