Four Ways Hiring Freelancers Can Help Grow Your Business

In business, continued growth is vital to success and longevity.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has brought about some challenges for a plethora of businesses. Many businesses were forced to shut their doors and others are barely hanging on by a thread. The stress of dealing with harm to your business is quite real and should not be underestimated.

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No matter where your business is or how things may look thus far, there is hope ahead. In fact, many employers are turning to freelancers to help grow their businesses. Keep on reading to learn how hiring freelancers can engender more growth and success for your business.

How Hiring Freelancers Can Help Grow Your Business

Psychology Today confirms that freelancers comprise 35% of the United States workforce. The trend of freelancing is only expected to rise in the coming years; therefore, being aware of how freelancers can help grow your business is more imperative now than ever.

Reduced Overhead Expenses

Hiring employees can become very costly to your business, especially if you’re covering their health insurance and other benefits. However, hiring freelancers is a great alternative that allows you to take care of necessary tasks without breaking the bank.

Unlike employees, freelancers generally charge flat, one-time fees for their services. Freelancers who turn out to be a great fit can be repeatedly re-hired without requiring you to pay for a set number of hours, benefits, or tenures.

With reduced overhead fees, you can use the extra funds for savings, marketing, or other important means to grow your company. In business, burdensome overhead costs are common struggles, but the presence of freelancers provides the opportunity for an alternative.

Easier Access to Talent

Hiring employees generally entails a somewhat lengthy process. Conducting background checks, setting up interviews, following through with references, etc., each consumes worthy amounts of time and energy.

By hiring freelancers, you can save yourself all that effort and devote the extra time to other matters regarding your business. Access to freelance talent is readily available thanks to marketplace platforms such as Upwork.

Freelance marketplace platforms allow you to review a freelancers’ credentials, previous jobs completed, reviews from past clients, etc. This can be enormously beneficial to your business, especially when time is of the essence.

More Flexibility

As a business owner, workplace flexibility is imperative to the success of your company.

When you hire freelancers instead of employees, you can work with these contractors on an as-needed basis. Some months, your business may require fewer services than other months and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hiring freelancers as you need them ensures that you can get tasks completed when necessary; later down the line, you can always reach back out to freelancers if you require additional services from them.

Greater Productivity Rates

When you hire an employee, it’s often necessary for the business to invest time and resources on training. With a freelancer, you can narrow your search to contractors who specialize in what you’re looking for.

For instance, talent marketplace platforms such as Upwork come with categories and filters that you can use when searching for talent. When you hire a freelancer who specializes in what you need done — whether it’s website SEO, copywriting, etc., — you don’t have to spend time training them.

Getting a freelancer who knows what they’re doing only leads to greater productivity, something that your business will need in order to grow and remain competitive. Therefore, hiring freelancers who specialize in the work you need done is a smart business move across the board.

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