Importance and the types of online marketing podcasts for online marketers

Online marketers are forever learning new tactics. Today, online marketers are gradually adding in podcasts to their learning regime. Most digital marketers resist this process at the start. It is because learning is always related to books or CD’s. Rarely does one opt-in for podcasts to learn on a given subject. But today, podcasts can teach digital marketers about the worldwide trend and other notable happenings. It will keep them updated and also enrich their knowledge of online marketing.

Online Marketing Podcasts

Most digital marketers browse as they travel from one place to another. What they don’t realize is that they consume the online material they are scanning! Hence, if they could hear a podcast on online marketing; it will help them learn better. Using the perspectives, they can get better on multiple online marketing topics.

What can be called a regular podcast?

The answer to a great extent depends on the setting where the online marketer is consuming the content. For instance, while on the way to the office you can listen to a podcast and have access to all the exciting highlights. On the other hand, if a digital marketer is at home on the weekend, then he or she would be keen on interviews as a podcast. He or she would love to make most of the time.

The format isn’t as essential as the base. A decent podcast should be created, with the same points used for making a content marketing plan. Hence, the questions to answer here include the following:

  • Defining the topic of the podcast
  • How will the podcast help a listening? Here the podcast needs to be furnished with all the necessary details that help to resolve a marketing issue which can crop up
  • What step to take next? Here the readers need to be motivated to listen to other and more podcasts. The listener should also deploy the guidelines learned. After that, the listener must visit various content marketing assets generated by a podcaster.

Four aspects of a podcast

Creating a podcast is not a child’s play. You need to have a clear objective in mind about what you want to create. Keeping this in life, the four crucial elements in a podcast are:

  • Originality
  • Sustainability
  • Usefulness
  • Profitability

Listening to podcasts

Many online marketers are in love with listening to podcasts. When they started, they perhaps didn’t know that they will get drawn in so much. Here the good and bad times about listening to the podcasts.

The apt time for listening to a podcast

It comprises the following situations:

  • When you are in a bad traffic jam, you can link the Smartphone to the car stereo and listen to the podcast of your choice.
  • When you are on your way to the gym you can listen to podcasts
  • During the lunchtime, you can go through podcasts and also share it with others

The times when listening to podcasts is critical

Similarly, there are times when you can’t listen to podcasts.

  • When you intend to curate emails and a vital marketing content
  • When you have stepped into an important meeting
  • When you are all set to read news articles and other sources of information

The best five podcasts for online marketers

Today, every online marketer has their choicest podcasts. However, as discussed below are the best digital marketing podcasts that are must-listen for young and experienced online marketers.

1) The #Ask Gary Vee Show

This podcast is all about Gary Vaynerchuk.  He is the man who knows when to market a product online. This show is available on YouTube as well. While the podcast Gary attends calls and also answers queries in what is best called the Gary Vaynerchuk pattern. This podcast is entirely over the cuff.  Hence, you will always have something radically different to get interested in while managing podcasts. This podcast also makes way for repurposing old content. These entire aspects make the #AskGaryVee Show is a raging reality and even a huge success.

2) 5 Minute Marketing

It is one of fastest marketing podcasts and gets hosted by Brian Moran. In this podcast, he makes his way with all his experience about managing a huge and affluent start-up. Each episode of this podcast is 5 minutes. It doesn’t leave for any scope of rambling and focusing on other aspects. The 5-minute episodes help in explaining marketing guidelines quicker.

3) Search Marketing Scoop (SEMrush)

Are you searching for a brand-new marketing podcast? If yes, then this is the one for you. David Bain from SEMrush is hosting this podcast and is assisted by a set of guests as well. This podcast could be perfect for the ones who want to delve deep into the technical SEO.  They also want to get involved in online marketing and other intrinsic aspects about it. Changes like Google algorithm changes and other similar updates are available here.

4) Mad Marketing

The sales lion, Marcus Sheridan present this podcast. This podcast works in a somewhat uncommon way. Marcus here doesn’t have to conduct interviews. Instead, he focuses on accepting all kinds of questions from his set of listeners. He tries and answers these questions to his best capacity. Hence, you will notice that this podcast is an ideal way to overcome online marketing challenges that online marketers experience.

5) Online Marketing Made Easy

It is also a favorite podcast which gets hosted by none other than Amy Porterfield. It concentrates more on the business angle of the business expansion only. In addition to that, there are other facts to ponder upon as well. For instance, there are informative tips about the way medium and sized business might get noticed in the online platforms. Today, Amy also explains her experiences about being an entrepreneur and other related matters. It is popular with young and experienced online marketers.

Podcasts are an informal way of learning about a given subject. Today, digital marketers are always on the move. Listening to the podcasts while on the go is following the subtle aspects of digital marketing this way. Want to add to your knowledge of digital marketing? If yes, you can start with these podcasts and shift to other types of podcasts.

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