8 Sure Shot Ways to Improve Ad Rank without Increasing Bid

In the realm of Digital Marketing, ranking your website is a prominent part.  Google Ad Rank determines the position your advertisement gets in paid search results according to the value Google places on your ad. Google’s algorithm determines the parameters that set the value of each ad. Higher the ad rank, more people it reaches.

how to improve ad rank

This concept has been greatly used by companies providing PPC Management services. So the question that naturally follows is “how to improve ad rank?”

The factors

The factors that determine ad rank are bid, quality score, and the landing page performance. The bid is what you decide to invest in the ad.

ad rank

The quality score is again judged by Google’s algorithm, and the landing page performance needs to be analyzed and improved to increase the rank of each ad.

Increasing bid

Ad rank can be increased by putting higher bids. But that does not guarantee conversion. And people are usually budget bound. So, what else could increase ad rank? Perfectly targeted ads and flawlessly created content will fetch you better results. Also, why spend more money on advertising when you can get better results by investing time and effort in the quality of the ad?

There is a threshold amount that you must bid in order to have your ad placed in a certain position. Some people put a much higher bid expecting higher reach and conversion. But that is not the way to go. Let us find out how you can organically improve your ad rank without spending too much on the bid.

Increasing bid

Factors like CTR, content relevance, the landing page experience, quality of the ad, and the search context determine your ad rank apart from the bid.

It is difficult to get a high ad rank with a low budget AD Words campaign. In cases where raising the bid is not an option, we need to significantly increase our ad quality and landing page performance. In this article, we will discuss a few easy ways to improve our ad ranks without raising the bid.

Quality Score

One of the most important factors Google uses to calculate the ad rank is the Quality Score. If you optimize your quality score, you will significantly improve your ad rank without overbidding.

Choose your keywords wisely. If you have keywords with low-Quality Scores, try to replace them with similar keywords with higher Quality Scores. This is the most important factor but what else could increase ad rank?

Quality Ads

Ad rank calculation includes a number of factors, such as bid and auction-time measurements of expected CTR, ad relevance, landing page experience etc.

Quality Score

You can improve your ad rank by improving these key factors:

  • Expected click-through rate of your ad
  • Ad search relevance
  • Landing page quality

Detailed factors affecting ad rank

You know that with the bid being fixed, the only two factors you can modify are quality score and the landing page performance statistics. But how? Here is a detailed list of all the factors that will help you achieve a higher quality score for the ad content and give you better landing page performance records.

1] Ad extensions related

Google declared last week that “estimating the expected impact of extensions and ad formats, we consider such factors as the relevance, click-through rates, and the prominence of the extensions or formats on the search results page.”

Using ad extensions carefully can improve your ad rank. Be sure to produce ads with relevant extensions. Use ad extensions such that it improves your offer and encourages potential customers to act upon it.

2] Ad Groups Specific

Your ads have to be specific and relevant to the search. To achieve this, you need to create very specific ad groups. Since the AD Words structure shows the ads based on the relevance to the search performed on Google, ad groups are key to the success in ad ranking.

This will also lead to higher quality scores, which in turn will make your ads more significant and generate more conversion. Let’s see what else could increase ad rank.

3] Exclusive Landing Pages

You need the high-quality landing page for your ad to convince your customer to buy your product. A good landing page relevant to your ad will also lower your conversion costs.

To ensure complete relevance, you need to have unique landing pages for each different ad.

Exclusive Landing Pages

A good landing page usually has the following features. These features are greatly focussed by companies providing SEO services in delhi.

  • A catchy headline.
  • An engaging tagline to support it.
  • List of benefits. Make it as interesting as possible.
  • Customer badges, and testimonials (to build trust)
  • A prominent CTA button.
  • A lead capture form. This should be short and simple.
  • An image that has emotional appeal.

4] Ad Relevance

Ad relevance is another key factor considered by Google to determine Quality Score. There are many techniques to improve relevance, such as repeating the keywords in the headline, choosing the right landing page etc.

5] Keyword basics

Choose your keywords from the search terms. This will ensure a higher Quality Score and average position than your regular keywords.

Keyword basics

How to improve ad rank with keywords? Including effective keywords from the search terms will also greatly improve ad relevance, which in turn will lower your average CPC.

6] Keyword Tool

Using the Keyword Tool will help you experiment with different variations of the same keywords. This is very useful to find and choose the best keywords for your campaign.

7] Primary Keywords in Meta Tags

Include your main keywords in your meta tags. This move is proven to surprisingly improve relevance and landing page experience of your ads.

8] Upgrade your Website

Finally, make your website more user-friendly to increase your quality score. This will also lower your bounce rates and improve the overall search experience.

Upgrade your Website

This customer-friendly approach is highly valued by Google, which will surely reflect on the performance of your AD Words campaigns.

With all these options in mind, you will surely be able to reach higher positions and to reduce your average CPC. Remember, when you are on a limited budget, optimizing Quality Scores is your best bet for a great ad rank. Use all the tools necessary to track your progress. Check the quality score, check the performance of the landing page, and compare the ad rank. Keep modifying if needed. This is how to improve ad rank. You will soon reach your target ad rank without having to increase the bid.


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