HelloFresh aims to build healthy communities outside of their meal kit offerings

HelloFresh is a pioneer in the meal kit delivery service industry. Founded in Berlin, Germany in 2011 by Jessica Nilsson and now Chief Executive Officer Dominik Richter and Chief Operating Officer Thomas Freisel, HelloFresh is now the world’s leading meal kit company. The organization services markets in Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Sweden and more, with millions of users supporting the brand each and every year. For a full, in depth review head to this article to know more about HelloFresh.

Being a leading brand in a growing industry has allowed HelloFresh other ways to support the communities they operate in. Not only does HelloFresh offer busy consumers an easy, time saving alternative to regular meal preparation and cooking, but this company has also made some philanthropic moves in recent years. Just this past July, HelloFresh donated $10,000 to Brigadoon Village, a location that offers specialized overnight pediatric camps East of Montreal in Annapolis Royal. The generous donation was made to help Brigadoon Village enhance their cooking facilities to better serve their annual 3500+ attendees.

Brigadoon Village is an organization that offers a variety of camps and retreats throughout the year. It is now the largest pediatric medical camp facility in Canada, catering to children with chronic illnesses. Many families that have one or more children with a chronic illness often cannot afford camps, and so Brigadoon Village asks its attendees to donate only what they can as tuition. This is a big reason that this donation from HelloFresh’s Fresh Food Explorers Program was so helpful. The team from Brigadoon Village mentioned that part of the money will be used towards the construction of a brand new outdoor kitchen. This kitchen will be available to campers to take part in creating healthy, balanced meals, and allow for further food experimentation and exploration.

HelloFresh’s Fresh Food Explorers Program first launched in September of 2024 and is specific to HelloFresh Canada. The program aims to provide funding and support to various charities across Canada that promote kids to explore and learn to love fresh food which is something many children do not have access to. For those who were looking to support the Fresh Food Explorers Program, for a limited time HelloFresh allowed consumers to add a special kids Fresh Food Explorers apron, with proceeds going to support the program.

Even prior to HelloFresh’s Food Explorers Program, HelloFresh was finding ways to give back to a variety of communities. In March 2024 right after the pandemic hit, HelloFresh donated $40,000 to food banks all across Canada. This was to help support the increasing amount of people who were in need of food amidst the global pandemic that was only worsening at the time. The donation was split between four major food banks in Canada; Second Harvest in Ontario, Edmonton’s Food Bank in Alberta, Greater Vancounver Food Bank in British Columbia and Moisson Montreal in Quebec. In addition to the monetary donation, HelloFresh continued to support food banks across the country by providing ongoing food donations.

HelloFresh has proven to be a role model not only as a leader in the meal kit delivery service industry, but in supporting and helping to build healthier communities across the country. Their philanthropic addition, the Food Explorers Program, has helped thousands of children each year since 2024 to gain access to food, and learn about nutrition in ways they otherwise would not have access to. This program continues to provide monetary support to Canadian charities in hopes of fulfilling its mission to promote the exploration of food and healthy living.

Although the official launch of this program was in 2024, HelloFresh has been a long time supporter of building healthy communities and assisting where they can. Their generous monetary donations to some of the largest food banks in Canada in March 2024 was extremely helpful, as food banks were seeing a lack of resources due to the growing amount of food insecurity that was brought on due to the COVID-19 pandemic. HelloFresh is an impressive organization that continues to provide healthy living in more than one way to their users and their surrounding communities.

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