How to Drive More Audience to Your Trade Show Booth?

Despite the boom and revolution of technology in the business arena, corporate outfits have so much to do. Depending only on the digital market is not the best way to leverage business opportunities. Rather there are tons of offline opportunities waiting for business outfits to be explored. One such method is connecting with customers through business events and gatherings. Business and professional events like a trade show, conference, seminar or meeting bring entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with the most targeted audience in their industry.


Moreover, such events and occasions also provide companies with a chance to meet with influencers. The trade show is the favourite event for any manufacturer because it provides the option to connect with their customers face to face. Also, trade shows get a plethora of traffic as they are mostly free and provide customers with a variety of benefits. But, the story is not much simpler on the business side as there are tons of competitors out there and driving traffic to your booth becomes difficult. So, how can you drive more and more traffic to your booth? Here is a complete guide on how to create a buzz around your booth with virtual reality.

Leverage the power of sponsored branding:

In my 10 years tenure of working as an event strategist, I have never seen more beneficial technique than sponsoring the event. What you can achieve here by sponsoring the event is that you will get your brand name out there at all the digital and offline campaigns run by the organizers. This will already create a buzz among the audience of the trade show when they will look at the name of your company out there. Also, the sponsors will obviously get special perks in form of better visual and strategically located booth. This booth position is the best part because the most important technique to win a trade show is winning the strategic location.

Use technology:

Technology is no doubt changing the way we lead our lives and also it is changing the way we did business. Trade show and other business events also greatly rely on technology nowadays as the population of tech-savvy people is growing continuously. Audiovisual technology is now creating a buzz and driving the corporate sector in professional gatherings. Mobile technology is taking the lead here with virtual reality at the second position. Tablets are becoming the ultimate love of event planners and tablet rentals services are also becoming increasingly popular. Almost all trade shows, conferences, seminars, and meetings nowadays feature mobile technology in them and especially tablets and iPad.

Virtual reality:

Virtual reality is the latest innovation by technology innovators. The people are going crazy to give it a hands-on experience. In a trade show when you are launching a product, VR technology is your ultimate partner to do so. As an event strategist, I leave no space to use virtual reality in my trade show. The crowd gets pulled when they see a latest VR device in a booth just to have a little interaction with it. And this is the time where you can generate important leads and business.

Social Media:


This is a kind of a prerequisite if you want to gather loads of crowds around your booth. Social media is the most powerful marketing arena for businesses nowadays. You can connect with targeted leads and audience and drive them towards your booth. Drive a proper and full-fledged campaign about the event. Use interactive graphics, video trailers to target your existing and new prospective audiences. Do not forget to use similar campaigning on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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