Fertility treatments: Choose What Suits You Best

The increasing number of families now faces the challenging road of Infertility, but there is an answer. With the constant advancement of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the field of Fertility treatments that offer a wide range of solutions, families around the world are expanding with healthy children.

This article delves into the sphere of Fertility treatment, characterizing the available options, and the support and guidance that accompany this life-changing process.

Fertility treatment – Transforming lives

Fertility treatment refers to various medical procedures aimed at overcoming infertility and increasing the chances of successful conception.

Depending on your specific case and the cause of Infertility, your Fertility specialist may recommend the best option for you.

Generally, there are some common types of Fertility treatments:

  • Ovulation induction – involves the use of medications that stimulate the ovaries to develop and release more eggs;
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) -involves placing concentrated sperm directly into the uterus during the fertility window;
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – involves fertilizing the eggs with sperm under the laboratory conditions and then transferring the resulting embryo into the uterus;
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) – used in combination with IVF to inject a single sperm directly into an egg;
  • Genetic material preservation – involves cryopreserving your eggs or sperm for future use;
  • Donor Eggs or Sperm – involves using the genetic material (eggs or sperm) from a screened Donor for fertilization;
  • Surrogacy – involves a Surrogate carrying and giving birth to a child for another family;

Please pay special attention to the fact that every Fertility treatment option must be prescribed by an experienced Fertility specialist. This prescription should be based on your medical history, test results, and personal requirements, all of which are crucial aspects of the medical process.

ADONIS International – Your Best Fertility partner 

As the choice of a Fertility clinic is a crucial part of the Infertility treatment process, it’s important to select a reputable partner who will accompany you on this journey.

ADONIS International is your best Fertility partner with over 24 years of experience in the medical sphere, offering a wide range of Fertility treatment services. Its technological infrastructure includes everything necessary for comprehensive medical care in all cases.

ADONIS offers high-quality medical services using its own facilities:

  • Examination Laboratory
  • Embryo Laboratory
  • Cryobank
  • Egg and Sperm Bank
  • Surrogate Database
  • Maternity Houses
  • School of Motherhood

The ADONIS staff continually enhances their expertise by embracing the latest medical standards and treatment methods.

You can rest assured that you will receive comprehensive Infertility treatment tailored to your specific needs.

ADONIS provides Fertility treatments options in the following areas:

  • IVF
  • Surrogacy
  • Prenatal care
  • Delivery

In each treatment area, experienced specialists are dedicated to helping you achieve success in your Infertility journey.

All the Fertility treatments mentioned above, and even more, are available to you.

If you want to get more information, please don’t hesitate to contact ADONIS’ professional managers by filling out the form on the website.

When dealing with infertility, choose the clinic that best suits your needs to achieve your main goal – a successful childbirth.

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