How to Boost the App Conversion Rates

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App conversion can be viewed from different perspectives. If a visitor to PlayStore or AppStore downloads and installs the app it can be termed as a conversion but there is more to it than just simple installs. After all, the main purpose of an app is to drive revenues and this happens after the install process. Many people may download apps and then conveniently forget them or rarely use them or even uninstall them if they prove to be irritants. All these can be avoided by taking simple steps to boost app conversion rates.

It starts with the selection of the right Android mobile app development company capable of refined mobile app development solutions. It is not just technology; knowledge of how minds of customers work is also important and it is part of their services but in case they do not know, you, as the client can tell them to take care of these.

Gather data

Ask developers to incorporate features in the app that gather data. This covers:

  • Data about when visitors to playstore or appstore tap the “more” button and data when they tap “install” button.
  • Data as to how many times the installed app is opened and used and data on which specific functions they access which will serve as feedback to deliver personalized experiences. Granular data on in-app events such as purchases of specific products will be even more helpful.
  • Data on location for beacon services which will help you beam location specific offers for more personalized appeal.
  • Include social media buttons and gather data through these.
  • Target campaigns and then gather data as to which user acquisition campaign has worked best.

It is a good thing if your developer can offer cohort analysis in which target groups with common features can be measured with key performance indicators.


Notifications are a great way to push out offers and grab a target customer’s attention, much better than emails or SMS. However, it depends on how notifications are delivered. They can be the push type which means a notification is displayed even though the app is not active. Another type is in app notification which shows up only when the app is opened. Regardless, the content of the notification is what matters and if it is aligned with a user’s expectations then you can expect responses so ask developers of apps to include facility of notifications.

Deals, offers, contests, referrals

The carrot concept works in mobile app conversion optimization rates. If you launch an app and expect users to use it regularly then you ought to offer deals and offers as well as contests from time to time and rewards for referrals.

Keep form filling to a minimum and offer payment processes like Paypal

Filling forms or submitting phone numbers can be irritants and they are best kept to a minimum in order to improve app conversion. Also, if you sell through the app then offering a payment gateway like Paypal is much better than asking for credit/debit card payments.

Small things do make a big difference to the app conversion rate and choosing a developer who knows all these or informing him of these factors will certainly result in money well spent.

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