How AI is Changing the Way App Development Industry work

Ever since its inception, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has remained one of the most sought-after technologies. It enabled machine learning and allowed human to machine interaction, which is why it is considered an important piece of technology in today’s era.


Earlier, businesses would rely on automated responses for customer service. While it was beneficial, it failed to offer a personalized solution. Imagine talking to a chatbot that only responds with specific replies and fails to understand your queries.

These days, consumers appreciate personalization and it is one of the key drivers in the market for conversions. Therefore, app developers constantly identify ways to integrate AI with applications to improve human interaction and offer personalized experiences.

Various applications use AI tools including Siri, Alexa, and various others virtual assistant tools. AI tools help in making processes simplified and improve our efficiency, which is why developers explore it proactively. The need to simulate human intelligence in technology would greatly serve humanity by making processes simpler and efficient.

Here is how AI is changing the way App Development Industry works.

Mobile Applications

Smartphones have opened doors to various opportunities for conducting personal and business activities. For businesses, this just means more ways to attract and interact with their customers. Surprisingly, more and more start-ups are now investing in a sales management app.

People regularly use mobile applications for critical functions, such as purchasing, entertainment, business transactions, financial transactions, keeping themselves updates with news, weather, etc.

Mobile applications are an integral part of our lives and make our work efficient and easy. However, due to growing number of application users, companies want greater tools to offer personalized services and to understand how each individual interacts with the application.

Some of the major concerns when dealing with mobile applications is slow loading times, bugs, and speed. However, these challenges can be overcome by following good coding practices and integrating artificial intelligence with mobile applications. Human to machine interaction plays a strong role in today’s competitive era, which is why app developers invest millions of dollars researching AI tool and technologies. For example, people regularly interact with applications for making their work easier as well as to keep themselves updated.

Google assistant, Alexa, Siri, and similar applications offering virtual assistance, have come a long way to redefine user experience and offer effective solutions. However, these applications are partly integrated with AI. An app with sophisticated AI tools would take user experience to new levels. Imagine having your own virtual assistant that not only carries out the tasks assigned diligently but also offers a comprehensive overall experience.

It would be like having a personal assistant with your 24/7 that always has the best solutions and recommendations, understands your moods and preferences, and even keeps you updated with your preferred news. To achieve this, tech giants have spent billions in acquisitions and research over the past few years. It seems to be a race towards who achieves perfect AI application before other competitors.

Integration with chatbots

Earlier, if you visit a website, you would need to wait until a chat agent comes online to answer your queries. With some improvising, app developers were able to automate the process where certain queries would be answered by chatbots. However, developers are now integrating smart AI tools that would handle customer queries indecently, offer personalized services, and suggest products and services based on the customers’ requirements. This feature would be the dominating factor in the years to come, as people would heavily rely on virtual assistants and AI for decision-making.

Marketing Strategy

Have you ever noticed how your mobile keeps showing advertisements related to your browsing activity? That is one feature that AI brings to digital marketing. Marketers are always looking for better ways to understand how their target market uses the internet. The browsing pattern and activity helps marketers personalize the advertisements and increase the chances of conversions. With AI tools, application development will witness a marvelous breakthrough that understands the habitual and occasional purchasing requirements of customers to improve the ad viewing experience.

Improved User Experience

Android and IOS developers seem to face tough competition when it comes to offering the best user experience. Developers need to factor for various conditions, such as the graphic representation, the application loading speed, and easy navigation. However, apps also need to be comprehensive in order to maximize utility, which ultimately fails to meet the customer’s expectation. The reason is that developers try to add a lot of features and that may often slow down the application. However, with AI integration, this problem would be eliminated.

Artificial intelligence has revamped the app development industry. Developers are no longer relying on conventional algorithms that even when efficient, fail to deliver personalized user experience. The race towards perfected AI tools would surely bring about a subsequent change in the digital era. Marketers would be able to offer personalized digital content to their customers and increase customer satisfaction by enhanced user experience. And once this happens, the future of App development would be phenomenal.

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