Cost of Living In Different Parts of Canada

Canada is well known for the most secure and safest countries in the world. Even nowadays as ofCovid 19, Canada is still the Immigration friendly country known and has become the first choice of people to immigrate. Canada offers you a more beneficial, joyful, and prosperous life with its multiculturalism and diversity. Some of the major factors which attract people towards Canada are given below:-

  • Low Crime Rate – Bening the safest country, the low crime rate of Canada is envied around the world. As per the reports, highly violent crimes are very much rare and even guns are owned by almost four-time lower than the USA.
  • Education quality- Canada keeps education in its priority list and delivers the best education facilities to its citizens without any discrimination. That’s the reason why Canadian children perform much better than the other countries across all the boards and stay longer in the educational field.
  • Economic Strength and Stability- While Moving to any country people must consider the practical and financial benefits of that particular destination. But luckily Canada has the strongest economies in the world and offers a huge variety of career options for any ambitious opportunity seekers.
  • Universal Healthcare- Not the least Canada’s healthcare system is one of the fairest and most accessible in the world. The most important factor which you can’t ignore, Medical treatment is mostly free at the point of use and completely funded by government taxes. You can use the Canada tax calculator to calculate, how much tax you will need to pay for how much income.

Canada tax calculator

Canada is an idyllic destination for any potential ex-pat, That’s why over 250,000 immigrants are settling here every year. No doubt, you should consider the cost of living while immigrating to Canada. Most people are not very much clear about expense figures of Canada, In consideration of this we have calculated the average expenses which you will need to survive in Canada. Keep reading this article, all your doubts regarding expense will resolve.

Cost of living in Canada

The average cost of living in Canada depends on your lifestyle, family size as well as city and province. Canada is a highly developed country where the government offers excellent public services which leads to a high standard of living for its citizens. But Keep in mind, if you want to live a luxurious lifestyle, it may be expensive for you to live in Canada. However, still it is possible to live a modest lifestyle at a very affordable cost, Afterall it depends on what you want out of this new experience.

As I said earlier living cost most probably depends on your location of living like a city or province. Vancouver and Toronto are Canada’s most expensive cities. Although Toronto has the highest average cost of living in Canada. If we talk about the most affordable cities – Québec, Winnipeg, and Montréal are affordable ones. We have written below the exact figures of expense below in descending order, take a look.

Cost of living in Canada (Annually)

CityCost of living (CAD) Cost of living(USD)

The cost of living in Canada includes various things like education, Healthcare, travel and transport, Basic utilities, housing, and food. All costs vary for each province. We have given all the details about how much you need to pay to avail of all the government services and how much, basic utilities will cost you.

Healthcare cost:-

Canada’s healthcare system is paid by the taxpayers for the taxpayers, you can use the tax calculator to calculate tax on any size of income. But average Per person pays 6,000 CAD (4,300 USD) per year to maintain their free public healthcare system. Which means childbirth, doctor’s visits, and check-ups are free. But keep this in mind, Canada’s free healthcare system is only for Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents.

Educational Cost:-

Canada is known for its quality of education and offers public elementary through secondary school education for free. But still, you will need to finance some of the costs by yourself like field trips, school supplies, extracurricular activity fees, and uniforms.

If you wish to avail of childcare services for your kids, it will cost you, 10000 CAD, annually. Still, it too depends on you city, in Toronto its too much expensive. It will cost you 1,400 CAD Per month, while it is cheapest in Montréal and it will cost you 175 CAD per month.

Later on, if your child wants to pursurepost secondary education, tuition fees will be apply. But as compared to the US, UK, and Australia, Canadian universities are much cheaper and affordable.

Utility costs:-

The cost of utility depends on provinces like in Ontario residents pay higher rates for electricity. For water, sewer, and garbage, costs are given below based on occupancy.

  • one occupant – 700 CAD (500 USD) (Annually)
  • Two occupants – 1,100 CAD (Annually)
  • Three occupants – 1,520 CAD (Annually)
  • Four occupants – 1,930 CAD (Annually)

Internet, cell phone, and television bills are quite costly in Canada as compared to other countries and may give you surpise with its cost. But you should be prepared to pay 100 CAD per month.

Average Rent prices:-

The apartment on houses rent prices depends on its locality. Across Canada, the average rental price for a one-bedroom in the main city center is 1,200 CAD and if you are planning to stay outside the city center, it will cost you, 980 CAD.

Average rent prices in maid cities are given below:-

CityMonthly Rent (CAD)Monthly Rent (USD)

Average Rent prices

Along with it, Taxation rates are also not that much harsh or overcharged from its citizens. You can use the Canadian income tax calculator to calculate taxation on your income. Canadian government never compromise with its responsibilities towards its citizens and offer them world-class public services. That is what attracts people from all over the world.

Take steps according to your budget and select the city which you can afford to live. Good luck with your move.

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