Is It Necessary to Change Bed Base Every Time I Purchase A New Mattress?

When it is about having a good sleep, all of us give entire credit to the mattresses we sleep on. Well, this is not only unfair but also makes very little sense. Think of it like this when we sleep on our beds, is it the only mattress which is providing us all the support? Of course not, it is the mattress along with a good bed base. To ensure a good night’s sleep, it is necessary to have a proper mattress combined with a sturdy bed base.

Usually, while purchasing a new and proper mattress, most of us would prefer to keep the old bed base. The main intention here is to save some money and thereby increase the budget for mattress. Well, this is not entirely wrong and in fact, if the old bed base is in good shape you need not to purchase a new one.

However, it is not recommended to jump on the conclusions just yet. Here we have some simple pointers listed for you. Go through them and by the end you will be surely clear about whether it is necessary to change the bed base every time you change the mattress or not…

Sturdy bed base + Comfortable Mattress = Good and Healthy Sleep System

Both manufacturers and consumers have realized now that bed base and mattress affect each other. Your mattress will feel amazingly comfortable and cozy if it has the right base beneath it. The key point to understand here is that a mattress alone doesn’t provide you with the healthy sleep your body asks for every night, but the base and mattress work together to deliver it.

We immediately blame the mattress if we don’t get proper sleep, or wake up with back and body aches. Well, of course there are chances that you need to replace your mattress, but there is also a possibility that the mattress is fine but the base isn’t.

As per the suggestions on many online news magazines  like Newsweek, it is not advisable to change mattresses on the same old bed base. You could also visit their blog to learn more about the best mattress to buy. As a newly designed mattress will provide you comfort only when it is paired with a newly and well-designed base. Even if you haven’t picked the right type of base for your new mattress, there are chances you might not get a relaxed and satisfying sleep.

When is it necessary to change the bed base?

In general, it is preferred to change the bed base along with the mattress. However, if you are on a strict budget, it is alright to continue with the older one too. Nevertheless, it is necessary that before you get your new mattress installed, you check and inspect the older base. In simple words, confirm that the existing bed base is in proper condition and there is no need to change.

Inspecting the bed base:

  1. Check the bed base for sagging. There are chances you might find some out of place springs, squeaking and creaking sounds, etc. If this is the case, it is recommended that you replace it.
  2. Check if any drawers are damaged. Also, make sure all the feet are present and are strong enough.
  3. Lastly, ensure that the two halves of the base are well connected and lined up.

Keep in mind that if the mattress is supposed to be placed on a bed frame, the scenario is completely different. In this case, you must make sure that the frame is strong, in level and has no parts missing. All the screws and bolts are supposed to be tight and there should be no uneven and odd noises coming from the frame when in use.

The thing is, most of the mattresses are changed every 8 to 10 years. This means the base is as old as the mattress too. Now, when you buy a new mattress which is designed differently, it is ideal to provide it with the kind of base which will help it work more efficiently.

Also, there are good chances that an old bed base will not provide proper support and level to the new mattress. After all, there are chances that the old base may look alright from the outside, but may have some serious damage from the inside after years and years of usage.

This means, if the budget permits, it is ideal that you purchase a new base. Also, if this is not possible, you can always leave the mattress on a smooth, flat and clear floor instead of using it on an old and damaged bed base.

Furthermore, different types of mattresses are designed keeping in mind different supports. So, keep in mind what you are going to use (bed base or bed frame) and shop a mattress accordingly.

Benefits of replacing a bed base along with the mattress:

  1. Mattress will last longer: Bed bases are usually combined and sold along with the mattresses they are paired with. This certainly doesn’t mean that you cannot use a different mattress with a different base, but somehow the mattress just works better when purchased with the base specially made for it, lasting longer.
  2. Prolongs the warranty and guarantee period or the mattress: When you purchase a new mattress along with its combined bed base, its warranty or guarantee gets extended. The thing is, manufacturers guarantee their mattresses with a warranty, keeping in mind the base you use it with. Now, if you have purchased the mattress along with its suitable bed base, the manufacturer is rest assured about the base you are going to use it on and thus extends the warranty or guarantee period.
  3. You get better prices: Lastly, when you buy a complete set of bed base and mattress, you get better deals and prices. Therefore, if you are planning to change the bed base in a few months anyway, it is recommended to change it along with the mattress.

Selecting the right bed base:

If you are planning to change your bed base, you must be surely wondering how to pick the right one. Well, the simple thumb rule is to go for a sturdy and well-constructed one.

The base should be physically strong enough to hold the mattress. When in use, it is crucial that the base doesn’t sag, make creaking noises, or bend. Nowadays, mattresses are made using many different materials and this not only makes them comfortable, but heavy too. So, if your old bed base wasn’t strong enough to handle a heavy mattress, better get a new one which will.

Next, make sure to get a bed base which doesn’t have many metal parts, for instance – spring coils. It is observed in many studies that metal acts as an antenna. Now, you certainly don’t want to sleep in a field of electromagnetic radiations. Therefore, prefer the one which is made using wood.

Furthermore, selecting a bed base ensures proper air circulation. The last thing you want is to sleep on a mattress covered with mold. In addition, to maintain proper hygiene, it is crucial that there is proper air circulation. A bed base with a slatted design is perfect for this purpose, and don’t forget it provides a comfortable night’s sleep as well.

Also, a slatted base will help you in adding some springiness to your mattress. The slats are designed in such a way that it can be curved upward. This means, it can hold even the heaviest mattress without sagging at all.

Moreover, since you can control the level of springiness, you can add extra fine tuning to the comfort level of your mattress. If needed, you can even make reversible changes. For instance, make the bed extra springier and softer if you are not feeling well, and back to the more rigid and firmer one when you want it.

A good bed base makes a lot of difference to the functioning of your mattress. Pairing a new mattress with a suitable base ensures you get all its benefits to the fullest. Conversely, a poor base will affect the overall durability of the mattress and thereby limit its benefits. It is the only thing holding up the mattress. Therefore, if the bed base is sagging so will the mattress irrespective of how expensive you bought it for.

In the end, the good bed base is paramount for your mattress. Your bed base and mattress are part of a sleep system and not individual components. They work together to provide you with a healthy and comfortable resting experience.

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