How To Protect Your Jaguar in Winter

As a Jaguar owner, you clearly have good taste. Maybe you’ve got a classic E-type for cruising in the country, or you’re more the F-Type with dreams of taking it around the Nürburgring. Either way, you’ve got to prep your ride for the winter to ensure that it safely survives the colder months. Taking care of your Jag properly extends the life of your car and helps you avoid costly repairs. Furthermore, when spring comes calling, it will be ready and waiting for you to hit the open road once again.

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Best Steps for Car Prep

It takes time to get your Jag ready for its long winter nap. Don’t try to short cut the process. Your car is worth every step. Proceed with the following:

  1. Clean your car inside and out. Give it a nice hand wash, none of that drive-through nonsense. Let it air dry and then wax it. Clear out any trash and vacuum the interior. Seat covers are a good idea, too.
  2. Fill the tank with gas and add a fuel stabilizer. Drive the care for about 15 minutes afterward to help the liquids mix.
  3. Change the oil and the filter. This will help prevent corrosion over the winter months.
  4. Make sure the antifreeze is topped off.
  5. Clean the tires and inflate to the recommended psi. You can put your car on jack stands to avoid flatspotting.
  6. Cover your car with a quality, breathable fabric.
  7. Park in the garage or use an inflatable storage bubble.

Best Car Covers for Winter Months

Car Covers for Winter

This raises the question, what should you use to cover your car? Long gone are the days when you could just toss a tarp over the hood and that was good enough. It pays to invest in proper Jaguar Car Covers. High quality car covers include:

  • Superweave Premium All Weather Custom Car Cover. This cover has it all. Made of a tough, breathable material, it is also dust proof. It protects from sun exposure and you can order it tailor-made to the year, make, and model of your Jag.
  • Plushweave Cotton Flannel Indoor Custom Car Cover. This 100% cotton cover is lined with flannel so you can baby that paint job you love so much. This cover is designed for indoor storage.
  • ViewShield See-Through Indoor Custom Car Cover. This is a great choice to protect your car while still allowing you to enjoy the view. It offers superior dust protection and is mildew resistant.

Best Jaguar Interior Accessories

Of course every Jag needs a few accessories. Which ones should you consider for your ride? Start with a UV sunshade to keep your car’s interior cool on sunny days. You should also invest in Jaguar floor mats. These will keep your car clean while adding a nice touch of style. Consider an iPad holder if you like to make business trips with your car or a headrest mounted coat hanger to keep your jacket nicely pressed before your next big board meeting. Take the time to personalize your Jag and make it truly yours.

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