How To Start An On-demand Medicine Delivery Business?

On-demand apps have begun to modify the way modern-business services are provided. From cabs to food and even salon, several things we can order by making just a few taps on our smartphone. But one area that is in dire need of a mobile ordering and delivery system is the pharmacy industry. With so much innovation in the supply chain, it is potential to deliver medicines effectively even in remote locations.

On-demand Medicine Delivery Business

The market for medicine delivery is growing, and many savvy people in the medical or healthcare sector have begun to invest heavily in pharmacy application development to cater to the best services to healthcare providers as well as consumers.

As per Statista, the global online pharmacy market was valued at US $ 52.6 billion in 2024 and will reach up to US $ 333 billion by 2025. Rapid Internet access around the world, growth in health care infrastructure, rapidly growing age of the population, and increasing awareness of e-commerce among users are some of the major factors behind this skyrocketing growth. The convenience of buying medicines from the comfort of home is also another significant factor behind the growth of the online medicine delivery business.

So let’s delve into the details about how to start an on-demand medicine delivery business.

  1. Scope For The Business Growth In On-demand Medicine Delivery App:

The widespread adoption of eCommerce has helped e-pharmacy to attract a large customer base in both developed and developing countries. It reduces the dependence of elderly citizens and sick patients on the third person. The app supplies ordered medicines and healthcare at the doorstep of customers with an online payment facility.

Online medicine delivery apps emerged as the largest support system during the pandemic of COVID-19. People started moving towards using on-demand medicine delivery apps to order medications, sanitizers, and other healthcare supplies.

The growing growth of the e-pharmacy market and the number of Internet users indicate that the demand for e-prescription technology and on-demand medicine delivery services are going to be high on the demand draft. Therefore, investing in a medicine delivery business can lead to immense profits in the future.

  1. Business Models For A Medicine Delivery Solution:

Online medicine delivery startup business models are primarily classified into two categories based on how they operate and make money.

Pharmacy Stores:

The first kind is, where the customer places an order by giving his prescriptions to the medical store. The online medical store confirms the availability of the order. Lastly, the online store delivers medicine after receiving payment from the customer.

Pharmacy Aggregator Model:

In the second business model, they function differently as they don’t stock medicines themselves. Instead, they establish partnerships with local pharmacies and medical stores. When a customer makes an online request, the medical delivery system checks whether the requested medicines are available at the nearest partner pharmacy.

Once the customer pays the medical bill, a pharmacy manager instructs the delivery partner to deliver the medication at the customer’s doorstep.

In this business model, both parties, which are medical stores and e-pharmacy, must sign the terms and agreements before entering into such a partnership.

  1. How The Medicine Delivery Solution Works?
  • After registering the name and address the user can upload a prescription or enter the medicines in the app.
  • Based on the information entered, the system provides you with a list of medicines that you sought for.
  • At this step, a user can place an order, and then the user has to complete the payment.
  • The pharmacist is notified about the order. Then he verifies the medicine prescriptions and confirms the order.
  • After order confirmation, the admin assigns the delivery partner to receive the medicine from the chemist’s shop and deliver it to the user.
  1. What Are The Factors to Consider While Starting Online Medicine Delivery Business?

You can consider the upcoming steps as the necessary steps for setting up an online medical delivery business.

Market Analysis:

As this industry is perpetually on top, you can imagine that there will be thousands of competitors doing the same business you are going to commence. Consider studying as much as possible about all your rivals. Discover their shortcomings and try to make them your plus point. Target your audience and recognize their preferences. Analyzing your target audience will help to create an effective marketing plan.

Register Your Business:

Pharmacy businesses are usually set up under the ownership or partnership. They can likewise be established as a private limited company or LLP. You’ll be required to register your business with the various levels of government. All federal registrations must be formed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Tax Registrations:

You will need to register for various state and federal taxes before you can open for business. You may require to pay VAT tax as well.

Pharmacy License:

The pharmaceutical industry has its own legal rules and regulations that every pharmaceutical business owner has to comply with. Before starting your on-demand medicine delivery business, you must obtain your drug license.

The State or Central Drugs Standard Control Organization issues drug licenses only to those individuals who are certified with a degree or diploma in pharmacy. The government does not allow this license to be granted to people from different fields.

Partnership with reliable Pharmaceutical companies:

To lead an online medicine delivery business, you will need to partner with pharmacies. In the initial phase of your business, simply tie-up with a trusted pharmaceutical company that can supply your required medicines. As your business grows, you can collaborate with many other pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

  1. Essential Features:

If you want to start a successful on-demand medicine delivery business then you must ensure that it has all the important features in a mobile app. Alike any other on-demand delivery solution, medicine delivery solution too consists of three separate apps for the customer, pharmacist, and admin web app.

