How can B2B companies automate their sales process?

B2B companies automate their sales process

Automation is the latchkey to success in this fast-paced world.

We are living in a world where almost everything is automated up to a particular extent. The automation of things has made our lives relaxed and planned than ever before.  Automation has its own influence in the business world as well. Sending automated emails, creating reports, getting automated tasks notifications are some of the key areas where automation has not only enhanced the functionality but also leveraged the fecundity.

Sales process is one of the most important aspects of any business. It is what that generate revenues for the enterprises.  In order to meet the expectations of the customers and integrate success, B2B companies are in deep need to automate their sales process.

The sales process is a powerful way to elevate the sales figure, the productivity of the sales team, improve customer retention, and reduce the errors.  Furthermore, the automation of customary tasks helps your sales team to focus on their primary function i.e. to generate revenue and materialized leads.

We can get a mere look at what sales automation does to business with the help of below-mentioned data:

“According to Aberdeen Group, companies that use sales automation achieve higher conversion rates of 53% and higher annual revenue growth rate of 3.1%.”

Data Source:

The numbers are pretty impressive and support that fact that sales automation is the key to success in today’s world of cut-throat world.

The legit question here is:

How to achieve sales automation?

Well, here are some ways to do so effortlessly.

But, before we start, let’s ponder a little on the area where automation is required.

Sales is not an easy job.  Almost every section of this job demands an extra bout of efforts and skills. Though every sales task can be performed in a better way with automation, there are some areas where the need for automation is prevalent.  Those areas can be stated as:

Make your email communication more deep and impressive

In the year 2024, around 24.5 billion business emails have been sent till date.   A licensed sales representative can send maximum of 1000 emails in a day.

All these data show that email communication is one of the most widely used ways of communication that B2B businesses use to build a customer base and prospective sales leads. However, there is a huge disparity between what a customer wants and want sales representatives to understand. To increase the agony of the sales team, it is found that more than 70% of leads get neglected by sales team due to late email communication.

And why it shouldn’t be?  Doing impressive email communication with thousands of people in a day is something beyond human capabilities.  This is where sales automation comes into the picture.

B2B companies can easily automate their email communication by using diligently created customer relation management software.  With its help, B2B organizations can easily sync their emails, send bulk emails over a single click, get a reminder of reply and even do email scheduling as well.

This automation of email process has a great impact on the productivity as well as on the revenue of the organization.

Make the sales reporting more accurate

Sales Reporting is one such task that gives serious headaches to your sales representatives and consumes a lot of time. Your sales team spends hours after hours just to get a rough sales forecast. The detailed manual analysis demands a lot of diligence.  However, the results at times lack credibility.

B2B companies can actually improve their sales predictions by using the reporting and analysis features of any CRM software.  This feature allows the business of all sizes to do accurate and prompt sales predictions, get detailed reporting and even present the sales data in an impressive manner.

Improve the prospecting process

Well, needless to say, that lead prospecting is a time-consuming, daunting, and lengthy task. To convert a single lead, B2B business has to contact thousands of contacts, send hundreds of emails, and track down a heap of data.  Automation of prospecting task brings a great relief for your sales team as it spends around 30-40% of its work hours over this task only.

You can implement the automation in this sector by allowing CRM software to track down the leads from their original sources. The AI of the software will not only hunt down the leads but also segregate them as per the interest, save the contact details, customize the pitching strategy as per the customers’ interest and deliver the sales strategies at the right time.

Organize pre-sales process

Pre-sales tasks like gathering customer data, creating contacts lists and gathering information about prospective customers’ buying history are highly tedious in nature.  B2B businesses are requiring making them streamlined and automated to ensure the hassle-free sales processes.  Cloud-data storage, easy importing and exporting of data and creating contacts tags are some of the ways by which B2B businesses can automate the pre-sales process.

Satisfied customers pave the path of success

B2B customers have become smart than ever before. They don’t want you to sell services to them. They want to be educated about your services, your product, and your after-sales services and so on.  Even, educating prospective buyers is an innovative sales strategy.

The more information you offer the more satisfied your customers would be.  While you aim high to satisfy your B2B customers, it is imperative to know their choices and preferences. You can use automatic surveys, SMS feedback process and set up a sales bots to answer every query.

By setting up a the sales-bots, you can actually automate boring yet important tasks like sending birthday emails, follow up before the quote expire, automatic verification mail, alert salesperson about any new lead and so on.  Automation of all these tasks with the help of sales bots will not only help B2B businesses to serve the clients in a better and advanced manner but also help them to focus on more important tasks.

Sales automation is indeed one of the most required things to do for every B2B business. If you aim high then you have to automate the borings and focus on other crucial factors. Handing over some sales tasks to the artificial thing is the need of the hour and one should embrace it with full gusto.

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