How to Write High Quality Content – 7 Ultimate Tips


There is this famous line that every blogger is aware of, “The content is the King.” And it is the fact. When it comes to writing content, anyone can do it. But when it comes to writing high quality content, it needs to be mastered. There are bloggers blogging about what they love in their ways and this is what must be done. But to get the blogs ranked, there are some tips and tricks that must be known and added in the content. So, for high quality content on your blog, here are some tips to be followed:


You just cannot pick any topic and write content on it. In order to make the content worth reading and appreciation, you must have a proper knowledge about the topic and here, research jumps in. You must research your blog posts by any of the methods given below:

  • GOOGLE TRENDS : Google Trends provides tons of data and at the same time can help you generate content ideas strengthen your keyword research. Google Trend is also a very helpful feature for your content marketing.
  • AHREF TOOL : Ahrefs is a feature rich tool that allows you to handle different field of SEO using one platform. It allows you to check back link checker, content research, link building, competitor analysis, keyword research and web monitoring tool.
  • BUZZSUMO : Buzz Sumo is another important tool that allows you to create and amplify content. It facilitates a better understanding to quickly identify on what content you are working on as well as develop smarter content strategies.

Some other places where the information can be taken from is The Internet Archive as it has hell loads of knowledge and turn your blog post into something really great.


Human mind has an attention span of 8 seconds and this time is enough for you to create an impact on the audience by creating an attractive headline that will hit their minds and ask them to read ahead the complete content. So, you got to make an attractive headline instead of the normal boring ones and intrigue the audience. After headlines, the researched data that you have collected needs to be in proper format because if the format will not look great, the audience will tend to leave the content and move onto someone else’s blogs rather than yours.


Keywords are the most important thing in the content. The reason behind this is that Google works on an algorithm in which it picks up the words, commonly called keywords and ranks the websites accordingly. There are many websites who have conquered on the one word or two word keywords. If you will go for such short keywords, chances are that you blog posts will never rank on the front page of Google. So, for avoiding such problem, it is recommended to use long tail keywords because it is comparatively easy to rank on these as it makes the blog posts pretty narrow and specific, and whenever a person will search something specific on which you have written, chances are that your blog posts will rank higher in the search engine result pages.


After you have written the content and a person has entered in your website by one post, you would not want that person to leave your website. Obviously you would want the person to roam onto your website and check all other blog posts too. If you want to do that, there is one thing that can help you and it is internal linking. You just have to links the related articles in such a way that if a person enters your website with one blog post and finds something related to it, he or she could not stop and just enter into another blog post of your website. Do not forget to edit the old blog posts after you have written new blog posts related to the old ones.


When you are writing a great blog post, it is dedicated to the audience so that the audience could read it and appreciate the knowledge you are providing them. In the same way, on-page SEO help the search engine bots to know what the content is all about. A quality article is great and is expected to love by all the search engines but only when it is SEO optimized. If you are writing a blog post, you definitely want it to get ranked higher on the search engines and for that, it needs to be SEO optimized because as told earlier, search engines works on the keywords and they need to be added in the quality content that you have written.


If you have written a blog post without any clear call to action, it is like a car that has no steering wheel. You need to be sure about what you intend your audience to do after they have gone through your blog post. For example, if there is a review post that you have written, your audience must go and check the product after they are done reading the review post. If it is a motivational post, your audience should be taking a positive action. In the end, it should get more shares, likes, or comments – engagement. If this will happen, you will know that the content has been liked by people and what you need to improve.


This is the last point but not the least one. You should write on a topic like you are an authority in that particular subject. You need to let people know that you are a master in this subject even if you are not. No person would love or like to read the blog posts where there is a doubt or the blogger looks like a newbie. The sentence structure and grammar needs to be compelling and it will be great if you write crisp and short paragraphs instead of long ones. Do not plagiarize a content because if the content is copied, the audience loses the faith in the website and will not come back to look for more information on your website.

These were some of the ultimate tips for all the bloggers out there for writing a content that is of high quality. You do not have to worry. Just follow the tips and write on the well researched topics and you will get the audience you deserve.

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