How to use Instagram Live Streaming for Businesses?

Instagram Live Streaming for Businesses

By now, your company is well aware of the current trend of social media marketing that helps in leveraging your brand, making your business grow. Instagram live streaming services allow you to stay on the top feed of your followers attracting the attention and engaging a larger audience base.

Many brands or companies are using Instagram live for businesses, to boost real-time interaction with their customers while attracting new larger audiences. Instagram live video streaming services are used by millions of users online for promoting their brand as it reaches your target audience worldwide at a single point of time.

Well, you are now popped with many questions in mind. You must be thinking about will Instagram live benefit your brand too? Or should you even opt for Instagram live for your business? Will it help in driving more sales and generating more revenue? The answer to all your questions is yes. Live webcast on Instagram promotes your brand while engaging a larger audience with Instagram Live.

Instagram Live

Firstly Let’s Understand What is Instagram Live?

Instagram Live is a feature of Instagram that allows you to stream Live and engage a larger audience base in real-time. It is displayed on the top of the feed and a push notification is sent to its followers while the video is being streamed live. It offers the opportunity to viewers and businesses to interact directly by commenting on the live stream. Businesses can pin up the most likable comments at the top and can disable the inappropriate comments by viewers. It offers an opportunity to reach millions of people worldwide at a single point of time.

Let’s discuss how to use Instagram Live Streaming for Businesses and Some benefits of Instagram Live for your business:

Instagram Live

  1. Launch a Product

Businesses are following a recent trend of using Instagram Live to launch a new product. Live webcast on Instagram live creates hype about a product while engaging a lot of viewers at the time of product launch. It creates excitement amongst users to have interaction about the product leading to brand exposure within no time. Instagram Live creates a sense of urgency amongst users as it will last for 24 hours. It gathers the audience live at the time of launch. Live videos can’t be altered and gain the trust of customers from the time of product launch. Going “live” creates a hype amongst customers and they will discuss your product. Live streaming events on Instagram can encourage audiences to make the decision and act immediately, thereby increasing the number of sales leads.

  1. Promoting Brand and Flash Sales

Instagram live creates a sense of urgency amongst audiences to take action. Live webcast on Instagram is beneficial for flash sales as it reaches and engages more audiences in a limited time frame. Going live on Instagram is beneficial for your business as you can have a giveaway, discounts, coupons for a selected time duration while webcasting, resulting in more sales.

  1. Demonstrating Product Use

Demonstrating how your products works stay in the mind of customers and they find it easy to use it. Instagram live streaming services allow you to share clear concise videos with your customers which makes it easy for them to use and select your brand over competitors. Instagram Live can even help your business grow while discussing the various benefits of your product in a creative way that interest your viewers.

  1. Gives Your Business/Brand Exposure

The audience tends to get engaged easily with live videos by commenting. As your viewer’s comment, they can interact with each other which will give your brand much-needed exposure. Live streaming events on Instagram create interest amongst users and they discuss it further with their friends, family and colleagues.

Instagram live streaming services allow you to understand your customers in a better way as the customers can comment or give their opinions during a live stream.

  1. Its Gen Z’s Favorite Social Media Platform

Gen-next cannot imagine the world without the internet. The generation today is available on the internet and social media platforms. They tend to get entertainment as well as information through social media sites. Nowadays marketers are well aware of their target audience and design products according to them. The businesses that target gen z use live streaming on social media platforms to reach their audience and gain their sight. Instagram and Snap chat are the most used social media sites in the current scenario that gain more traffic to their site.

  1. Hosting a Q&A on Instagram Live

Hosting a Q&A on Instagram Live gives a wonderful opportunity for your business to grow. Actively answering the customer’s questions asked about the product or brand during the live stream connects customers with a brand emotionally. It allows customers and businesses to have a real-time conversation.

  1. Go Live While Showcasing Events

Whatever your business does, share it with your audience. Whether you have hosted a corporate event or attended an awesome conference or hosted any brand activation event sharing it with your audience builds the connectivity and trust.

Going live allows your audience to have a real-time view without the video being altered. It builds customer trust in your business or brand which further results in brand loyalty. Showcasing a raw experience of your brand and showing your viewers a roll behind the camera shows your viewers your efforts and motivation behind your brand. Don’t limit anything to yourself let your audience also explore with you.

If you are yet not using Instagram Live for business, now is the time to start doing so. Many brands or businesses are going live on Instagram every day gaining tons of opportunity to expand their businesses. Instagram live streaming services makes your business grow while grabbing the attention of many customers resulting in the sale of products. Live streaming events on Instagram make the number of your followers grow with each passing day while building more brand awareness and engaging a wider audience.

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