Questions to Ask the Guest Posting Services Before Hiring

Once upon a time, getting high-quality backlinks, keyword-rich anchor text, and links from authority domain would increase your chances to rank higher on Google. Today, Google has gone smarter and even links are crucial, but receiving high-quality links is difficult than ever. Many websites got penalized when Penguin was introduced for indulging in misleading link-building practices.

There are several link-building strategies including guest posting services. In this post, let’s explore if guest posting is worth to get links. A survey reported that 53% found guest posting an efficient way for backlink building. However, in 2014, guest blogging for getting links was declared dead, but Google cannot stop people from writing guest blogs for popular publications. The only threat arises when a website gets backlinks from blogs with low-value [looks spammy].

The guest post service like ACG helps you post content on high-quality niche locations to gain great results. Every piece of content gets created, optimized, and approved by clients before posting. If you are planning to use guest posting services, then do your research and ask questions.

Questions to ask guest posting services

Do you provide link inventory?

It helps to evaluate the links of the site the vendor will place your content and link. The site content has to be relevant to your niche. Check if the niche site on the inventory list gets decent organic traffic. A site with 30+ domain authority is worth pursuing. Very high domain authority is always not better, you need to be careful. Avoid sites that don’t have any metrics. Ask the vendor to provide a popular site with great content and decent links, if not move to another provider.

Can you offer content samples that secured decent links?

You can evaluate the quality of the link sample and the content they wrote. The content needs to flow well and have useful information that readers come in search of.

Do you offer 100% unique content?

Check if they use a plagiarism checker to ensure the content’s uniqueness. Google adores useful, helpful, and unique content. Duplicate content can damage your SEO ranking, so check the content they wrote for uniqueness. You can take your project somewhere else if the provider is unable to give exclusive content.

Do you have a content evaluation process? 

For quality, the content needs to –

  • Have good punctuation
  • Free from grammatical and spelling errors
  • Provide value
  • Have readability

How many revisions are offered?

If any errors are found, ask the number of revisions offered. Generally, two revisions of content they write are offered. Remember, guest posting services that concentrate on making their clients satisfied and happy get good reviews. If you are unhappy with the content will they provide new content? Ask them!

Will content include links to my website only?

Check if there are other sites, they link out to in the content they write or link only to your website. It doesn’t matter if a few sites get linked, but if there are more than 5, then your link’s value will decrease in comparison to a solo link [your] on the page.

Where do the links get positioned within the content?

It is recommended that link placed close to the top in the content is better. It is also harmless if positioned in the footer.

Can you offer work reviews?

Reviews will be both positive and negative. Read them to get an idea of many aspects related to the potential guest posting services. There will be negative reviews, but check the volume [too many is bad]. Nevertheless, too many positive reviews also create suspicion. So, read between the lines!

If you are using a guest posting agency then be wise and look for niche links. Employ branded anchor text, valuable content, and never get caught with high domain authority sites. Remember, a relevant link on sites with exclusive content that helps end-users need consideration.

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