How To Leverage AI For Your Business Using A Mobile App

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly popular in our daily lives. Large businesses use AI in various ways to reduce costs, improve processes and enhance customer experience. For example, companies like Amazon and Apple have introduced their own artificially intelligent assistants. Commonly, we know them as Siri or Alexa. Many people associate artificial intelligence with these types of technologies, reserved for enterprise organizations. However, your business does not have to be the size of Amazon or Apple to leverage AI.

AI For Your Business Using A Mobile App

In fact, small and mid-sized businesses can leverage artificial intelligence in their operations. The term covers three distinct areas including deep learning, machine intelligence and machine learning. All of these areas can be used within a mobile app. In actuality, many businesses are missing the opportunity to leverage AI with a mobile app for their business. As we explain below, your business can harness the power of AI by developing custom software. When adopted properly, an AI driven mobile app can lead to lower costs, faster processes and better customer experience overall.

Create Engaging Content For Users

First and foremost, a mobile app gives your business its own platform for content. Your content can include information, games, resources, tools and products. As the business creates engaging content and promotes that content, the app will attract more downloads. Meanwhile, the artificial intelligence algorithm will collect information about the user patterns and habits. This will give your business further insight on what content resonates best with your customers. Thus, you can improve the content creation process to retain existing customers and attract new ones as well.

Locate A User’s Exact Location

If your business operates in several locations, artificial intelligence can locate where users are currently. Of course, they may have to opt-in to allow locations services. However, once they are prompted to do that within the mobile app, the AI algorithm can tailor information, messages and updates to the user’s location. For example, if there is a sale going on at a specific store. A notification can be sent out only to customers who are in that vicinity. Clearly, this can lead to increased sales and better promotions for your business.

Generate Accurate Predictions

Moreover, your software development company can “teach” the mobile app to recognize patterns and apply them to predict events. This process is known as deep learning. The mobile app is developed to track actions, likes, saves and purchase history for each user. All of this information can be analyzed by an AI program to deliver new insights and create predictions. These predictions can be used by the system to take immediate action or by management to make business decisions. For example, if a certain product is not selling or two products are frequently bought together, artificial intelligence can pinpoint these patterns. While this might take an analyst several valuable hours to determine, the AI program can do this instantly. This lowers the cost of operation while providing valuable insights for the business.

Offer Better Customer Support Options

With a mobile app, your business offers customers another option for getting assistance. Mobile apps can provide personalized messages with direct interactions. Users can easily submit a query or problem. Based on previous solutions, the artificial intelligence system can deliver instant solutions. Of course, if there is a unique problem, it can assist the user in getting in touch with the right department or representative. Not only does this lower the cost of support for businesses, it also offers better customer support experience through a mobile app.

Receive Orders For Products And Services

Mobile app AI technology can streamline the buying process. Rather than going to your location or online to place an order, users can do so directly from the app. The artificial intelligence system can suggest previous orders based on preferences and purchase history. Since your mobile development strategy makes it easier for users to order, there is a much higher chance to increase sales. This can save users time from waiting in lines. It can also save the business time since payments can be accepted right in the app. Whether you sell coffee at a local shop or custom services, a mobile app can streamline the sales process with artificial intelligence.

Investing in a mobile app with custom AI software can improve your business overall. Artificial intelligence can power more engaging content for users. It can tailor information to a user’s location. More so, the system can collect information and create accurate predictions. AI can power fast and easy customer support interactions from inside the mobile app. Then, it can increase the number of orders received, streamlining the buying process. This all leads to lower overhead costs, efficient processes and quality customer experiences. With a mobile app, your business can leverage AI to get ahead of the competition.

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