Does Your Law Firm Require a Smartphone App?

In today’s modern world, there’s an app for everything to ease the life of sophisticated customers. Are you hungry? Order through an app, Car service? There’s an app for that too. Even for home loans, you can just go through app submit your documents and get your loan approved in minutes. Presently, everyone wants quick, reliable and efficient services!

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According to researchers, in 2017, the ratio of smartphone users in the US was about to reach 224.3 million, with the ratio of smartphone users globally predicts when they were about to enter 2 million at the time. However, it has been forecasted that by 2024, the smartphone users will grow up to 230 million.

And you know what is surprising? Some law firms have already bumped into the app wagon. But does your law firm require an app? If yes, what difference will it do for your website?

In the end, everything depends on your law firm and what type of clients you want to attract. On that basis, you’ll be able to make a viable decision.

Let’s first understand unique mobile app strategies for your law firm that will help you make a better decision:

  • Trending in every sector-

Embracing apps in law firms is becoming a popular trend these days. But mastering the skills of running an app may take some time and honing the message takes even longer.

Law firms that have already adopted apps long back are on the right track and training their staff as well to think of think innumerable opportunity an app can provide to their business and answering all the queries to their clients through an app.

  • Forget about your day-to-day materials-

On a daily basis, lawyers require event agendas, guidebooks, law comparison charts, graduate recruitment tools, calculators, etc. Well, you can get rid of all this stuff as their perfect home will be a mobile app. For this, lawyers don’t have to put in extra efforts into thinking of a new idea to streamline all these aspects, just look around, and you will find so many ideas around you already.

  • Unique marketing opportunities-

While doing content marketing of your services you can stand out of the market. Apps are one of the cost-effective ways of creating a knowledge cover on the content you’re already producing.

Suppose you are a creating a checklist for clients on the topic “(Sector) Law in 2024” that will provide the law knowledge to users for the next year. You can put everything in a PDF and post it on your website. This will offer your client a better user experience through an app.

  • Clients have a certain expectation-

Clients always expect more for less and differentiating yourself from other service providers is becoming tough. Client my come to you saying that my previous law firm uses to provide me this pointing at the app, where is yours.

What will you answer? I will send you an email or PDF. No, this is not what they are expecting to hear! So stay consistent with changing technology and serve your clients beyond their expectations.

  • Create a better relationship with clients-

Apps are well-known for their ease in connecting with the faster-paced world. Lawyers can connect and respond in minutes by using technology and reduce the client’s concerns and worries. A mobile app can help you with:

  • Responding to inquires of clients quickly by offering immediate feedback forms, from anywhere at anytime
  • Provides a more efficient way of communicating with clients with on the spot messages.
  • Send clients case or legal updates as soon as they are available
  • It offers virtual assistance to clients in their busy schedule that they would highly appreciate

Which are the established law firm apps available in the app stores?

Law firm apps are now included in app stores. Legal apps motives and functionalities differ. While a few apps are designed for promotional reasons, others act as functional resources.

Legal apps catering to specific legal aspects, for instance, criminal law, personal injury law, annulment, and DUI, can be easily found. The hottest apps out there function as client portals and can be utilized for a lot of purposes, such as reaching clients, court materials, making payments, law firm management, and much more.

Example of some useful apps: FastCase, dLaw, Talks On Law, NotaryCam, Camscanner, iLegal Legislation, On the Case, PracticePanther, SignMyPad, WestlawNext, Depose, etc.

Smartphone App Marketing:

Furthermore, you need to promote your smartphone app to obtain profit appropriately. It is simple to advertise it to your previous, new, as well as present clients via word of mouth, email messages, and letters. Incorporate it into your marketing and advertising platforms, and also in your sales promotion strategies.


Mobile apps help you work together with customers and are dominant tools for that purpose. The availability of real-time information and execution of ‘on the go’ business are among the reasons for which mobile apps are being used more and more.

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