Here’s How To Make Your Business Slogans Stick Like Glue


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Memorable. That’s one way to describe a really good business slogan that sticks like glue. They’re catchy and quite hard to forget. Spin offs will try to sound like them.

They’re the type of slogans you knew from childhood like your favorite memory verse in Sunday School, the type that gives you nostalgia each time you see or hear them. The kind that made you frown when the new merger/acquisition resulted in a change of that old familiar line.

(Nearly) everyone likes a good business slogan, it’s not only good for business, it makes customers feel good too, that’s a twin win.

Perhaps you’re at that stage where you’re brainstorming business slogan ideas for a new business campaign or startup, if so, congratulations.

In this article I’ll be sharing expert tips on how to make your business slogans stick like glue. Whether you seek just one or several business slogan ideas on an ongoing basis, it is essential to make the most of each.

How would it feel to be that brand that customers trust for the next best business slogan, waiting to hear you brandish your next taglines so they can tag along? Great, isn’t it?

But before we dive into how to make your business slogans stand out let’s cover a few business slogan basics.


What Again is a Business Slogan?

A business slogan is a word or catchphrase that perfectly captures or summarizes your business’ core values and services. A campaign slogan is coined for particular marketing activities e.g a new product launch.

For example:

Business/Company Name: Mc Donalds

Business Slogan: I’m lovin’ it

Nearly every business has a corresponding business slogan. Sadly, many businesses don’t, thereby missing out on the benefits of a good business slogan.

Following are:

Some Benefits of a Good Business Slogan

Benefits of a good business slogan include:

  • Brand message amplification
  • Brand recognition
  • Brand retention
  • Brand recall
  • Brand loyalty
  • Connection with customers
  • Nostalgia marketing, among others.

And here are:

Some Qualities of Good Business Slogan Ideas

Wondering if your business slogan ideas are good? Here’s how to find out.

A good business slogan idea is (a/an)

  • Catchy
  • Memorable
  • Effective communicator
  • Marketing tool
  • Well received
  • (covert or overt) call to action
  • Intangible business asset, etc.

And here are:

5 Proven Ways to Create Great Business Slogans

  1. Business Slogan Generators

These are tools that help you automatically generate business slogan ideas in a jiffy. Whether you do ecommerce or consultancy services, a business slogan generator can help with your next advert campaign.

  1. Ask a Friend/Family

If you have family or friends who’re gifted with words they can be your business slogan generator for slogans, taglines or mottos. They know you closely and can come close to what you really like.

  1. Social Media

Social media is another good business slogan generator, an avenue to generate, evaluate and articulate business slogan ideas. The best part; it is free and widely available. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp, all you’ve to do is ask.

  1. Hire an Expert

So you don’t have the time or patience to try social media or you aren’t just a fan or… It’s fine, there are still other ways to come up with business slogan ideas. One of them is to hire an expert. Copywriters can help you create great slogans.

  1. Quora

Quora is a great place to generate and validate your business slogan ideas. This popular Q&A forum allows members ask members questions and get answers. You can ask just about any question under the sun.

Following are:

5 Ways to Create Business Slogans That Stick Like Glue

Sticky, memorable business slogans are an asset. Here’s how to create one

  1. Consultation


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Consulting widely can help you avoid pitfalls while simultaneously helping you make a good choice. This includes finding out all you can about your target audience as well as about your client’s business if consulting for a business or company.

Are you targeting American millennials in the sunshine states, baby boomers in Africa, or aboriginal people? These questions can tell you who to contact for clarifications where necessary so as not to include a locally offensive word for instance.

  1. Association (with something positive/good)

Associating your business slogan ideas with the right things, people or causes can yield big results. Consumers who are already either fans or friends of your model or cause(s) may naturally respond better and receive your slogan with open arms seeing it and what they love as connected.

On the other hand, negative associations will certainly yield negative results for your campaign or brand. This may cause you to lose money as well as spend more money on damage control measures.

  1. Collaboration


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Collaborating with other creatives can help you generate lots of smart business slogan ideas as well as create the “perfect” business or campaign slogan.

It can be in a formal, semi formal or informal setting with either professional or creative thinking fellows. Great ideas can start as inside jokes, catch fire, spread out and become iconic. As they say “two good heads are better than one”

  1. Adaptation

Being able to adapt or customize your business slogan ideas for different markets is also another good move especially for multinationals that operate in different climes.

What makes sense in one region may not in another and hence may require a different rendering in part or altogether to get the message across effectively. Flexibility will give you an edge when applied correctly.

  1. Repetition

Perhaps the biggest of them all, repetition helps entrench ideas deep into the mind. Hypnosis and mind control are based on repetition. It also lies at the heart of advertising.

When things are often repeated they become memorized which is great for recall. Repeated at particular set intervals through jingles or commercials, your business slogan can become deeply programmed or entrenched into consumers minds over time.


These are some of the ways of making your business slogans memorable by

  • Consultation
  • Association
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptation and
  • Repetition

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