Information You Need Before Starting Domain Reseller Hosting

With the growing trend of e-commerce startups in India, domain reseller hosting looks like a good business idea. But to start any kind of web hosting business you need to understand everything about a domain, reselling, web hosting, and types of hosting.

Domain Reseller Hosting

To provide cheap email hosting India, you need to find some cheaper deal for a decent package. Browsing through various plans with an open mind is your first task. Here is some help with some common questions people ask when they are looking for web hosting packages for their own website or to resell.

How is shared hosting different from free hosting?

If you’re starting off with your own blog or start up, free hosting may seem like a lucrative option although shared hosting is very cheap too.

Free hosting comes with lots of limitations, which may not seem like a big deal in the beginning but will be a problem as your website grows.

Here are some of the limitations:

Disk space

Free hosting comes with a very limited disk space; you’ll get disk space of around 100-300MBs. This might seem like a lot of space at first, but as you keep uploading pictures and documents this space will be full within a month or two.

But, with a shared hosting plan you’ll be having at least 250-500 GBs of disk space. This will be a lot more effective as you can add more software and tools along with the media. Shared hosting is still not good for large-scale domain reseller hosting though.


A free hosting service comes with a very limited bandwidth data. You will have at most 5GBs of bandwidth a month. This will prove to be very insufficient when your website will pick up speed and you’ll be getting a lot of visitors. But with a shared hosting plan, your website can handle unlimited traffic every month.

Multiple domains

You’ll get an option to have only one domain with a free hosting plan. With shared hosting plans, you can host multiple domains. You also get cheap email hosting India plans with paid hosting.

How is a virtual private server hosting different from dedicated hosting?

Virtual private servers are installed in the compartments of a powerful physical server. This means you’ll be sharing the resources of that server with other clients virtually. Whereas, in a dedicated hosting server, you’ll be controlling the power of one single server all by yourself.

Here are some of the limitations of VPS


In VPS hosting, you’ll not have the full control of your server. You won’t be able to install some third party software and tools.  The Customization is also limited in VPS hosting.

However, in dedicated hosting, you’ll have the power to control your server in any way you want to. You can adjust the themes and add further customization options as well as install third party software.

Disk space

In dedicated hosting, you’ll have higher disk space than in virtual private servers, as you won’t be sharing your server space with any other client. In VPS, you’ll have to share the resources of your disk with other members sharing the server.

But the good thing is you probably won’t need dedicated server hosting for a long time. VPS is the ideal option at about 1/10th of the price of dedicated hosting.

What is reseller hosting and why do we need it?

Domain reseller hosting is a form of web hosting, where a person buys a space in the server and then rents it out to third-party clients. To simplify, it’s like buying an apartment and renting it out.

Reseller hosting is important to people who have multiple clients looking forward to hosting their own website. This can generate a fair profit for the primary buyer.

Reseller hosting is also good if you want to have better control over the websites you’re hosting and also manage the accounts of all your customers accordingly. Your clients will also have their own personalized control panel.

Is unlimited reseller hosting real? (focusing on the unlimited part)

Yes, unlimited reseller hosting is real. If you buy some disk space, you can host as much as websites you want, Verpex is a great choice for unlimited reseller Hosting. However, your plan will include a certain amount of disk space and you can host multiple websites till it reaches the limit of your disk space.

What is email hosting and why do we need it?

Email hosting is an email service, where you can host multiple email servers. That means you can have multiple email addresses of a domain through email hosting.

Cheap email hosting India and worldwide services are provided by web hosting services as well. It is necessary to make multiple email accounts for you and your employees for better connectivity and media transfer.

It is also important if you want to start email marketing campaigns where you can send and receive multiple emails.

Is email hosting a part of web hosting?

Email hosting can be independent as well as a part of web hosting. You’ll get an email address with your domain that is registered with your web hosting server. You can purchase email hosting services separately as well, but it is not a recommended course of action. When attached to your web hosting domain, it will look more professional.

How is email hosting linked with the domain?

When you take a web hosting plan, you’ll be getting email hosting services. These email will be integrated with the domain name. For example, if your website’s name is bullpen then your email address will be [email protected]

Is it good to take separate email hosting service?

If your web hosting service is already providing email hosting service, then it is unwise to take separate email hosting service. You have to pay for your web hosting service as well as your email hosting service. If there’s less disk space and limited email accounts option, then you can upgrade your web hosting plan.

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