How to make custom boxes for shipping

How to make custom boxes for shipping

The custom solutions are becoming a significant part of every industry. With the changes in technology, dull brown packaging is being replaced by attractive custom boxes. Custom printed boxes have specialized features. They provide a unique and innovative look to your product’s packaging, making it more appealing for the customers. Custom packaging has also made its way in the shipping sector. By designing a high-quality custom box for shipping, you can protect your products during transportation. By using high-tech printing, graphics, and other artwork you can make your package stand out among the crowd.

The Internet is full of various stories in which there is an excessive waste of material in the process of making shipping boxes. Custom packaging overcomes all such faults by creating a perfect size box for every item. This reduces the amount of cardboard used in making the box. Moreover, it also eliminates the use of filler material needed to fill up a larger sized box. The custom boxes reduce the cargo space and dimensional weight shipping charges. If you have a large scale business, then you may estimate the benefit custom packaging boxes may provide to you. Taking a sheet of cardboard and converting it to an attractive custom shipping box is good for many reasons. Whether you want to create a few of the custom boxes or have a large-scale business, the process is simple and easy. Below are some of the steps how to make custom boxes for shipping:

  • Choose a Suitable Material:

The main step to create a custom box is to choose a suitable material. The choice of the material entirely depends upon the nature of your product. The basic material used for making shipping boxes is cardboard. Cardboard is a strong and sturdy material as it is made from wood pulp. It provides excellent support to the products. It prevents them from pressure, moisture and other external damages. In the case of highly sensitive products like glass items, simple cardboard can be made more durable by converting it to corrugated sheets. Corrugated cardboard is made up of fluted cardboard sheet sandwiched between two straight sheets. This increases its thickness and strength. It can be made double or tripled wall depending on the customer’s requirement. The custom boxes designed from corrugated packaging can provide ultimate protection to the delicate items during transition and storage.

Choose a Suitable Material

  • Finalize the Dimensions:

It’s the main step in designing the custom boxes for shipping. Work on the dimensions of the box. As your aim is to create a perfect-fitted box, so you need to know about your product. Measure the length, width, and height of the product you want to place in. This will be the dimensions of your custom box. It is suggested to keep a margin of the half to one an inch while finalizing the dimensions. This will facilitate the manufacturer to easily fit in the product without tearing or damaging the box. Moreover, it also provides space for filler material or bubble wrap if you want to insert.

Finalize the Dimensions

  • Choose a Designer or DIY:

Once you have worked on the material and dimensions of the custom boxes, the next step is to design the outlook of custom packaging boxes. You have two options in this case. Either do-it-yourself or choose a professional for this purpose.  The one you choose should be skilled enough to work with fonts, graphics, and different color schemes. He should have a command on Abode Illustrator, vector files and high-resolution images. All these elements play an important role in determining an effective packaging design. On the other hand, if you want to do it on your own, there are various online tools to help you throughout the designing phase. You can also take the help of any of your relative or friend to guide you in designing the custom packaging.

Choose a Designer or DIY

  • Making the Custom Boxes:

Making custom boxes on your own is not a difficult task. It is interesting to work and you can get command over the process in a short time. For this purpose, you need to hire some staff depending upon the number of custom boxes you want to make. Purchase cardboard sheets in bulk. Cut them according to the measured dimensions. Fold the sides and fix them in the shape of the box. It’s your choice whether you choose cardboard boxes with attached lids or the separate ones. The most common ones are the boxes with an attached lid and side flaps. These tuck-flaps make your box secure and more durable. A custom box making machine can also help you in this regard. It can make hundreds of custom boxes in a few minutes according to your requirement. Will help you in making a custom box for shipping with some easy steps.

Making the Custom Boxes

  • Find a Custom-Box Manufacturer:

Moreover, if you have a large-scale business and you need to manufacture thousands of custom shipping boxes, another option is to contact a custom box manufacturer. Various wholesale manufacturers are available in the market which provides you with custom packaging at affordable rates. Place an order with any of a well-reputed custom box manufacturer. It will provide you with the order at your doorstep in a few days.

Find a Custom-Box Manufacturer

  • Customization and Printing Options:

Printing is the thing which can change the entire look of your packaging. The main difference in between a traditional shipping box and a custom box is printing. You can improve the appearance of your packaging by using various printing options. The addition of the company’s logo, graphics, artwork, and other fascinating patterns can make the custom printed boxes more eye-catching for the customers. You can also print the related information about the product. Offset and digital printing techniques are commonly used for custom boxes. Instead of printing, there are other customization options as well. The use of a custom sticker, custom tape or a label can serve the purpose. They are extremely cost-effective and add appeal to your shipping box. However, in the case of a large number of custom shipping boxes, it may take time to put them on each package separately.

Customization and Printing Options

  • Insert Filler Material:

The last step of custom packaging is to introduce the filler material inside the custom box. You are available with a number of alternates like bubble wrap, packing peanuts and support cushions etc. They not only provide an additional protection but also provide great box opening experience to the customers. Add the filler material according to the product’s requirement and close the box. Your custom box is reading for shipping.

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