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Professional Translation Service
Professional Translation Service

Professional translation is one of the most complex services in translation because it requires much more than fluency in languages. To translate standards, studies and technical and scientific documents, it is necessary to know the specific terms and nomenclatures of each area.

The translator needs to be familiar with the technical terminology involved and must have reliable sources of research. That is, the translation needs to be carried out by specialized professionals so that the document or text does not have its original content and objectives changed, as errors in the translation of technical terms can cause financial losses, misuse of equipment and even damage to health.

Professional translation service platform – Protranslate counts on qualified and continuously updated professionals, who offer the best service in technical translation in the most different areas of knowledge

Are you looking for something reliable than Google translate and its lack of excellence (or even dangerous) results, and something less expensive than “traditional” translation agencies?

Protranslate is your greatest option concerning professional, quality, human translations at a charming price.

Our objective is to decrease translation costs without dropping in quality and to offer a simple, transparent and efficient method of obtaining professional translations in over 60 language combinations and in various areas of specialization to both professionals and individuals.

Reduced costs without compromising quality

By digitizing our processes, we have been able to reduce our costs (sales, project management, accounting, offices, etc…) without losing quality and then to pass these savings on to the customer by proposing a cheaper rate per word for the translation.

Professional translators

Protranslate selects qualified experienced translators who are linguistically tested before being able to work on the platform.

Our preferences

Transparency and integrity. For the customer, this signifies a clear quote, complete control of the ordering process, direct communication with the translator if required and the right to refuse a translation.

How does it work

The entire method is 100% online. Customers can easily and instantly create an account. Everything is done through the platform, from the request to the reception of the translation, and with secure payment through Credit Card (Alternative credit card), PayPal, KNet, Wire Transfer. Finally, our customer service is available to assist you throughout the process.

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