How To Make Good Money As A Creative Entrepreneur

How To Make Good Money As A Creative Entrepreneur

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For decades, people have been profiting from the results of their artistic side, earning by selling paintings or sculptures. It has been a known concept since before. However, because of the internet, many learned and developed creative entrepreneurship, which eventually became another source of income. Anyone can make money from being a creative entrepreneur; they only need to know how to do it properly.

What A Creative Entrepreneur Is All About

According to an article posted by Adriana Bujor, people who are part of the creative entrepreneurship industry are mostly concerned with investing and producing results that showcase their talents while also earning from it. These people become proactive and straightforward regarding their creations, which eventually becomes the reason for their overall success.

A creative entrepreneur knows what he/she is capable of when it comes to producing art-related results, and they also use their skills to make a living out of what they do. While many still can’t differentiate creative entrepreneurship from traditional entrepreneurship, one must know that the latter only focuses on producing industrial products and manufacturing.

How To Make Good Money As A Creative Entrepreneur

Gone are the days wherein the word “creative” only meant being involved in arts and crafts. The whole thought of becoming a creative entrepreneur lies in the passion for creativity and the intellectual aspect of a person. While there are more than a hundred ways to earn using your creativeness, here are some ideas that you can try and help you discover what kind of entrepreneur you want to be:


Nowadays, you can write about almost anything: from romantic stories to science fiction novels. The way you distribute the pieces to readers also varies. You can choose to publish your work and release printed copies, or you can upload it on a website or application, and people can get access from there. You can start earning by introducing subscriptions to the readers or allowing them to pay for the whole package in one go.

You can also turn your articles or novels into eBooks, which are one of the most accessible and most convenient ways that readers can use to access your content. eBooks help improve your credibility in the industry, and it’s also a passive way to earn because once you release a book, you can make money as long as people stream or download it.

Graphic designing

The field of graphic design involves the combination of both text and pictures to be able to produce easy to read articles, endorsements, or advertisements. This field is one of the most widely used means of letting potential customers know about a particular product or information. When you decide to engage in graphic design, you can showcase your creative talents by producing signages, flyers, magazines, banners, clothing designs, and many more. A lot of companies need different ways to endorse their products, and this field can be a way for you to earn big while also meeting new clients online.

To be able to secure deals with companies and businesses, make sure that your design outputs have a consistent look. For example, you do designs for a magazine that also has a portion on the company’s website. The results for the actual magazine should be the same as the one on the site so that you establish a style or identity that’s exclusive to you and your services.


For the past few years, podcasts have been making a comeback. People use podcasting as a platform to be able to let their listeners know about their ideas, opinions, or thoughts about a specific issue or topic. On the other hand, some read novels and turn them into podcast series according to chapters. For example, a new book becomes a hit, and hard copies sell out fast. With the proper copyright arrangements, you can record yourself reading the chapters for other potential clients.

Make sure that you also update your podcast list now and then. Think of a catchy name and phrase that will instantly let listeners remember you and the constant that you make. Lastly, if you want to make podcasts, don’t make them too long, unless you have an interview with a special guest. Keep a balance between 20 minutes up to an hour if you must.


Before anything else, you should know that blogging differs from websites in two specific ways: blog posts are updated continuously, and bloggers usually ask for reader’s opinions through comments and conversations. People who blog allow others to have a glimpse of their lives, work environment, or even share tips. Search engines also become drawn to blogs because of the new content that people post. Overall, it becomes an excellent search engine optimization (SEO) tool.

With the back and forth conversations you have with readers, you get to build an excellent rapport and therefore instill trust in one another. With this trust, you can start posting about products or services that you want your readers to know more about and see. Customers won’t think twice about what you’re selling, and it can be a way for you to start introducing other items you want to put on sale as well.

Teaching Online

When people need to learn about something, be it a subject or a tutorial about fixing stuff, they immediately go online and look for lectures or videos about it. Since the internet has been a phenomenal invention that helps make the majority of tasks more manageable, many have also used it as a bridge from their business towards potential customers and clients. Just because you don’t have a degree about a topic doesn’t mean that you can’t teach it; you only need to know more than most people.

Some of the topics that you can teach online are photography, cooking, crafts, gardening, language, music, and many more. With online teaching, you can set up a foundation and a platform that can ensure a secure flow of clients with each video lecture you release. Just like writing, online teaching is a passive way to earn because you shoot and edit a video once, and many can use it over and over again.

