How A Growing Clothing Line Can Use Blogging

Whether it’s 1997 (the phrase Search Engine Optimization first came into the picture) or 2024 (the year of realistic SEO), content has never lost its charm. Content was, and will always be a significant driving force.

Besides elevating results on search engines, content can contribute in some fascinating ways to a brand. Whether it’s sustaining existing customers or driving a new pool of visitors, the value of content is massive.

In this article, we’re discussing the use of content for a growing clothing line. We will closely see how a clothing line can use content through blogging and what are the concrete benefits. Starting a clothing line is a business model with a lot of potential, and we’re going to see how blogging can add value to the business.

What Benefits Blogging Can Offer To A Clothing Line

Besides social media, blogging can be very helpful for any clothing brand. Let’s have a look at the benefits blogging can offer:

  1. Increased Traffic

According to a HubSpot survey, websites that have active blogs get 55% more visitors than those that haven’t. The logic is straightforward, people interested in Fashion want to read more about the new trends and news. Eventually, they land up upon websites that have blogs and articles.

Fashion is a humongous industry, so there are figuratively endless topics for you to write. So writing regularly on Fashion will bring new visitors as well as returning customers to the site. Plus, you get to promote your own products!

  1. Search Engine Optimization

This is huge!

Blogging contributes to one of the most significant factors for any online business – SEO. It has been used to gain higher search engine results and link building since ages. According to this HubSpot Study, companies receive 97% more links to their website that perform blogging regularly.

Getting backlinks from authority domains is among the priority ranking factors for search engine rankings. Moreover, it also tells search engines that your brand is constantly feeding the audience with new subjects. Websites with blogs tend to have 434% more indexed pages compared to websites that don’t blog. Having ample indexed pages generate more chances for spiders to land and crawl on your site. This indirectly suggests that you’re active in your niche and constantly producing content worth reading for the knowledge seekers.

Just to understand the impact of content for any business, this case study by Rober Ryan is worth a read. He conducted an experiment where he completely stopped blogging for 251 days. These are the interesting statistics from the experiment:

  • Overall site traffic dropped by 32%.
  • Organic traffic dropped by 42%.
  • External traffic dropped by 9%.
  • Organic rankings dropped by 35% on an average.
  1. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is among the earliest stages of a product selling cycle. Just like the other forms of marketing, blogging can add a lot to brand recognition. Basically, you write on the subjects that customers are looking for and offer solutions. We know for sure that people will remember the brands that offer solutions.

Specifically talking about fashion, people are always on the look for the latest trends and outfits. You can create blogs on these subjects and get a lot of brand attention.

  1. Promoting Your Products

Apart from all these tremendous benefits, blogging gives you a chance to promote your own products. Let’s understand this with an interesting example:

Nau – A Portland-based outwear clothing brand, regularly updates its blog with interesting subjects on travel and world exploration.

In one of Nau’s blogs, it mindfully highlights its Slight Jacket and other clothes. Have a look:

Promoting Your Products

Putting the relevant product link in a blog mainly helps you in two ways:

  1. Directly increases the chances of more traffic on that particular page.
  2. Increases the Page Authority (PA) of that specific product page.

Clearly, if a visitor is reading such blog happens to be a potential customer, he would love to check out that product.

Now let’s talk about the page authority.

Page Authority (PA) simply indicates the authority of that page over the competitors. Higher the authority, higher the chances of ranking on the top of search results. When loads of readers visit such blog, the product that you’re linking also gets a big pull on the search. Now we know, the search position is equally proportional to the sales.

This is a partial reason why almost all the companies invest in writing blogs and articles. Because with blogging, you can divert the link juice to your products and get more hits.

How To Create The Right Blog For Your Clothing Store

Now that we’ve had a glance at the benefits of blogging for your clothing store, let’s understand the process of creating a perfect blog for your brand.

  1. Find Out What Searchers Are Looking For

For the sake of understanding, let’s consider that your brand offers a wide range of Joggers. Now, we already know that there’s a specific audience that prefers to wear Joggers. You need to find what are the related search phrases that such an audience is searching. You can use SEMrush or any preferred tool to find out these queries.

Find Out What Searchers Are Looking For

  1. Pick The Right Keywords and Generate Blog Ideas

The next step is to pick the right keywords and brainstorm blog ideas covering that keyword. For example, here we can pick “Green Joggers Mens” and “Green Joggers.” Collectively these keywords have over 2300 of search volume, and both the keywords are extremely relevant to the offerings.

You can create blog subjects like:

  1. 5 Awesome Combinations You Can Try With Green Joggers
  2. 7 Cool Sneakers To Match Your Green Joggers
  3. 3 Styles of Wearing Joggers & Things To Keep In Mind

In a nutshell, you can pick any subject that revolves around chosen keywords, and develop meaningful content.

  1. Things To Keep In Mind While You Create The Blog

There are two essential things to keep in mind while creating such a blog:

  1. Cover the right keywords with the right density.
  2. Link the right products in the right way.

It is essential to cover the chosen keywords in the right proportion as it will eventually lead the article to rank higher on these queries. Keyword density is completely subjective depending upon the number of existing search results, number of words of the article, competition, authority of the domain, etc. But you would definitely want to careful with keyword overuse as it can lead to “Keyword Stuffing”, and you may end up getting penalties from search engines.

The second important thing is to link the right product page on the right anchor text. As we know, our entire effort is to pull the organic ranking of a product page. According to our example, you can link the product page to “Green Joggers For Men.” To display your products more effectively, you can also use a button at the end of the blog and encourage the audience to check out the product.


There are no boundaries when it comes to blogging benefits. You can create thousands of blogs and link thousands of products. You can promote these blogs on social media and get wider recognition. Without a doubt, blogging can bring a lot of benefit to your online store. Make sure to pick interesting subjects and write meaningful content that can help readers.


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