Top 5 Math Solver Apps to make Math 10X Easier for You

Math Solver Apps

4 out of 10 students in the United States tend to hate math according to a recent poll. Even I had a hard time coping up with my math assignment during the academic year. And I know more people like me are unable to boost their overall grades due to this academic Satan- math. Therefore, I have shared this list of the best 5 math problem solver apps that can help you deal with this paper efficiently.

Try out these apps and see if things get more manageable for you. Let’s begin.

1. Photomath


One of the best math word problem solvers, Photomath is available both on Android as well as iOS. You need to use your phone’s camera to capture the picture of your math problems. Let the app scan the problem, and it will solve the question within a few minutes. The best part about this app is that it also shares the step by step guide on how to solve math problems.


  • Photomath supports linear equations, fractions, basic arithmetic, decimals and several functions such as Logarithms.
  • It takes less than a few seconds to produce the results along with the instructions after you upload the image.
  • It uses optical character recognition technology to understand the equation and calculate the answers quickly.

Even parents can use this tool for refreshing their memory while helping their kids solve math problems. You will find a red frame when you open the app. Just click on it, and you will be all set to take a picture of the equation.

2. MyScript Calculator


MyScript Calculator

The best thing about MyScript Calculator is that is has a clean and easy to use interface. It doesn’t take much time to solve any mathematical equations. You will also find detailed steps on how to solve the equations just like Photomath. You can download this app either on Android or iOS. Unlike Photomath, you need to enter the arithmetic expressions manually and let the app calculate.


  • It supports a great variety of rules, symbols and operations. You will find even the least-used symbols and operations here.
  • You can integrate the most complicated mathematical expressions easily on this app. You can do so as MathML, LaTeX, symbol list and text.
  • The arithmetic solver lets you solve equations with one unknown variable easily.

This app also supports advanced concepts such as equation systems and matrices. Besides calculating a math problem from scratch, you can also edit certain equations. All it takes is a scratch to erase variables. Try it out and give me your feedback.

3. MalMath


This app helps you solve complicated math problems such as Integrals, Derivatives, Algebra, etc. It also provides a step by step guide to explain the process of solving the equations. It is entirely free and is available on both iOS and Android devices. You need to enter the equations manually and wait for a few seconds for the app to calculate the results.


  • Along with a step-by-step explanation, you will also get a detailed graph analysis that shows the working of the entire mathematical problem.
  • It generates the working process according to different categories and difficulty levels.
  • You can also share or save the solutions or graphs with this app.

Malmath has been downloaded almost 5,000,000 times by students and parents from all over the world. It has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Most importantly, it is available in different languages such as Italian, French, Spanish, German, etc. Download Malmath now and see if it could help you get over your math problems.

4. Mathway



One of the most downloaded math problem solverapps available on Android and iOS play stores, Mathway is used by millions of students. Using this app, you get to connect with qualified math tutors from all over the world. Thus, you not only get your math equations solved, but you also make up for the math class that you may have missed.


  • Mathway can do as much as the traditional graphic calculators. You will find the answers to your math problems almost instantly.
  • It will also show you the working of each math problem. Thus, you can get a blueprint to solve specific math problems in the future.
  • It has a free and a paid version. However, you can use a lot of features, even in the free version. For the paid version, you will have to pay a subscription of $99.99 for a year of use.

All you have to do is capture the image of your mathematical equation and let the app scan the problem. You will get the answers within a short period. You can even use this app to see if your answer is correct. Mathway is also well-designed. Thus, you don’t have to worry even if you are not tech-savvy.

5. Socratic



Troubled due to your math homework? Download this one and bid farewell to your math homework blues. Capture the image of your maths equations and wait for the answers. You will also get detailed instructions on how to solve such problems in the future. You can also take tutorials on this app to learn certain chapters in this discipline


  • It consists of a social community that you can use to discuss complex mathematical problems with the other members.
  • You can even use this app to understand the meaning of specific math word problems. This app uses Artificial Intelligence to figure out the meaning of your math word problems.
  • You can type the equations manually and let the app calculate the result.

It has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. The regular updates to this app ensure that it caters to the student’s requirements better. My nephew has used this app, and he seemed pretty satisfied with the results. Why don’t you let me know about it in the comment section below?

Maths is tough. But the apps mentioned above are tougher when it comes to solving math problems for you. Do not panic when you are assigned complex math homework. Just download one of these apps and deal with academic pressure efficiently.

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