Ordinateur Signs Your Computer Needs Upgrades Or Reparation

Signs your Computer Needs an Upgrade

For non tech-savvy people, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly how to interpret what’s wrong with their computer: is its current behavior a momentary malfunction or is your device about to die on you? These are the more common signs that your computer needs some serious attention… or to be retired.

1. It’s Starting and Running Slow

If booting your computer on is always a strikingly long process, that means that something’s up. Don’t panic just yet but it may indicate that a malicious software is interfering with your attempt at turning on your device.  If all the sudden your screen turns white or  you get the awful “blue screen of death” that we’ll discuss later, it’s almost certain that your computer is infected.  You should definitely turn to a repair service provider like Waly Informatique and be prepared to buy a new computer, in some cases.

Plus, even if your computer is starting to run slow because of its age, several other reasons could explain this situation. A virus or a malfunction program like fan problems and a faulty hard drive can explain the problem you’re having, if you don’t do anything, it will only get worse.

2. It’s Running Uncomfortably Hot

You never want your own laptop to operate too hot, too fast, because it could be both the sign of an underlying issue or the signal of issues to come. Computers have fans to blow hot air in order to cool off their internal components. Obstructed computer vents (with dust, in most cases) can cause the components to overheat. Ports need to be clean, although desktop computers do have more components indoors to circulate the air. If a computer shuts down on its own more often than it should, which is rarely, you should take a look at the fan and invest in a duster to clean this up. Other indications of a sizzling computer is if the fan is working serious overtime ( and you are going to notice it), or if your computer is literally burning your skin on contact.

3. Strange Noises and Terrible Performance

Strange Noises and Terrible Performance

If your apps and internet are slow to load up, you are being tormented by a computer virus.  If the screen glitches, you will need to get it serviced and an easy task should always load up quickly – or as quick as your computer normally allows. If it doesn’t, beware. Your laptop has lots of moving parts, so you have to know which sounds are normal and which ones are spelling troubles. If your computer is crashing, freezing, or restarting without you, it’s a sure sign that you’ll soon be parted and that you should start looking for a replacement device. Freezing and crashing are telling signs that something is wrong in a way that spells the end.

4. Blue Screens of Death, Missing files and Error Messages

Blue Screens of Death, Missing files and Error Messages

This is the most classic Windows there is: the bluescreen of death is quite the bad omen. It means that something is going wrong, even if the system is still running. Windows will suggest a restart while the blue screen will often display one code along with text. If your problem is fixed by the restart, it usually means that something failed to load at the last boot up and that the blue screen was a false alert. It’s rare, but it happens. Though, do not push your luck, if you’re having blue screens all the time, this indicates you’re on time. Left untreated, your computer will probably continue to offer blue screen errors.

The last thing you want to pay attention to is missing files. If you start to notice that some of your files are missing, it’s yet again sign of a virus. Make sure that they’re really missing before panicking, but if they’re gone and that you experience some other signs we highlighted, look for a new computer.

It goes without saying that before throwing your computer to the garbage, you should definitely bring it to a computer expert to get the opinion of a professional. However, if you have one or a combination of the issues detailed above and it has been bothering you for weeks already… don’t hold your breath.

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