How Do AI-Enabled Devices Reshape Technology Trends?

AI-Enabled Devices Reshape Technology Trends

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) was undoubtedly a story of the 1950s. Still, the charm of using this technology is rapidly increasing day by day and revamping our lives at a fast-paced pace. There was a time when A.I. technologies seemed to be the biggest fantasies for the businesses, but now A.I. is boldly entering in the field of every industry.

In this highly digitized era, humans and A.I. are sharing the same environment and making a massive difference in the technology that we are using today.


Have you ever imagined Self-driving cars?

Ordering your groceries or doing shopping with a voice command?

Chatting with the virtual assistants?

No! No one has even thought of it what Artificial Intelligence has turned up into the reality of today. From checking the shortest way to commute to the office to using AI-driven google maps for right navigations, shopping online to answering your emails with the smart replies, search predictions to voice recognitions, all are the perfect examples of Artificial Intelligence.

However, the only universal thing these technologies have is the Machine learning algorithms that enable them to react and respond to your commands in real-time and with 100% accuracy.

Understanding the Concept of Artificial Intelligence

A.I. isn’t a new topic, but in the last few years, Artificial Intelligence has become a hot topic in the town. But still, there is a segment of people who remain in a dilemma about what exactly it is and how it is replacing humans.

In simple words, Artificial Intelligence is nothing but a creation of intelligent hardware or software that can mimic humans and be able to solve problems as humans do. A.I. is a branch of Computer science with multiple approaches. However, with the advancement in machine learning and deep learning, A.I. is making a sharp shift in the tech industry and providing significant benefits including uplifting efficiency, minimizing production cost, enhancing customer experience, accelerating revenue growth and so on.

Let’s have a Look Over Big Picture of the A.I. in Future.

  • The forecast from Statista shows that the market size and revenue of the global market are expected to reach 126 billion U.S. dollars as compared to 10 billion U.S. Dollar in 2024.
  • 83% of businesses say A.I. is the most strategic priority for their companies today.
  • 74% of all respondents consider ML and A.I. to be a game-changer strategy and understanding the potential to transform their job and industry.

These stats and figures are freaking and giving significant hope to the businesses in all domains. Considering these figures and facts, undoubtedly, A.I. is now globally recognized as an emerging technology to the companies.

Coming to the bigger picture of Artificial Intelligence, they are already taking a more significant role in the user experiences across various interfaces. A.I. is not just left limited with the automated conversations with the chatbots on the web, making requests to Alexa, Siri or Amazon Echo speakers at home. There is much more than that AI-enabled devices are bringing in the basket of technology.

Fast Forward To the AI-driven Devices Which has been Reshaping the Technology Face

A few years back, there was a time when machines were only thought of as Intelligent devices with the capability of thinking and learning as humans do. However, by spending time on research, development and deployment, AI-driven innovations have been rolled out in surprisingly new areas and reshaping the technology.

Let’s understand what new AI-driven devices have been launched in recent times and how they are evolving the technology.

  • Self Driving Cars
  • Smart Homes
  • AI-powered Camera

Let’s understand each of them in detail to find how they are reshaping the technology:

  1. Autonomous Cars or Driverless Cars

A.I. is a Game-Changer in the Field or Automobiles!

Self-driving cars with the capability to ride anywhere with no human interference, are the most prominent AI-powered devices that majorly depend on A.I. technology and innovative memory.

With the integration of A.I. in the automobile industry, autonomous cars have become the reality of the modern world from the futuristic dream. And as the technology matures, undoubtedly all the transportation will be transformed forever.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 40,000 people died in the U.S. in 2017 and 90% accidents happened due to human errors.

Artificial Intelligence can quickly respond to the real-word data points generated from the sensors; therefore, it surely minimizes the risk of road accidents in future.

With the help of Software Development Companies, self-driving cars are developed with such advanced features that they can easily understand how to see, what it’s seeing and make the right decision according to the traffic situation. Since they use significant data from image recognition along with machine learning and neural networks, therefore they can build high-resolution maps for easy self-navigation.

Its neural networks help in identifying the patterns in data which includes images from cameras, trees, curbs, traffic lights, street signs, pedestrians and other parts coming in the driving area. Further, this data set is transferred to machine learning algorithms to improve the experience of self-driving.

  1. Smart Homes Technologies

Making Lives Easier Than Ever Before With Home Automation Technologies!

The rapidly expanding A.I. driven devices have not just affected our workplaces, but transform the way we live in our home. AI-driven automated home devices are revamping our lifestyle at every step.

The forecast from Juniperresearch, has predicted that by 2024, there will be 555 million Digital Voice Assistants used to control smart home devices. And the leading digital voice assistants including Alexa, Siri and Assistant will surely stay in future.


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Have you ever thought of ordering your groceries or managing your home appliances with the voice command? But with the integration of A.I. technology in the home appliances, you can get a smart solution for all your everyday tasks. Not only A.I. is providing more intelligent solutions to your problem but also making your life far more straightforward and more accessible.

The ultimate goal of home automation is to limit the need for humans in managing home appliances and with the integration of A.I., the goal is successfully achieved. With the A.I. driven home automation devices, you can get better control over appliances, make your home secure and even limit expenses.

From creating a schedule of home appliances to finding your favourite songs, the large companies including Apple, Google and Amazon are making everything more straightforward with their smart AI-powered devices. Once linked, intelligent devices can respond remotely to the user’s voice command.

  1. AI-Driven Smart Cameras

A Journey From Traditional Point and Shots to Voice Command Digital Cameras!

New year, new gears. Those were the days of the past when beginners needed to make hundreds of adjustments with the camera setup, shooting mode, shutter speed, metering mode, lens aperture, ISO settings, stabilizations and so on. Today, several technologies and innovations have taken place in the field of photography and revolutionized the way people capture moments and experience with conventional cameras.

Yes, We are talking about AI-powered Voice-Activated Cameras that can understand human language in the form of A.I. and can click high-resolution pictures with automated camera settings.

If you are wondering how efficient your camera would be, then it is worth paying attention to its A.I. capabilities. Beside lenses and sensors, there are other more significant gimmicks around that you need to check. And all thanks to A.I. which is making Cameras smarter than ever before.

A.I. and machine learning have a powerful impact on how images are captured in the first place. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that clicking a picture or making a video has just become a matter of voice command. With the integration of A.I. in the cameras, you need to use such voice commands like ” click the picture, start video, make a slow-motion video, take low-light photos and so on.

Even Google has already integrated Google chips wearable cameras that use A.I. to capture images and keep it memorable. Since it uses algorithms to understand and manage everything, therefore, it automatically deletes the pictures which are out-of-focus or not a good fit for the frame.

Now say bye-bye to shutter and click a perfect picture with AI-driven cameras without losing the quality of the image.

Ending Note

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post and learned about how A.I. technology is rapidly evolving and reshaping the technology used in various sectors.

The above mentioned AI-powered devices are the perfect example of “how A.I. is bolding walking in the corridors of every industry and transforming the traditional concepts into modern yet highly innovative devices, and the trend is to keep rising in the coming future”.

If you are also looking forward to the solutions on how to make your business ready to conquer the future market, then it is high time to get in touch with a web development company that helps in integrating latest technologies in your business.

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