Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website with Practical and Proven Tips!

Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website with Practical and Proven Tips

Being a part of the SEO fraternity for a while now, I have understood that we will need to fulfill certain criteria to increase website traffic organically. What are these, and how to get there? Let’s find out!

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to drive decent traffic to your website successfully. A business owner who is just starting or a marketer dabbling in SEO can easily achieve what most will consider a heavy-duty task, and that it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of options.

To those, I say, “Stay back with your negativity!”

All you need is a little understanding of SEO, some outside help, and a lot of patience to drive traffic to any website.

I’m here to guide you through it all.

I have used each tip mentioned in this article, and I can guarantee that whichever you decide to go with first will prove its worth (even though it might be in the smallest way).

As they say, every small win can make a significant difference in the larger picture.

Here’s what we’ll be covering today:

  • Add a “Click to Tweet” Link
  • Check the Potential of Every Topic
  • Introduce the Author of a Guest Post
  • Dive into the World of Listicles
  • Update Everything Outdated

These can also be considered free ways to drive traffic to your website since you’re only putting in the much-required brains and efforts.

Apart from these, you could also get in touch with influencers or other bloggers and collaborate with them to get your website in the visible range. If you were to create content that would potentially bring influencers to you, you wouldn’t even have to deal with the payment bit.

I’ve used these tips for myself and different clients, so trust me when I say this: add your essence to whichever method you’re using, and you won’t have to go around asking questions like how to drive traffic to your website?

Add a “Click to Tweet” Link

I can’t believe how massively the Twitter reach has increased in recent years. If I am being honest, I didn’t think Twitter would survive. But how I was proven wrong!

If you want to get your content to trend on any social media platform, you must choose Twitter to start the cycle. A tweetable link in your blog (one that is worthy, witty, and/or woke) will surely gain some traction. (Stay away from blunders, though. That would surely halt the wheel.) Once the wheel starts to churn, there’s no stopping it.

Use and generate a personal link that will enable a reader to share the pre-written tweet on their Twitter page easily.

It’s probably one of my favorite ways to keep the conversation open and increase website traffic.


Check the Potential of Every Topic

We’re all looking for consistent results when it comes to SEO practices. But we also know that establishing the best SEO strategy can be tough; there will be some crazy trial and error processes to go through. This can only happen when you’re ranking high on the SERPs. Once you get there, the long-term results are almost impossible to miss.

I begin my day by:

  • Finding keywords with low competition and high search volume- You should find keywords and topics that are being searched a lot but do not offer the right insight or are quite off the topic. To drive traffic to the website organically, you must choose a topic that has been created through a combination of the following:
    • Potential to gain high traffic
    • Offers business value
    • Less competition
    • It helps you make a profit with some ads
    • Determining a goal with your marketing department
  • Looking for content ideas that have the potential to rank when executed in a better way- Use Content Explorer to find pages that can help you gain organic traffic with zero to few backlinks.

If you keep creating content based on these principles, you won’t have to keep wondering about the different ways on how to drive traffic to your website.

Introduce the Author of a Guest Post

Are you or are you not interested in knowing an author’s qualifications and expertise about a topic before reading what they’ve written? If you are, then why would you expect that others don’t want the same?

We’ve all been there where we’ve had to scroll to the bottom of the page to reach the author bio. I’m sure it’s no different right now. Don’t get me wrong, and it’s not bad to do so; after all, it’s the information that should be prioritized.

But hear me out.

What if we were to change the dynamics of the situation? Instead of depending on author bios to increase website traffic, we simply added some resources that you, as a guest author, have covered.

You write your blog as you normally would. Next, you include a couple of sections where you’re offering them help through other blogs of similar topics.

This is going to fetch you a lot more organic traffic than you could have imagined. It’s quite amazing how well this strategy works when implemented well.

Dive into the World of Listicles

If there’s one strategy that I consider to be a power move is the one that involves lengthy and detailed lists.

Dive into the World of Listicles

The easiest answer to “how to drive traffic to your website” has to be “get on the train to the land of listicles.” There’s a simple reason and explanation for this. It’s possible to get five to six times for shares and reads and any other type of content format.

I’ve been observing the same with content I’ve written for myself. I’ve gotten far fewer bounce rates, higher shares and comments, and overall a positive response, regardless of the topic.

I love how every sub-topic is categorized, and information is accessible in just a glance. You’re given a sneak-peek into the content without having to go through the entire article like you would with a traditional format. Listicles are sure to increase website traffic.

Yes, it’s an old post; do I think it’s still relevant? For sure! Our psyche hasn’t changed drastically since the post came out, so yeah, give it a read! Relevance provides some psychological insight as to why listicles are so popular.

Update Everything Outdated

A short backstory:

There was a time when I would have to constantly remind my team to update old content on different websites. It would get frustrating, to be honest. How many times do you have to repeat yourself, and how difficult can it be to do as you’re told?

It was during one of the team meetings that it dawned on me! My team members didn’t understand the importance of updating previously posted content. They couldn’t comprehend how small updates on blogs could drive traffic to the website. I sat them down, explained the necessary aspects of the strategy, and went on with my day.

A couple of days go by, and one of my team members, all giddy, comes up to me and shows me that an old article that had nothing going on for it was suddenly ranking high on the targeted keyword. Now, this was an achievement I would never forget.

I hope you understand where I am going with this! As long as your content is fresh, you will keep ranking on the SERPs. Keep an eye on your Google Analytics to ensure you’re getting sufficient organic traffic. Regularly updating content is one of the best and free ways to drive traffic to your website.

Bonus Tips

Bonus Tips

I’ve tried and tested these strategies as well, and you might find these a bit more helpful than the ones we discussed above.

  • Use LSI keywords (the phrases related to main/target keywords)
  • Become a part of relevant podcasts, or maybe even start one!
  • Combine two similar posts to make a comprehensive guide or something around the lines
  • Connect with online communities and promote your content there
  • Create long-form content (without being redundant)
  • Post an old article on LinkedIn (especially if it is relevant on the day of)

Learning how to drive traffic to your website is a slow process, almost like cooking ribs in a slow cooker. It might take longer to cook, but when the meat melts in your mouth, it’s heaven, isn’t it?

Towards the End

I thought about including a few more tactics here, but it might have been too much information, too soon. So, I decided to write about my favorites and ones that can fetch your website decent results.

Plus, all of the tips I gave you are free. So, if you’re starting and are still in the experimental phase, they’re perfect.

You want to be seen; we all do. Our approach determines how we will be seen and whether or not we will be accepted. The learning curve of getting traffic to your website may be steep at first, but once you start the climb, it will get easier. Ultimately, if your traffic gets converted to bounces, it’s just not worth it.

The wise find solutions to problems and wait for results.

Keep experimenting, folks! You can’t have a one size fits all strategy. As I said before, be patient, and you shall see positive results.

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