Use Your Instagram Marketing Efforts to Draw More Traffic to Your Website


Research studies conducted by various organizations have shown that the success of a business venture over the internet depends highly on its web design. Users spend around a few seconds in judging the nature of a business website and whether they will be able to trust it and this understanding is solely based on the design of your site. One of the easiest ways to keep your web design free from clutter is by dividing the workload of your website with Instagram. Instead of using your website both for marketing and for selling your products, you can choose to market only on Instagram while using the site for your business transactions. Link embedding on Instagram is a great way to do this. In this article, you will learn how to efficiently use link embedding on Instagram to help de-clutter your business website.

Why web design?

Understand the importance of web design in influencing your business sales. When a user visits your website, he or she is doing it for a specific reason, and that is they are either looking for a product to buy, or they may be looking for something which they can take an interest in and buy later.  But after coming to your site, if the user sees that it is cluttered with textual content all around and no easy way to find what he or she is looking for real, then it won’t take long for that person to leave your site and visit another website. It might be so that you have what users are looking for in good quantity and with good quality, but the presentation is the key factor here.

You have to convince the user that their time will not be wasted uselessly in navigating your website. For this purpose, you should use Instagram and market your products there. Keep a link directing your visitors to our Instagram page on your homepage and ask them to visit there if they want to see the products you have to offer. Include only the product details and prices in subsequent pages of your website, not on the homepage.

Why Instagram?

Instagram serves best for this purpose of marketing because Instagram is a visual only medium where only visual contents in the form of photos and videos can be shared. Instagram is simple and precise with the contents shared on it. Business owners can use Instagram to showcase their products to a wide global audience by uploading good photos of their wares.

 Link embedding

When you upload posts in Instagram about your products, always remember to embed links within the captions of these photos. Keep the captions minimal with some basic information; the embedded link will provide users with more details. The link can be embedded in the “tap to read more” button. This link will direct users to your business website’s page where you have to furnish more information about your products and also display its price. Such a design will integrate the benefits of Instagram with your business website and keep your website’s design also simplistic and minimalistic.

Before you set out to organize a marketing strategy to sell your products online, it is essential that you have a strategy in place for more followers for Instagram so that you can maximize your campaigning goals.

Business website details

Your website’s design will pretty much determine how many online sales you generate. Good web design will be attractive enough to entice users into buying your products while at the same time it will not be cluttered with too much information and will be simplistic in its layout. Instagram as a social media app can help you in achieving this design because you can do your marketing activities on Instagram where you can promote your products with good images.

When a potential customer checks out your Instagram feed and takes an interest in any of your product, he or she will tap on it, and this is where you must embed a link to direct them to your business website. The landing page will have all the details about the product and also its price. This will integrate your Instagram page with your business website. It will also ensure that your site remains free from random information and posts as customers will get only what they want to see based on the interest they showed on your Instagram page. Hopefully, this article would have helped you in understanding how link embedding in Instagram is essential for your business website.

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