Home-Based Photography Service

If you find yourself enjoying taking photos as a hobby, maybe it’s time to turn it into a source of income. But before you start charging people for your service, make sure that you have adequate knowledge about it. Plan your strategy and research about the different kinds of photography that you can try. This plan will help you narrow down which customer population you should focus on and how you can do it.

Being a photographer gives you a flexible schedule: either work full-time or part-time. Eventually, when someone decides to book an appointment, the events lead you to meet new people and potential clients. Also, don’t forget to make a portfolio of all your projects so that you have something you can present when a person inquires.

Vlogging Through Youtube

Nowadays, a lot of people have been using Youtube as a platform to post videos of their content. It could be about travel, food, relationships, or anything under the sun. Youtube lets users start earning once the channel records a total of 4,000 watching hours in under a year plus approximately 1,000 followers and above. This earning deal is commonly known as the “Youtube Partner Program,” and anyone can be a part of it.

One of the best ways to attract views is to think about the content you want to post as well as how you’ll present it to your viewers thoroughly. For example, you currently run a soap business, and you want people to take an interest in your videos as well as the activity of soap making itself. You should start by making introductions, going behind the scenes, showing the viewers your workplace, allow time for Q and A, and offer tutorials. You can create separate videos for tutorials so that it adds up to the total watch hours of your channel.

Selling Homemade Crafts

Crafts can come from different materials such as paper, cloth, yarn, clay, dried leaves, and many more. You can start small and create intricate pieces made of paper, or you can knit cup holders and hats. Handmade crafts are always a favorite among homebodies, especially those who tend to organize and renovate their homes. An advantage of making crafts is that you get to have fun while also earning from it.

Since crafting is a hobby, there’s no problem in producing creations according to a client’s preferences. While selling them online, you may also team up with local sellers or bazaars to be able to display your products.

Creating Applications

Creativity doesn’t always mean being able to produce breathtaking paintings or elegant handmade products. The vast area that creative entrepreneurship covers allow people to go beyond the traditional belief that being creative means being artistic alone. Applications are a great way to earn. You can start by producing simple games that you can make updates for when needed.

You may also create apps that focus on time management (which can be great for workers and students) or a program that helps people control food cravings, etc. In the application world, anything goes, and as long as people download them, it can be a good source of income.

Online Coaching

Before anything else, you must know the difference between coaching and counseling. The latter requires you to get a degree and a license. Coaches are the type of people who aspire to help their clients achieve a goal through step by step improvements and heart to heart advice. Just like writing, coaching can cover many topics according to your preferences. Some topics include career, life, finances, spiritual, executive, wellness, and performance coaching.

All you need to be able to start is a computer. Coaching can happen through calls or by video chatting. You may also create videos on your own and post them on a website or upload them on Youtube. When you upload videos on Youtube aside from real-time coaching, you can earn double: from coaching and the money you earn from having many subscribers and watch hours. It’s a win-win situation overall.

How Much Can You Make?

The truth is, there is no exact amount as to how much a creative entrepreneur earns because it all depends on the flow of clients. Since the field mostly consists of work based on a flexible schedule, it’s up to you whether you want to entertain many or few customers each time. The money you earn will depend on how many clients you have within a time frame. On the other hand, for those entrepreneurs who engage in posting articles, stories, videos, and podcasts, they have a different flow of passive income. As long as people stream or download their work, they earn.

Ensure Success And Consistency

The key to creative entrepreneurship is that you have to practice patience and passion. As a first-timer in the field, you must always understand that people won’t notice your content immediately; that is why you should ever thoroughly think about the topics before posting online. First, you have to decide who is your target population. Is it the first-time mothers? The active sports group? College students? Once you decide on the target audience, think of topics that are relevant (and still will be even after a long time!) and important for these people.

Once you start gaining followers or clients, make sure always to keep them updated about your projects or content so that they won’t feel bored or left out. A common mistake that some people make is that they take a long time in between posts, which is a cause for the loss of interest among customers. The key is to always keep everyone in the loop about what you’re going to do or launch next, and also establish a good rapport with everyone.

However, you also have the right to refuse clients if they become too much to handle, or if their requests are unattainable. There’s no harm in choosing to preserve the business. If you think that you won’t be able to give them what they need due to low human resources or if your field of expertise doesn’t cover their request, it’s better to decline than receive low ratings.


Being a creative entrepreneur is not an easy job. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll surely earn an outstanding amount of money over time. For starters, you can visit Coupon Lawn for more deals on course you should take to support yourself as a creative entrepreneur. Remember that the key to sustenance and maintenance of your business is to practice patience and passion.


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