Get Better Rates, Security, and Plenty More When Ride-Sharing

Ride-sharing apps almost always offer nothing the best convenience to commuters. They completely excise the worry of commuting, allowing you to focus on more important matters. That being said, how would a ride-sharing app be able to compete with already established brands if they offer the same perks?

Get Better Rates, Security, and Plenty

ReRyde opts to go the conventional route by simply offering users rates that are significantly lower than other ride-sharing apps. They proudly declare this in their Google Play store page, and users themselves will know first-hand once they give it a try and book a ride in it. In fact, they even incorporated a fare calculator in their site to prove this.

If you’ve used other ride-sharing apps (like Uber) before, it wouldn’t be hard to get the hang of ReRyde interface and functionalities because it also utilizes something that is similar to it. You only need to either register your phone number or log in with your Facebook account to start using its features.


Once this is done, you get taken to a Google Maps interface where your current location would be displayed, and you can also immediately set where you want to go, be it to a local mall or to your flight at the nearest airport. It would automatically suggest specific locations to you based on your area and the letters that you type, and you only need to tap on the right address suggestion to set it.

The app would then proceed to look for a driver for you. You will know immediately if there’s an available driver in your location or not thanks to the app’s instant booking feature. If there is, you can now choose from a plethora of vehicles that you want to ride in. Do you want something more chic and luxurious or do you want to have more room for your baggage? Rest assured that the app would be able to meet your needs based on driver availability.

You don’t have to rely on a third-party messaging app to communicate with your driver as he picks you up. Everything can be relayed in their built-in messaging feature. Your ride will be mapped out to you and tracked from start to finish as well. Every trip you take will be recorded in the rip History’ section. As for payments, know that the app uses a Stripe payment system that allows customers to pay for their trips hassle-free, as it immediately deducts the amount from your digital wallet.

As in other ride-sharing apps, ReRyde also gives you the option to apply as one of their drivers. You have to be ready for your application, though, as the company takes meticulous care in ensuring that their customers’ safety is assured all the time. You will be rated by customers as well; if you’re the customer, you can promptly leave reviews even before the driver departs to your chosen destination.

From time to time, ReRyde announces a lot of offers and great deals for customers. You only need to tap on the ree Rides’ section of the app interface to check them out. The app even has a referral system where you can get free rides based on the number of friends you refer to ReRyde.

Again, what really makes ReRyde a whole lot better than other apps of its kind is that it goes through great lengths to really address the needs of their customers. They show this with their inherently lower rates and better security for users when traveling and availing of their services. The app also actively reaches out to impaired drivers and stranded commuters, which is a truly commendable initiative. This is why if you want a more people-oriented ride-sharing app, then we highly recommend that you choose ReRyde.

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