Best Ways to Gain the Trust of Potential Customers for Your eCommerce Store

Best Ways to Gain the Trust of Potential Customers for Your eCommerce Store.

Online business runs on customers. The more products you sell, the more revenues you will make. No customers – no income. All entrepreneurs constantly look for new clients and customers to approach to them. So, the question is: How to win the trust of online shoppers who buy from your E-commerce website?

Today’s customers simply do not trust sellers. About 59% (as per Forrester’s research) of B2B customers prefer to shop without the help of a seller. Many consumers decide not to purchase from your website because they don’t have trust in your brand. So, it is very important for you to make your Shopify Ecommerce website trustworthy & reliable. But, how to do it? Let’s find out.

1. Add Your Logo & Safety Marks to the Website

It is probably the most obvious method to convince new visitors to have faith in your brand. Such marks are of different types and relate to different aspects of website security. A mixture of trust marks, company certificates and security marks indicate the technical security of the site. The appearance of logo and safety marks is especially recommended for new site owners if they want to gain customer confidence quickly and sell more products to them.

2. Describe Your Ability to Solve Customers Problems

The secret of selling more products and services is to understand the actual needs of the targeted customers and determine how you can meet their requirements. Don’t make them fool with the features or benefits of your product. Don’t make promises that you can’t fulfil. Always keep in mind that customers can do their own research and expose you. be sincere and honest about any potential problems faced by customers while using your products and services. Your client will respect you for honesty and you win their trust. You can start working on a potential solution together if you are unable to provide a viable solution.

3. A proper Introduction to Customers in A Professional Manner

Most of the people do not trust electronic pages or websites. They trust the words said by famous individuals. Therefore, it is important for you to have the “human factor” is on your site. Show your potential buyers & names of your employees on the site. Give proper information about your company, its employees, and business activities, contact details, etc on your website. Show that you run a “real” E-commerce company with all the components firm should have, such as,

  • Easy ways to communicate with you,
  • Customer care service and
  • FAQ Page on your website.

4. Make Realistic Promises & Keep It

The best way to gain the trust of potential customers is to keep your word in all circumstances. A customer is satisfied only when your product or service satisfies what a potential customer is looking for. Make realistic promises to customers and keep it. These small gestures will contribute to building honest relationships and gaining trust from customers.

5. Offer Personalised Solutions to Customers

If you offer your customer a standard set of products, it becomes very difficult for a customer to trust you. All your business marketing efforts will go in vain if customers fail to get what they are looking for. To truly win the trust customers and build a long-term relationship, you need to offer them personalised solutions. When you start a conversation, listen to the needs of your customer and understand his/her actual needs properly.

Use the CRM software for automatic data collection and use them in business personalisation. First of all, determine your audience and their preferences & personalised your E-commerce website with the help of Shopify Developers. Discuss how your services can be customized to fit their needs. It will help you to gain customer confidence and ensure your leading position in the E-commerce business market.

6. Talk About Competitors with Respect

In daily business operations, E-commerce companies avoid mentioning the name of their competitors. But, in certain cases, they need to talk about them to understand clients the benefits of using products and services offered by a particular company. Avoid giving bad reviews about competitors if you don’t have evidence to support the claim you make. It will make you look unprofessional & untrustworthy. Speak humbly about competition and use the strengths of your own company to gain customer satisfaction.

7. Eliminate Surprises ASAP

Being an ardent E-commerce business owner or marketer, you must always think from the perspective of a potential buyer. What is the biggest risk while buying products and services online? Most customers think that they will not be able to get their money back if the purchased product turns out to be a defective one.

Therefore, to increase the reliability of your site, add the delivery and product return policy. It is also necessary to inform the buyer about additional taxes and fees. Most E-commerce companies completely exclude these facts from the product pricing policy because they fear of losing potential customers. Mention all information about products on your website in a clear and easy-to-understand format. This will help customers to make smart buying decisions easily and effortlessly.

8. Display Candid Reviews About Your Brand

Reviews and recommendations are very effective to win customer trust. Many sources have repeatedly stressed the importance of reviews as they want to know the opinions of customers who have already used products/services. Be honest & display reviews about your products and services. Good reviews help you get new customers & sell popular products in big quantity. Negative reviews remind you of shortcomings/flaws in the advertised products. You can make improvements in products and ensure its bulk sale in the future.

9. Work on Website Usability

Your Shopify Ecommerce website should be attractive, fast, and convenient. So, take all possible steps to make your site more useful. Keep the design pattern, navigation, product ordering process, payment options, selection of goods and services, etc, as simple as you can. Join hands with experienced Shopify Developers and work on website usability. The easier your website is, the more business opportunities will come in your way.

Final Remarks

It is always difficult to gain the confidence of new and sceptical customers. The outlined information will help you to increase the trust factor of your E-commerce website & sell more products every day. Happy Selling!

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