Content Marketing Ideas That Will Attract New Customers to Your Mobile App Development

Using written content and promotional material to gain new customers is the oldest trick in the Internet marketing book. Content marketing has now become a formalized discipline that holds a place of distinct importance in the field of digital marketing to aid mobile app development.

Mobile App Marketing

Successful content marketing campaigns are structured around a powerful strategy and research which translates into quality blog posts, email campaigns, engaging social media content and so on. Moreover, since SEO and SEM techniques are centered on the effective use of focus keywords. Content marketing can be leveraged to directly translate into sales.

Each brand requires a digital presence in today’s business environment. Content marketing is an important tenet of the digital strategy.

We have enlisted below some important steps that you can utilize to formulate an effective content marketing campaign for mobile app development.

1. Know your target group

Before you strategize content for your digital strategy, you must define your target audience. This is a crucial step in mobile app development. Understanding the customer will provide insights on how you must structure your content. Take time to undertake market segmentation techniques and categorize your target audience based on age, gender, geographical location, religious affiliation, income group, likes, preferences et cetera. These characteristics will help you understand your users better and tailor content specifically to them.

2. Re-invent existing content

As a mobile app development company, there will be a few instances of creative genius; where you create inspiring online content that will garner widespread digital appreciation. It is important to note that these instances however, will be far and few in between. Hence, every mobile app development company must strive to re-invent existing content to fit other formats. For example, if a blog post goes viral and is shared multiple times among users, you can use the same script to create an engaging video. Content can be simultaneously posted across social media verticals, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram et cetera, to gain maximum visibility for the content.

3. Focus on content that has a long shelf life

In the digital space, trends have the lifespan of a few short weeks. When creating marketing material, make sure you create content that remains relevant in the long run. News related content is short-lived while content pertaining to app-related advice or short how-to articles will attract traffic all year long.

4. Use the correct content marketing tools

Using the right content marketing tools for online promotion can make a lot of difference in the overall execution of the content marketing strategy. For example, you can use Outbrain, which is a content syndication tool to aid the content distribution process. Outbrain automatically distributes your content across multiple publishing websites that attract maximum user traffic thereby getting maximum visibility for your mobile app development. Similarly, a tool called IFTTT is auto-linked to all social media and micro-blogging websites that helps in simplifying the automation process of sharing new content.

5. Chalk out clear content marketing goals

The content marketing process has to be constantly reviewed to ascertain if the targets are being achieved or not. For this, it is important to have a clear understanding of the underlying purpose of the content marketing campaign. The best way to achieve to identify end objectives. Is customer acquisition for mobile app development the end goal of the content marketing campaign? Or do you want to improve app store rankings or gather more positive press for raising capital. Answering these questions will improve the overall efficacy of your content marketing strategy.

6. Develop a unique writing style

A well-developed unique writing style is a quintessential part of a well-rounded content strategy. Well-structured content written in a distinct style goes a long way in paving a brand identity. Be it online ad copy for mobile app development, user information blog articles or social media posts, a characteristic writing style will capture the imagination of your target audience and keep them engaged in the long run. To ensure ongoing success, pick a writing style that works for your users and stick to it.

7. Create a feedback loop

As a mobile app development company, it is important to create a recurring feedback loop with the customers. Since content is created keeping them in mind, they will be the best suited to tell you which parts of your content strategy draws them in and which could use some work. Add call-to-action buttons at the end of each piece of content created to make it easy for users to get back to you.


A well-rounded content strategy is an important digital marketing tool. Creating fresh content that appeals to your focus group can go a long way in defining a unique voice for your brand, improving search engine rankings, and striking a bond with your audience.


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