Essential Features

Customer App

  • Registration & Login
  • Upload prescriptions
  • Search medicines
  • Add to cart
  • Compare Products
  • Place Order
  • Re-order
  • Track order
  • Discounts & reward
  • Online payment
  • Push notifications
  • Ask Expert
  • Video chat with the pharmacist
  • Review & Ratings
  • Customer support

Pharmacist App:

  • Register & login
  • List and manage their products
  • Manage product details and other info
  • Order Management
  • Manage delivery and shipment
  • Price management
  • Delivery and shipment management
  • Discount & reward management
  • Analyse Review & Ratings

Admin App:

  • Dashboard
  • Manage users and pharmacists
  • Manage delivery partners
  • Inventory management
  • Manage payments
  • Notification management
  • Report & Analytics

Apart from the above features, there are some advanced features :

Responsive Design:

The ideal on-demand food delivery app has a rich UI/UX that helps the business flow and at the same time facilitates the user to complete the purchase. A beautiful layout and ease of navigating are absolutely indispensable to keep user engagement with your app.

Subscription Options:

It is to be noted that a monthly or yearly subscription of your on-demand medicine delivery app will highlight your business among the customers. Additional benefits can be provided with add on discounts and instant delivery. With eye-catching benefits of monthly/yearly subscription consumers will stick longer with you, which leads to excel your business.

Prescription Orders :

Allow your users to scan and upload medical prescriptions through their medicine delivery mobile app and pharmacist view and suggest the medicine. This feature makes the order process faster and more efficient.

Multiple Payment Options:

You can integrate various payment options such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay, IOS Wallets, PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, and cash on delivery payments as users should possess the flexibility to pay in a convenient and reliable way.

Urgent Delivery Flag:

Allow users to use this feature when they need medicines delivered immediately. You can also charge an extra charge on urgent delivery service.

Return Policy:

In some scenarios, which are very rare – a problem may come up with the order, and users are allowed to return the medicines and even to lodge complaints. The return policy of the mobile delivery app assists the users to refund the amount enclosed by the medication within the next few days.


This feature helps users by reminding them of refill orders when there is a shortage of a particular type of medicine. Also, the app users have the liberty to set reminders each month according to their respective preferences.

To polish all the above-mentioned essential features in your app you may require to hire the best-dedicated developers from the market.

  1. Selecting The Solution For The On-demand Business:

On-demand Business

Procure pre-built script from on-demand app developers  

Successful entrepreneurs who run on-demand delivery service startups recommend getting pre-built versions of online delivery solutions. The online order and delivery format of the pre-built app will be similar to the most popular on-demand delivery apps. Other factors such as design, features, functions, database, etc. can be modified independently. Hence, for a newbie startup, purchasing a ready-made online medicine delivery script is the best option.

Expand The Medicine Delivery Startup By Adding Expert Guidance:

Doctors can be included in the service by creating a platform for users to ask questions. A Fee will be charged for asking queries and some of it can be sent to doctors. With this feature, the user will connect instantly with the doctor to seek medical advice and also get medical recommendations. An interactive doctor-user platform will go a long way in reducing the gap between patients and doctors.

  1. How To Grow Your Online Medicine Delivery Start-Up Business:

To achieve success in your on-demand pharmacy business, you need to promote your business. Since you must be running an online store, it is obvious that you will be using the online platform to advertise your business. Use major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Google ads to boost your online presence. Advertise your business on medical websites and medical publications.

  1. How Much Does A Medicine Delivery App Cost:

Calculating or estimating the exact cost of developing an on-demand medicine delivery solution is not an easy task as the development costs mainly depend on diverse aspects such as platforms, business models,  features, technology, complexity, navigation, and many other dependencies. And thus it is fairly safe to predict that an on-demand medicine delivery app developer can cost anything from $ 10,000 to $ 12,000.

The market for on-demand drug delivery apps is steadily growing, and there is no indication that it will slow down any time soon. The progress report even states that by 2025 the market for medicine delivery apps will rise to around $ 100 billion.

Hence, to know the exact estimate of your on-demand delivery app, you should opt for the best software dedicated development team.

  1. Benefits Of On-demand Medicine Delivery App:
  • Saves Time:

The biggest benefit of the medicine delivery app is that it enables users to order medicines directly from the app. It saves a huge amount of time as they do not have to wait in long queues within a hospital or medical store to get medicines. They can get the medicine at the comforts of their home.

  • Saves Money:

Besides the time saving, another feature that allows users to utilize the app over and over again is saving money. This is done by offering various coupons and discounts on their orders.

  • Illustrative:

An on-demand medicine delivery app is an efficient way to learn more about medicines before you make a purchase. Descriptions, appropriate facts of the medicines, the officinal benefits, side effects as well as the ingredients used in manufacturing the medicine are detailed in the application for the user.

  • Connect Customers with Local Pharmacies:

Customers can immediately connect with and buy medicines from the medicinal shops in their areas.

  • Increase revenue:

Doorstep delivery of medicines is needed at the time of COVID-19 as it will solve a large number of customer problems and increase a massive amount of revenue for your business.

Therefore, these types of apps are very convenient and easy to provide users with prompt access to smart search, real-time tracking, and instant delivery.

Wrapping Up :

It is important for entrepreneurs and startups to use an on-demand delivery solution in the market as customers are becoming more digitally knowledgeable and they expect to buy & order almost everything from their phones. On-demand delivery of medicines & healthcare has become the need of the hour in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. It is in the nascent stage and the first entry will reap maximum benefit. Start serving the globe with your unique on-demand delivery app.

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