Are you trying to boost your sales? If yes, Twitter is a great place to start. With hundreds of millions of active users, your next sale is only a tweet away. But of course, if making sales was only as easy as tweeting, businesses would be booming. It takes a bit more tact to tug at your followers’ heartstrings and get them to swipe their credit cards. So, how do you do it?


Build a Following

Marketing 101- most of your audience is not ready to buy your products. Most of the time, they will see the ad, click on it, create a mental note, and go back to what they were doing. So, what is the point of marketing anyway? To create a memory! Over time, people start associating products with you. Let’s say you sell hiking boots. A customer may not need a pair of hiking boots now. But one day, they might, and you will want to be the first option that pops into their mind. How do you get this advantage- by building a following!

Twitter has millions of users and standing out is not easy. It is even harder when you have few followers because it creates the narrative that your products or content is not all that. To fix this, you can buy non-drop twitter followers to encourage more people to follow you. Then, when people notice the growing numbers, they assume that you are worth following, which grows your organic numbers. See how that works?

You can then start marketing your products to your organic followers and convert them into leads. Easy!

Work With Influencers

It is almost impossible to run a business without engaging social media influencers. Each platform has those people that other users rely on for information. Be it Twitter or any other platform, there is a guru somewhere disseminating information that other users treat like goldmines. Find these people and use them to your advantage.

Why do you need influencers? Electronic word of mouth is highly important. Back in the day, people would trust what businesses had to say. If you were selling a cake and said it was good, they would take your word for it. Now, they want to know who else has tasted the cake, if they liked it, and if they would buy it again. Who has this information? The influencers!

Find influencers who align with your brand and offer them incentives to promote your products and account. They will get more people to engage with your brand and help you grow your Twitter account followers. Moreover, they can drive more traffic to your website. How do they do this? By relying on their already strong networks.

If you are a growing business and cannot afford to pay the influencers, you might as well engage with their content. You will learn what works for them and use this in your Twitter marketing campaigns.

Select an Audience

Are you targeting everyone on Twitter? The answer is no. Even big brands target one audience at a time. Say, for example, that you want to sell a vehicle. Who is your target audience? You will need to figure out which demographics would respond to the vehicle model. Of course, this requires some research. You can then use this to create a custom audience for your ads. Ads do much better when you are clear about your target market.

Start an Ad Campaign

Speaking of ads, how about creating a marketing campaign? Even with a good Twitter following, you will not be reaching all your target audience. Some of the people following you may not even be interested in your products. So, you will need to keep getting the word out there that you exist. When creating these campaigns, ensure that you keep your target audience in mind. It increases the likelihood of users tapping on the ad and following through with the links.

Oh, do not forget about the visuals. Sure, the message may be great, but it may not capture the audience’s attention. Think about it this way. Twitter is home to tons of hashtags, tweets, and retweets. So, naturally, users glaze over tweets, trying to find something meaningful in all of this. So, it makes sense that they might miss your tweet among the many others in their feed. An easy way to stand out is by creating engaging visuals. Users will likely stop to view the image, and if it is captivating enough, they will also look at the message. Use this technique with your ads and overall content to increase your engagement rates.

Post Often

Posting too regularly can be seen as spamming on other social platforms and can even annoy some of your followers. That is not the case with Twitter. Businesses that want to grow faster must keep up with the fast-tweeting rates. Of course, all your tweets must be meaningful. Otherwise, you will not be offering value to your followers, who may start becoming dismissive of your content. So, how do you remain relevant without coming off as spammy?

By creating a content calendar! Decide how many times you can tweet and schedule the posts with engaging visuals to boot. Even when you are away from your phone, your tweets will go out, ensuring that your followers know that your business still exists. This constant connection goes a long way in building trust within the Twitter community.

Veer off Sales a Bit

Sure, you are running a business and want to see your sales go up almost immediately. But this approach can cost you followers. Most people want to see something engaging. They want to hear a story, or watch a funny video, or learn something. If all you are offering is a chance to buy products, it comes off as too salesy. Keep in mind that most people are not ready to buy or even looking for something to buy. Come up with blogs, videos, pictures, and other content and incorporate this into your feed. That way, even people who would otherwise not buy your products may end up following you. Eventually, you can convert them into leads.

Do not forget that quality trumps quantity. So, as you tweet, retweet, and reply, ensure that you offer value to your followers and potential customers. All the best!

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