Essential Features of Spa and Salon Management Software

The salon POS software market is loaded. Every other day, someone new is evolving and planning to take over the market. Since there are so many software, you will need to find out which one is the best one for your business. In order to determine that, you will need to check upon the features. You might as well take into consideration the price factor of the software. There is several software which will offer designated software, but sometimes, they may not function properly. If the salon and spa management software cannot provide you the following features, you are just wasting your money.

Salon Management Software

1) Multi Point-of-sale options

The salon software should be able to provide you the option of multiple form of payments. The mode of acceptance of payment should also be provided by the software. When you are salon and spa POS software, you should take into consideration the features that can make accepting payments very swift and easy.

  • Account balance for clients: The salon management software should be flexible enough to offer its clients the prepaid option. The clients can use this method to book an advance appointment or a gift appointment for any closed one. You can keep a track about the account balance using the proper method. When the client is making an advance booking, you can offer for an advanced or prepayment method.
  • Custom gift cards and coupons: You should look for a salon management software that has the option to produce and sell gift-cards. You should also have the option to customize the gift cards.
  • On spot upselling: The receptionists talking over the phone has become outdated, it is the generation of POS software. The software should allow the flexibility to fix up upsell options. The software does so by tracking the past history of the clients.
  • Mobile salon software and desktop POS hardware: The software should be flexible to accept the credit cards and also to make payments through the desk. You might choose the option which is the most convenient for your business.

2) Marketing and Client Management

Your salon and spa management software should be good enough to cater to the needs of the clients. It should be so designed that the clients keep visiting the salon regularly.

  • Photos: Your software should have the customizable option so that it can take the before and after photos of your client. You can save these photos in your software and remind them about the differences.
  • Email marketing: Your software should have the option of making up email templates, that can be forwarded to the clients as a promotional program. This will enable your business to forward promotional messages to the client.
  • Client Profiles: The software should allow you the option to save up color formulas based on preferences in the client’s profile. Make sure that even if your client changes the artist at the last minute, she gets the perfect service. This will make your client trust you even more.
  • Loyalty and rewards programs: You can offer various rewards to your customers for being loyal to their customer service. You can offer them the option of free gifts and discounts. This will be an effective option for making your clients visit your salon again and again.

3) Salon and Spa Management

You can save up a lot of money by making a proper salon and spa management. This POS software can prove to be very effective for your daily business.

  • Inventory Management: The proper software will be able to keep a track on the backbar costs when the client makes any purchase.
  • Automated online backup: This is one of the most essential features that your software should have. It should ensure to take a backup of your data and store it in the cloud. The software should ensure to protect the documents like client information, transaction history and essential documents. This will allow the protection of the documents even in case of natural disasters.
  • Security Features: The software should have an individual login access for the various employees. The employee should be able to access the various services through the login server. You can find out the problems through the login access.
  • Payroll and scheduling: The process of keeping a record of the payment and commission of the clients becomes easy with the help of the spa management software. This will prove to be extremely beneficial for your saloon and spa business.

4) Social Media integration

In today’s world, apart from email, the social media too has an important role to play in boosting up your business. Your salon and spa business can benefit a lot from the social media integration for the customers. You can use the social media platforms to reach out to your clients and connect with them in a better way. You can do promotions as well. This may prove to be useful for search engine ranking. The software from SalonTouch Studio can be of great benefit to enhance your business.

All the salon management software has the various essential features that help in boosting up the performance of the business. Before getting one such software, it is necessary to keep a track of them.

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