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Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of influencing the presence of a web page or a website in any search engine’s “organic”, “natural”, or unpaid results.A great SEO specialist can be really hard to find with respect to your specific goals and budget, but finding the right one is worth it as professionals track logarithm changes in search engines and adjust your marketing plan accordinglywhile seriously improving your page rank.

In the search of an SEO firm, you’ll have to scan through a lot of frauds and cheats and empty promises. Here we have compiled a list of top ten SEO companies and their respective reviews to help you in determining which SEO service provider may be your best option.

1. Web FX / WebpageFX

Web FX / WebpageFX

Web FX’s marketing strategies guarantee an increased organic traffic while providing enough content to support social media blogs and campaigns. Clients praise the quality and quantity of services offered at such reasonable rates. The affordability of their services and how knowledgeable their staff is what makes them such an infamous name in SEO.According to Web FX, their team has generated around 1,076,075 qualified leads, 1,586,016 qualified calls and 3,102,583 e-commerce transactions.

2. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility

At Ignite Visibility, professionalism is a priority and it doesn’t go unnoticed by clients just how detail-oriented they are. The efficient and open communication they establish with the clients all throughout the campaigning and related procedures is what earns them the trust of their clientele.Awarded as the number 1 SEO agency in the UK, Canada, and USA (for three consecutive years), they currently cater to over 100 clients.

3. Straight North

Straight North

Straight North is another successful and promising SEO firm which manages to bag up great reviews from almost all its clients. Clients claim that their drive to outperform themselves meansa guaranteed increase in leads. Canvas Vows’ owner even claimed that Straight North caused their site traffic to increase by four times as that of the previous year.  Their 2016 revenue alone was 11.6 million dollars and it has been growing rapidly ever since. It has also achieved Google Premier Partner Status.

4. Boostability


Boostability’steam is applauded for being friendly and open to criticism and feedback. CEO of Rentie praised them for how accurate and fast their workflow is and most of the client reviews say the same thing. Working with Boostability only gets better with time according to their clientele as the traffic and rankings keep increasing. Started in 2009, it hit a 36+ million dollar revenue in 2014 and bagged numerous awards such as the Clutch Top SEO firms award.

5. Victorious SEO

Victorious SEO

One thing which you’ll always hear about this company is that they not only deliver what was promised but like themarketing-director of TicketNetwork said, they “over-deliver” on their promises as well. They go beyond the expectations of their clientele by hitting benchmarks early, etc. Their average annual traffic growth rate is 334% and they’re the 2024 Search Engine Land SEO Agency of The Year.

6. Directive Consulting

Directive Consulting

Directive Consulting manages a really broad marketing initiative and offers great SEO services. The reviews usually talk about how knowledgeable and responsive the entire team of the company is. Directive Consulting promises to increase your organic traffic by 135% in the first six months on average as well as increase inbound lead volume by 84%, and decrease your cost-per-acquisition by 32%.

7. FME Extensions

FME Extensions is one the top SEO Companies in Dubai with team of highly trained personnel that have handled projects of all capacities throughout the UAE. FME have worked with multiple award winning companies and have ranked multiple Dubai based projects. They experts look into the parameters of websites and find the collective and individual needs for eCommerce businesses. Through their professional techniques and internationally recognized projects, FME just standouts against any competitor when it comes to Dubai SEO.

8. Traffic Digital

Traffic Digital

SEO services in Dubai are an ever-increasing demand. Traffic Digital (which is an expert SEO company in Dubai) is one of the top names in the Dubai digital marketing community. Their services are spread outside of the UAE as well. They offer full-length SEO and related digital solutions and are praised a lot by their clientele for being high performing and very well-focused. They have worked with 300+ clients in 25+ industries including Unilever, Emirates, and other multinationals.

9. Thrive Internet Marketing

Thrive Internet Marketing

It doesn’t go unnoticed by the clientele how being successful and providing good customer service are the top priorities at Thrive Internet Marketing. They’re efficient, professional, and punctual as per the reviews they receive. Their suggestions are valued by clients and their interest in each individual project is what earns them trust. Featured in The Huffington Post and Forbes, this company has a long list of awards recognition to back them up on their success claims of 500% increase in organic traffic and 300% increase in online leads.

10. Searchbloom


Searchbloom helps clients form a good base for SEO marketing. Affordable, high-quality, professional, and detail-oriented are the terms used to describe Searchbloom the best in reviews. This one-stop shop has a strong and promising team which doesn’t shy away from maintaining proper communication with each client. With over 229 trusted customers and 36 employees, they’re still hitting a 5.9 billion mark on Google searches per day and have analyzed over 5K sites to date.

11. Over The Top (OTT) SEO

Over The Top (OTT) SEO

OTT offers full-service digital marketing internationally. Their tools and services are constantly evolving and solving SEO problems globally.They’re not only SEO experts, but they also promise increased Click Through Rates, increased Trust/Citation & Domain Authority, increased Traffic, etc. Most of the reviews OTT receives praise how OTT involves the client deeply into the process so that the client knows what is happening and at what rate. They claim to have a 96% client retention rate.

The SEO professionals included in this list are the most trustworthy, efficient, and experienced players in the SEO field of work. They have been decided upon as the best after analyzing the user experience (including customer service) as well as the quality of work which matchesthe quantitative as well asthe qualitative needs and expectations of the clients.

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