Changes Your Site Need to Grow Organic Traffic:

Every eCommerce business looking for search engine optimization aims at the exponential growth of web traffic. What kind of traffic? You should take into account organic-search traffic. Although it is not something you can achieve easily or apply some quick fix to get organic clicks. The traffic you get organically is only search traffic for which you don’t need any direct action on your part.


However, in the first place, you need to make a significant investment of your time, efforts and appropriate strategy to see your site attaining the first few positions on search engines for your target categories.

Here are three ways to renovate in your website to bring in more organic traffic and increase the SERPs ranking.

  1. Give your blog a strong revival:

We all know how valuable blogging is in the wake of organic traffic. The websites with blogs attract more inbound links. But, a lot many people preferably kill their blog as soon as the number of visitors start decline. This is no solution. You need to give it some vigorous resuscitation to generate more links, increased traffic and hence, improved sales. The solution lies in consulting the best SEO agency Dubai so that experts can get you out of the rut without breaking your bank.

Change your approach and use the following tactics to bring your blog back to life.

  • Restructure and repurpose the old posts.
  • Create more viral and evergreen content.
  • Focus on long-tail keyword domination.
  • Leverage in accepting the guest posts.
  1. Create optimized content potential customers can find:

Creating content is one thing. The second is content curation. Join the two and create optimized content that people are already searching on the internet. Remember, you need the most effective organic visitors that are most likely to convert into profitable sales. This means, the traffic you need are the real people not only having interest in your products and services, but already searching for a vendor like you and yes, ready to spend.

Now, if your content is not optimized, then you are going to lose a good number of customers. Think about it because unique content works only when you take it in front of the right audience, at the right time.

How to go viral:

  • Subscribe to the websites generating viral content, successfully.
  • Create attention-grabbing headlines with a factor of curiosity.
  • Use polarized headings but doesn’t go into the ‘fake news’ clickbait.
  • Beef up your blog with lengthy content that’s unique and truthful.
  1. Ensure Google Satisfaction to strengthen your sales funnel:

Google will keep killing your pages if you fail to feed it with the right things. How to keep Google happy? Your website should have quick loading speed, smooth navigation, all-device responsiveness, recognizable CTAs, no-pop ups and share-worthy content.

In turn, when you ensure a seamless buyer’s journey online, your website will be in the good books of search engines.

Keep tracking the growth of web pages; which pages are growing and which needs overhauling in the form of updated content and following the latest web business and marketing solutions.

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